37 Been A While

At the top of Fa Mountain located within the Eastern Empire, the distinctive sound of light almost muted footsteps echoed through the majestic mountain's smooth path.

A youthful figure dressed in dark blue and white robes and a bamboo hat calmly strolled through the noble mountain as if they were walking leisurely through a peaceful street - humming a gentle tune.

Once reaching the top of the mountain, a grand [1]mausoleum comes into view.

Known by the many locals of the Eastern Empire the mausoleum at the top of Fa Mountain was the resting place of the deceased Crown Prince and his family.

It is known by the name Jade Mausoleum.

Gazing serenely at the mausoleum with unreadable eyes, a slight smirk appearing across their rosy lips.

Then all of a sudden the once present small figure, in the blink of an eye vanishes from sight, solely leaving a fierce gust of wind through the peaceful air and fallen leaves dancing on the ground.

Profound silence soon engulfed the area…

"Man, I'm famished!" A plump man in armor yawns.

The second armored man standing next to him with a straight back merely scoffs.

"I'm not surprised," He muttered.

"Eh? What's that supposed to mean?" The metal armor around his belly sticks out fiercely.

"I'm saying you've naturally turned into a pig," The second man bluntly spoke, while looking back ahead.

Grumbling towards the second man in armor's offensive words, he simply huffs irritably before straightening up his dignified posture to gaze at the long stairs from the mausoleum.

The two armored men were imperial guards from the Li Palace currently securing the Jade Mausoleum.

Stationed below of the mausoleum stairs were two others guarding the front while they would guard the door entrance.

A sudden cold breeze rang merrily through the air causing the plump imperial guard to sneeze.

Over the prosperous past few weeks, the Eastern Empire's days became frostier, notifying the possible start of winter.

The crisp blue sky brilliantly lit the surrounding areas, the pleasant trees rested in the mountain flowing softly while parchments of lovely leaves delicately fell towards the hard dirt ground.


Startled by the sudden abrupt noise, the tall imperial guard shifts his puzzled gaze to his side to see the plump guard fallen face first onto the stone floors.

"Eh?" His eyebrows furrow deeply.

Before he has any more considerable time to carefully probe the matter, a sudden ghostly figure swiftly falls down from the wooden pillars in the mausoleum and flashes out a thin needle - directing it towards the imperial guard.

Not even allowing him time to yell for help or gasp, the man's tall body goes limp collapsing roughly onto the polished floor.

The angelic youthful figure staring glassily at the guard's corpses shifts their body towards the end of the mausoleum - their flowing robes fluttering behind them.

With echoing muffled footsteps, they arrive at the end of the mausoleum where three tombstones rest on a polished table. Behind them were three wooden coffins, with crimson curtains draped elegantly on the walls.

The intense smell of wooden incense engulfs the room; it's light smoke swirling teasingly around the stones.

Written on the three tombstones were the engraved letters "Li" and "Liu."

The youthful figure quietly lowers their head while cupping their white fists.

"It's been a while hasn't it, mother," The voice of a girl softly spoke.

Lifting her head, her face reveals a set of bright emerald gems while staring vacantly at the tombstones before her. Underneath her right eyes was an evident mole.

The girl who had killed the two soldiers and had entered the temple was none other than Liu Rin.

The daughter of Liu Ai and Li Jian - the two tombstones rested in the temple.

A bright glint instantly catches the girl's attention as she subtly shifts her fierce gaze towards a sharp bladed sword rested peacefully onto the wall.

Her mother's sword…

The sword she had used during her last breath to save her. Merely recalling those brutal moments, Rin clenches her pale hands into fists.

"I promise you. I'll grow stronger…" Rin said bitterly in a muted tone.

And when I do...I will take back my kingdom and get my revenge.

After paying her respects, Rin quietly walks down the long pathway of stone steps. Comfortably reaching the bottom, she casually walks past the deceased bodies of two imperial guards.

Their eyes wide with a dull lifelessness.

Rin silently walks through the Fa Mountain's forest listening to the peaceful sound of the towering trees fluttering through the cold wind. One could naturally think this would be peaceful.

Almost peaceful at least.

With swift almost unnoticeable movements, Rin abruptly pulls out the crossbow from behind her back, turning her body to direct it towards the approaching figure behind her.

With steady eyes, the unknown man merely stands still as the young girl with an icy glare aims her loaded crossbow towards him.

From the beginning, Rin could accurately identify the visible presence of another besides the four imperial guards, however, since he didn't reveal himself she decided to overlook him.

Even if he witnessed her actions in killing the imperial guards - possibly figuring out her true identity, however, the chances of that were rare.

If he were to even move she'd most likely kill him on the spot.

Yet instead of killing the only possible witness to her killing the imperial guards and her identity, once observing the figure before her Rin raises the corners of her lovely lips - divinely revealing a sadistic disdainful smile.

"It's been a while hasn't it, Wei Jingyi?" Rin chuckled darkly.
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