29 General Guo

Unable to move due to the overwhelming fear and burning pain in his legs, Mo Rong refused to look up into the Bai soldiers fierce eyes.

He merely looked down at his hands planted into the dirt ground with quivering eyes.

How humiliating!

He, who represent an honorable son of the Rong family was bowing down in the presence of two measly soldiers!

What would others say if they scarcely knew of this?

Just the dreadful thought of it unintentionally caused Mo Rong's hands to clench into a fist - his nails harshly digging into the hard dirt ground.

However, one more thinking of his father's power and the connections he held in the Palace caused Mo Rong's eyes to spark with an evil light.

That's right!

His father was a favored minister of the imperial court with Emperor Kang Ryu if he were naturally to voice out the unjust treatment he was received by the Bai family he'd be sure to take action!

Instantly thinking this, typically caused Mo Rong's previous fear to be overtaken once more by his prideful arrogant ego.

As another official apology, he can naturally make the Emperor declare an engagement between him and the Bai families Miss Bai!

His previous unclean thoughts towards Bai Rin resurfaced once more as he fondly imagined the indecent activities he indulges her with.

"Hah! You Bai soldiers sure are bold! You may think my father's power is inferior but how about the Emperors?" Mo Rong smugly lifted his head as he awaited their fearful reactions. "My father, a close friend with the Emperor, will surely seek justice for me after I inform them of your evil deeds!"

"Oh? Is that so?" The Bai soldier raised his brow with a bored expression.

The second Bai soldier behind him intentionally tried his best to contain his mocking laughter.

This Young Master of the Rong family sure had a thick skull!

He genuinely was too high up in his pride to recognize the genuine power the Bai family possessed.

"Yes! And once I notify my father who'll tell the Emperor, I'll make sure both of you personally suffer a fate worse than death! And surely you're Young Miss Bai will have to marry me!" Mo Rong released a wide almost maniac smile as he laughed scornfully at their 'misfortune.'

"Tsk, so annoying." The Bai soldier said sourly, before instantly delivering a forceful kick right into Mo Rong's chest.

Because of the strong force of the kick, Mo Rong was forced harshly down onto the ground with a large thud - blood gently pouring from his mouth.

With just a few movements Mo Rong could feel the intense pain running through his ribs as he forced his way back up.

"You--!" Mo Rong seethed in rage as blood poured down his chin, onto his silken purple robes.

Just as the Bai soldier was about to deliver more taunting words, a firm grip on his shoulder restricted him.

"What's all the racket about?" A raw voice spoke.

Suddenly straightening their posture, both Bai soldiers bow towards the mighty towering figure that had emerged from the Bai gates.

"Greetings General Guo!" Both soldiers said in unison.

The unemotional man grunted in response, his golden armor shining brilliantly under the wavering sun.

Even after eight years, the grown middle-aged man hadn't changed in features besides a faint set of silvered hairs growing near his roots. His rough tan skin and dark eyes intensified under the light.

The symbol of the Bai lion roaring powerfully on his chest.

All the eager watchers stared in profound awe at the man's overwhelming strong aura, his presence was enough for them to cower in legitimate fear!

Yet they remained, merely waiting eagerly for the good show to continue.

His penetrating eyes more intense than ever, surveyed the area, his pair of eyes landing on a few onlookers who immediately avoided his dull stare with a slight tremble.

Ignoring their feared reactions, he merely continued looking around until his burning gaze finally landed onto the pathetic figure of Mo Rong.

"Mind explaining what's going on here?" General Guo pointed his firm finger towards Mo Rong.

"Yes general!" The Bai soldier who had kicked Mo Rong spoke respectfully while still bowing. "This Young Master Rong desperately sought our Young Miss's presence, however after repeatedly informing him Miss Bai wasn't present, he claimed our words were lies and that he'd report to Minister Rong if we weren't to retrieve Miss Bai to him."

Instantly hearing the Bai soldiers report word for word, Mo Rong became paler by the second.

Although he was arrogant towards the two Bai soldiers, he wouldn't dare act out against the mighty General Guo.

He was foolish but not completely at least…
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