36 Rightfully Mine

"Can I get some wine over here?" A merchant requested to the server.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." The hostesses released a stiff smile while pouring more wine into the man's wooden cup.

"Many thanks, pretty lady!" The merchant chuckled before chugging his drink.

The hostess sighed before retreating to serve other tables. In the corner of her lovely eyes, she captures the dazzling sight of the familiar figure of a young boy.

"Ah...already leaving so soon Mister?" The angelic hostess smiled fondly towards the young boy.

Heading down the wooden stairs to the first floor, the young merchant simply nods his head with a pleasant smile.

"What a shame," The hostess pouts while tenderly touching her chin with her slender white finger. Her full set of large tender breasts poking out. "I was sincerely hoping you'd stay and provide this lonely woman some company for a while."

Smiling helplessly, the young merchant gently scratches the back of his head.

"Haha, my apologies but I've been gone from home for a while now, my family's probably worried." The boy sheepishly smiled.

Pouting out her full plump glossy lips, the hostess sighs with a helpless expression as a tender smile forms on her enchanting face.

"Alright, if you say so. But it's such a pity to let such a gorgeous boy like you leave so suddenly." She giggled lightly.

Flashing his eyes rapidly, the young boy's face flushes a shade of rosy pink before lowering his head with a light cough.

"Ah...if you don't mind, please take this as a remembrance." He softly spoke while handing the woman a hairpin.

It was encrusted with a shimmering gold layer, a delicate golden flower blooming on the top with small jade beads dangling off of a chain.

The woman stared at it with enormous glittering eyes.

"Oh my! This…" She gasped. "I couldn't possibly take this! The quality of this is excessively high!"

"Please accept it," The boy urged with a smile. "I'll be traveling far, so I'll have no use of it on my travels. It seems fitter to be in the hands of a beautiful woman than a shivering thieve."

Flushing red towards the boy's flattering words, the woman shyly flutters her dark eyelashes.

Ah...this boy was simply too charming!

After exiting the inn, the young boy steers his horse around the bustling city. However, added to his extensive travels was a pouch of gold coins rested in his slender hand and an evident red kiss mark on his rosy cheek.

In the end, the hostess felt too guilty for taking something so valuable for free and chose to pay him in gold coins along with kissing him farewell.

If he knew his looks would lead to so much attention, he would have tried better at covering himself up…

However, the number of gold coins he received was just the right amount he'd need to last him a couple of days for when he returned to the Northern Empire.

Tilting his bamboo hat down further to cover up his face until only his sharp-pointed nose and rosy lips could be seen. Afterward, he continued thoughtfully to examine the stalls and stores run by many merchants and qualified doctors.

The Eastern Empire's Capital city, Shongo was as lively as ever. Its local streets were bustling with people from all around, men, women, and children, were gaily walking about enjoying their humble lives.

A few imperial guards passed by causing the young boy to lower his head while steering his gallant horse straight ahead.

Once reaching the massive gates to the Eastern Empire's dignified exit, the young boy halts his horse in place - watching as loaded carts filled with crates pass by and imperial guards keeping watch nearby.

He then turns his head in the direction of the energetic crowd of people - no one noticing the dark light flashing within his emerald eyes.

Finally, after what felt like forever the young boy turns away from the city, away from the Eastern Empires people, away from the palace.

Mounting his grand horse, he gently releases a faint grunt causing his horse forward as they speed away towards Shongo's fortified gates - exiting the Eastern Empire.


After striding his horse to the top of a cliff the young boy stares down at the city with unreadable eyes.

This was the place he experienced many hardships, tragedies, heartbreaks. Such a place that felt so comforting yet so dark and evil.

Despite these memories, the people around him were unaware of the darkness that lay within their rulers serene and powerful smiles.

One day...they'll see it.

All of a sudden, feeling a lightweight lean on his shoulder the young boy shifts his gaze towards the brown falcon. With a faint smile, he tenderly caresses its feathered head.

"Guess we should head home now," He sighed.

With a light grunt, the young boy leads his horse away from the cliff towards the mountains.

Farewell Shongo, one day I'll return and claim what is rightfully mine...
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