31 Ugly Granddaughter

Merely minutes after the incident with Mo Rong, word soon spread quickly throughout the Northern Kingdom of what had naturally taken place.

Some stories were even more graphic of what had in fact taken place, those who weren't even present eagerly adding more glowing flame to the fierce fire.

All that was clear was the evident power that the Bai family held and how much they could care less of who they offended - no matter their background.

These stories had also confirmed the Bai families love and care towards the adopted granddaughter of the residence, Bai Rin.

She had clearly held an exceptional place in the hearts of the Bai soldiers and their General!

While the entire kingdom gossiped and discussed the events that took place minutes ago, inside the Bai residence within the sealed doors of the gates, General Guo with his mighty aura, walked into a certain study. A private study, hidden well within the Bai residence.

Standing strongly in front of the door, with his mighty large hand he knocks onto the door announcing his presence.

"Enter," A deep gruff voice spoke on the other side.

Following those words, General Guo slid the door open to reveal the massive study room filled with scrolls and sharp swords hung on every corner of the wall.

A glistening silver helmet hung proudly on top of a wooden dresser. The emblem of the Bai lion fiercer than ever.

However, despite the fascinating trinkets around the room, what stood out the most was precisely in the center sat humbly a towering sturdy old man with long silvered hair tied neatly into a bun.

His flowing beard slightly shortened barely covered his thin firm lips, as he attentively read the official report in front of him.

However, his usually lively silver eyes that were filled with gentle laughter when gazing at a certain young girl were now dark and gloomy - his bushy brows furrowed deeply.

It was reasonably clear the old man was in a foul mood.

Instantly seeing the General enter he gently raised his fierce eyes to stare at him sternly.

"Was that leech taken care of?" The old man asked.

"Yes, Commander the young Master Rong was indeed taken care of," General Guo cupped his fists and bowed. "He was sent off to the Blooming Brothel and was placed there in the name of the Bai family."

Hearing the General's words Commander Bai's frown gradually formed into a satisfied smile.

"Haha! Good, good. Serve that lustful scum right!" Commander Bai laughed merrily. "Trying to court my granddaughter with such arrogance, he must take the Bai family for a fool!"

Clearly happy with the young man's outcome not even shedding an ounce of pity towards his unfortunate situation, Commander Bai leans back in his chair with a beaming grin.

If anything he would have given that lustful young master of the Rong family a more crucial punishment for trying to court his sweet Rin!

However, what's done is done. A real shame.

Suddenly recalling his precious granddaughter Rin, Commander Bai's smile once again transforms into a frown.

That foolish brat! Why did she have to grow up to become such a heavenly beauty that had so many troublesome flies appearing on their step every second?

The worst part was, she wasn't even here to bear the responsibility for it!


One day as the two were enjoying their daily breakfast, Commander Bai had happened to mention marriage proposals to the young girl as she ate her meal.

"Aiya, I never thought at this age I'd possess such an issue with having too many men court my granddaughter," Commander Bai sighed. "Old men like me ordinarily have to search for them, yet here they willingly offered themselves to you like a plate of meat!"

Serenely nibbling on the vegetables in front of her, Rin expressed a crooked helpless grin - the set of chopsticks sticking lightly into her rosy lips.

"Grandpa, you can't possibly be accusing me right?" Rin chuckled lightly.

"Yes, I do blame you!" Commander Bai huffed. "For once I wish I was one of those old men with an ugly granddaughter!"

Rin twinkled her eyes dramatically at the old Commander's words. Stifling a laugh, Rin clears her throat.

"You're right grandpa it's my fault, I'll be certain to appear more hideous next time I plan to head out." Rin smiled teasingly.

Naturally seeing her teasing expression, Commander Bai furrowed his noble brows but couldn't help but smile as well.

Moments of silent promptly passed between the two as they consumed their meal in a peaceful silence.

However, a thought that had been surfacing around the old Commander's mind continued to bother him.

Stealing a glance at Rin, he watched as the graceful young girl, now fifteen sipped her tea with a serene expression.

Dressed in a light blue silk hanfu, the girl's long sleeves shifted backward as she sipped her tea, slightly exposing her luscious soft pale skin on her arms.

Her dark silky hair was let out falling gently down her narrow shoulders - two small sets of soft haired buns placed on each side of her head.

Sensing a gaze on her, Rin lifts her bright emerald eyes to see the old Commander staring at her with an unreadable expression.

Placing on an awkward smile, Rin tilts her palm-sized head.

"Something wrong grandpa?"

As she smiled sheepishly, the small mole under her right eye curved upward - intentionally creating a gentle almost fairy-like noble presence to her.

Instantly realizing he had been caught staring, Commander Bai coughs lightly before carefully parting his thin lips to speak.

"Recently in court yesterday, the Emperor mentioned something interesting to me…" Commander Bai slowly spoke.

Although he had intentionally used the pleasant word, 'interesting' Rin could clearly see the apparent displeasure on the old man's unreadable face.

Remaining silent, Rin humbly waits for him to continue.

"He had broached the specific topic of his son, the noble Crown Prince searching for a young miss to marry. The topic of you and your unique talents in the Bai residence had also been brought up." Commander Bai continued with a fierce frown. "The Emperor reasonably claimed he would dearly like for you and the Crown Prince to instantly get the sincere hope of getting married and being the future Empress."
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