35 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

"What do you mean I can't see my mommy?" The young girl huffed with furrowed brows.

"Apologies Princess, but the Mistress is currently busy at this moment with the Emperor." The young maid gently explained with helpless eyes.

"Can't you ask Uncle if I can borrow mommy for just a few possible minutes?" The young girl batted her long lashes.

"Princess…" The maid sighed hopelessly.

"Ting, I'll take it from here," A man's mellow voice suddenly spoke from behind the two.

The little girl, instantly hearing the man's familiar voice grumbled. Sigh, why did he repeatedly come interrupting her whenever she was close to managing her way!

"Wei Jingyi," The young maid greeted with a slight bow in the head.

"En," He bobbed his head in return before subtly shifting his direct gaze towards the petite girl. "Princess, how about we go for a little stroll?"

Looking gloomily at the middle-aged servant dressed in white robes and a black medium-length beard, the little girl frowned evidently. She huffed with frustration before willingly following the man away from the entrance.

The young maid couldn't help but sigh in relief once she saw the two's departing backs, however, a trace of pity fell onto her face as she watched them.

As the two were a few feet away from the Emperor's quarters, now currently in the Palace Garden, the male servant named Wei Jingyi looks at the small girl - her expression of one feeling wronged.

"Princess, I've informed you many times, no matter how many times you ask, your Uncle won't allow you access to see your mother until their matters are settled." Wei Jingyi sighed. "You shouldn't cause trouble for a mere maid."

"Tch, I know. You don't need to restate it everytime Wei Jingyi!" The willowy girl snapped back fiercely.

"Alright, alright, I apologize Princess. I'll learn from my mistakes." He smiled.

Only when the two were alone would he announce himself as 'I' rather than 'this servant'.

It was an order the Princess along with her mother had ordered him to do in order for them to feel like equals.

She had wanted to close the distance between the two so the Princess could feel as though she had a companion rather than a servant.

Despite him being a mere middle-aged servant, the Crown Prince's family treated him extremely well.

Observing her reaction, Wei Jingyi chuckles lightly, however, a dim spark flashes within his soulless eyes.

"Princess should start to learn martial art techniques. They'll be useful in the mere future." He suddenly spoke in a low tone.

Startled by his words, the little girl stops in her tracks to stare up at the man, the two stopping in front of a chrysanthemum tree.

"You never know when one might need to defend themselves," He continued while staring at the chrysanthemum tree.

"But don't I have Uncle's soldiers to protect me?" The little girl asked with a tilt in her head. "No one would dare defy Uncle and his armies strength! Uncle and father promised both mother and me that'd they'd be sure to protect us from any harm!"

The man remained silent for a few minutes, his dark eyes staring dully at the blooming flowers, his hand reaching up to lightly touch their tips.

Feeling a sudden gentle breeze go through the air, the little girl stares up at the bright blue sky - her emerald eyes sparkling with pure innocence.

Delicate strands of the girl's long hair fall in front of her face, causing her to place a strand behind her dainty ears from the swift wind.

"Actions speak louder than words, Princess." The man whispered lowly as if he were speaking to himself.

The little girl, feeling as though she had detected something from the man turned to look in his direction - her hair fluttering gently through the falling wind.

His eyes were vacant almost as if he were lifeless. A blooming chrysanthemum that lay in his hand was slowly crushed within his grasps.

With dazed eyes, the girl watched as the crushed petals quietly drifted onto the grassy ground.

Suddenly, the man turned his dark gaze towards the little girl. A certain sharpness could be seen within them.

"Make sure to keep your distance from your Uncle, Rin."


Feeling a soft sensation against his cheek, the young boy sleeping soundly suddenly stirred awake from his sleep.

Slowly, fluttering his dark long lashes his dewy eyes gently open to instantly reveal a pair of light shining emerald gems.

Flashing his glassy dazed eyes, the boy sits up from the soft cushions while gently rubbing the edges of his eyes.

Once the boy's vision cleared, he looked down to see a brown feathered falcon resting in his lap - its dark pupils staring up into their emerald ones.

"Morning Ju," The boy chuckled lightly releasing a delicate almost musical sound. "Guess we should head out now huh?"

Ju screeches in response - it's eyes placing on an 'obviously' stare.

"Ahaha! Alright, alright I'll get ready!" The boy laughs. "While I do that, inspect the area for any guards."

Lightly bobbing its feathered head in response, it stretches its wings before taking flight into the air and heading out of the small room's wooden window.

Shaking his head with amusement, the boy scratches his head lightly while looking around.

The inn he stayed in was slightly old and run down but still, considered suitable if one didn't care for quality. The room's wooden floors revealed a few opened holes as for the walls, they were covered in a pale sickly color.

"Make sure to keep your distance from your Uncle."

Suddenly recalling those familiar words, a faint expression formed on their face.'s been so long since they last remembered him.

Sighing, the young boy stands up to start the day.

The past is in the past.
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