33 Story Background


Yes, I understand you naturally wish to read the following chapter but listen to me first alright?



Hello, there fellow readers!

Although this isn't an official chapter to the story, it does carry out a significant role. I had been researching a bit about ancient China and decided to clear up a few things about the stories world background.

You can skip this chapter if you want, however, it's important to understand the stories background to get an understanding of not just the stories culture but also the characters.

Moreover, this is all mere fiction! Yes, I did incorporate some real-life things, but the majority is all fiction...or I hope it is, otherwise I have a lot more research to do ( ̄□ ̄).

1. The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty (which is an actual time period in ancient China, however, the rest regarding the story is fiction).

2. There are four Empires, the Northern Empire, the Southern Empire, the Western Empire, and the Eastern Empire.

3. Emperor Li Chang, Rin's uncle is the Emperor of the Eastern Empire. It's considered the Capital of the Tang Dynasty. The Eastern Empire continues prospering due to Li Chang uniting with two of the other Empires, the Southern and Northern Empire. He holds the most power among the other three Empires.

4. The Bai family lives within the Northern Empire ruled by Emperor Kang Ryu.

5. The Northern Empire is known to be reasonably weak in power (including their Emperor) but due to the power of the Bai army and their strength, they're known to be one of the most powerful militaries among the four Empires. Along with their strong connections of trading rarely valued merchandise.

6. This story is not a Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan. Typically meaning it naturally possesses no supernatural elements.

7. The Northern Empire is ruled by Emperor Kang Ryu.

The Southern Empire is ruled by Emperor Hu Liang.

The Eastern Empire is ruled by Emperor Li Chang.

The Western Empire is ruled by Emperor Guan Hong.

That seems to be all! Sincerely hope you enjoy the following chapter! (^v^)
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