28 Is That A Threat?

The young man Mo Rong furrowed his noble brows at their words. To him, it was precisely clear they weren't allowing him access to see their Mistress of the Bai household.

They obviously didn't put his official status in their eyes…

"Might I know when you're Young Miss will promptly return?" Mo Rong spoke bitterly with narrowed eyes.

"Unfortunately, that information is unknown," The Bai soldier responded expressionlessly.

Suddenly, Mo Rong scoffed with a wide sneer curled up on his lips.

Ever since he had witnessed Bai Rin's glowing soft appearance at the Emperor's banquet, he had been in a trance unable to take his eyes off of her.

Although her face was covered by a veil, her elegance and domineering aura couldn't be hidden.

She bore a petite figure still yet to develop, her frost white skin softly glowed under the faint moonlight, seemingly blinding those from seeing her figure.

Yet that didn't distract the soft tender flesh she possessed whenever she lifted her veil to nibble on some pastries.

Her soft red plump lips had instantly caught his attention. The thought of what it'd be like to kiss those glossy rosy lips immediately appeared in his mind.

If just her lips and figure were enough for him to desire a taste of her, then the thought of what her face would do to him caused him to smile lustfully unconsciously.

No matter what she was going to be his even if he had to employ force. She'll surely change her mind once she saw his wealth and power.

What woman didn't desire riches and power?

"Either your Young Miss takes me for a fool or her ego is too high," Mo Rong snickered. "From reports from my men, no woman has stepped a foot outside of your residence!"

Even with his words, the guard's expressions hadn't changed. Not even a single twitch or blink could be detected.

However, Mo Rong took their silence as a sign of hidden shame.

"If your dear Young Miss merely didn't wish to see me, she could have naturally just said so. Instead, she blatantly lied to me and merely went through such shameless methods!" Mo Rong tilted his head with authority.

The two Bai soldiers couldn't help but inwardly sneer at the young man's foolish words.

What bestowed him the right to call their Mistress shameless?

What granted him the personal right and authority to demand her heavenly presence when he represents nothing but a pesky bug in the eyes of the Bai family?

"Young Master Rong much would be appreciated if you didn't recklessly slander our Young Miss's noble name. As for what was said formerly, Miss Bai truly isn't here." The second Bai soldier adequately explained with a stern expression.

"Lies! I received professional reports that no woman had left the Bai residence, yet you still have the audacity to lie to me! A mere guard like you isn't worth my considerable time!" He snapped with a sneer. "I demand you instantly summon Miss Bai here or else I'll report this shameful incident to my father!"

The surrounding people who had passed by the area watched as Mo Rong shamelessly spewed words that could merely be thought of as meaningless and foolish.

Everyone was aware of minister Rong's family power, including his second son - Mo Rong's arrogant and spoiled nature.

Raised with superior power since birth, he had used his father's name to obtain whatever he wanted.

Apparently, even with the Bai household, his shamelessness provided no limits.

Unfortunately, Mo Rong, who was too held up in his eager thoughts of gaining a glimpse of the Bai families granddaughter and the shameless deeds he'd perform once she was his, had clouded his mind on one crucial fact.

The Bai family was not a one to mess with. Especially when it typically came to Bai Rin.

As soon as Mo Rong had declared those careless words, the aura around the two Bai soldiers immediately became cold - their eyes narrowing dangerously low.

The onlookers couldn't help but feel sweat pour furiously down their backs as they experienced the intense pressure of the two Bai soldiers.

That Mo Rong sure was an idiot!

Who did he think he was to announce such bold words to the Bai's main guards?

Everyone was aware of the Bai families power within the Northern Empire. They who possessed the mightiest army of soldiers were not to be messed with.

They who even held more political power than the Emperor himself were boldly spoken to by a mere Prime Minister's son!

He was aggressively courting a violent death!

"Is that a threat?" The soldier spoke in a harsh icy tone.

Suddenly identifying the negative change in mood, Mo Rong feels his legs frantically begin to shake uncontrollably under the Bai soldiers penetrating glare - it was filled with murderous intent.

"N-No, I was merely…" Mo Rong began timidly but was soon cut off by the Bai soldier.

"If I remember Young Master Rong's previous words correctly, you stated how you were given reports on who exited the Bai residence?" The Bai soldier spoke coldly.

Too afraid to speak, Mo Rong merely nods his head, unaware his frantic gesture confirmed his ultimate doom.

The onlookers sucked in a harsh breath as they anxiously awaited the Bai soldiers next move.

"I'm not quite sure if you borrowed the guts of a tiger, but you sure are bold to spy on our Bai residence without thinking about the consequences." The Bai soldier chuckled darkly. "Not just that but you think using your Prime Minister of a father's power would simply scare our Commander? If so, I genuinely have to praise you for you naive shamelessness."

Trembling from head to toe, Mo Rong's previous arrogant aura was replaced with one of a mere mouse. He was extremely nervous to speak, afraid all that would remain was a low squeak of a response.

"I-I wouldn't dare! I simply wished to see--!" Once again Mo Rong was cut off, but this time with a sharp kick to his knees causing him to kneel onto the dirt ground in a kneeling position.

The guards he had brought with him could only tremble in fear their armor rattling faintly - too afraid to step up and help their young master.

They didn't even care if their Master harshly punished them, getting attacked by the Bai army soldiers was definitely much more painful!

"Hah! You naively think a mere pig like you possesses the right to see our Young Mistress?" The Bai Soldier sneered down at the once arrogant young man.

With his eyes turning cold, a wide evil grin spreads across his lips.

"I'd rethink my foolish plan if I were you."
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