30 How Ruthless They Could Be

After listening attentively to the report, General Guo's bushy brows immediately furrowed as he subtly shifted his fierce gaze to the now cowering Mo Rong.

"Oh? Is there anything else?" General Guo's gruff voice chilled throughout the grave air.

Catching a glimpse of his Generals stiff cold expression, he had known that the General was angered by Mo Rong actions.

However, not because of his useless threat to the Bai family, but of his persistence towards their Young Miss Bai Rin.

It was clear of what his intentions were, and he had even gone to extreme measures while demanding her presence.

Although everyone had viewed their General as a cold unfeeling man, many hadn't known that behind the walls of the Bai residence he was very doting on their little Rin.

Years of flattering and cooking meals and even going into lengths to show him her skills, Rin had secured a special place in their General Guo's heart.

He would even often smile towards her whenever she'd joyously show him her new fighting methods, which he would respond with a faint grunt and pat on the head. His eyes appearing tender.

Knowing the tragic outcome that awaited the Young Master of the Rong family, the Bai soldier concealed his smile while lowering his head once more.

"Yes, general!" He responded. "The young Master Rong had also claimed to have hired spies to watch the Bai residence in the chance of witnessing the Young Miss leaving the residence."

If the people watching the four before thought General Guo's intense aura couldn't get any more intense, they were surely fooling themselves, as an evident frown was directly placed onto the cold mans face.

The air around him promptly became extremely suffocating.

He was truly furious this time!

"Really?" General Guo glared darkly. "You sure have the highest stupidity I've seen out of the list of scum I've encountered."

Mo Rong, who could no longer maintain his composure nearly fainted from the intense pressure emitted towards him.

His lovely white complexion had gone completely pale, almost transparent as beads of sweat poured furiously down his face.

"Deliver him to the Bai dungeons with the rest of the leeching scum," General Guo commanded coldly.

"Yes!" Both Bai soldiers yelled before strutting towards the frail Mo Rong.

"N..No! Don't come any closer!" Mo Rong frantically backed away from the towering approaching figures. "Do you know who my father is? He'll make certain the Emperor properly disposes of every single one of you for touching me!"

Irritated by the young man's yapping, General Guo glares become even more intense.

Although, everyone was unsure how much more intense his aura could get. Any more and they'd surely drop dead!

"Both of you, stop." General Guo ordered with a gesture of his hand, a cold sneer spreading across his lips. "If he's so hungry for a lustful companion, send him to the Red District's Bloom Brothel. Tell them it's a gift from the Bai residence."

Once General Guo announced his direct orders, both Bai soldiers nearly choked on their own spit as they naturally tried to contain the pleasant laughter ready to burst out.

As for Mo Rong, he had instantly paled towards his words - he and the rest of the onlookers widened their eyes in shock.

Many were aware of the Bloom Brothel's established reputation. It was typically a place where men could reasonably satisfy their specific needs on attractive women...and men!

Seems like the ultimate fate of the Young Master of the Rong family wasn't so lucky. It truly showed how the Bai family showed no mercy towards those who threatened them.

They showed how ruthless they could be...

Even prison sounded better to many men anxiously watching...

Without any further orders, the two Bai soldiers dragged Mo Rong's frail now limp body away.

Watching their departing figures, General Guo's eyes flash toward the onlooking crowd, who immediately tensed under his cold glare.

In mere seconds they quickly departed from the scene, frantically escaping his cold eyes. Merely grunting, General Guo makes his way back into Bai residence.
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