39 She Was Home

"What did you say?" The harsh sound of old Commander Bai striking his mighty fists onto the hard table echoed throughout the study.

A frosty air penetrating dangerously, surrounding old Commander Bai and the soldier.

"S..Sir the North Borders Captain was captured by an unknown enemy," The soldier repeated fearfully, his head lowered. "During the middle of the night, they broke into our forces and captured him. We haven't heard a word from the Captain in the last week."

Hearing his soldiers report, Commander Bai furrowed both his silver brows with pure anger.

Not just towards the men who caused this but also himself...

Their unknown enemy forcibly broke into his armed forces without being noticed?

Not to mention they so easily captured one of his most trusted and trained Captains as their hostage.

It was reasonably clear their enemies weren't ones to be looked down upon. Possessing such extraordinary skills and strategy to breach his forces undetected shows their true strength.

Seems like he misjudged them naively…

Clenching his hands into fists tightly, Commander Bai sighs helplessly at him and his armies recklessness.

"Deliver the word out to keep searching for him, but maintain a low profile." Commander Bai ordered.

"Yes, Commander!" The soldier cupped his hands and bowed respectfully.

Just as the old Commander was about to dismiss the young soldier, the familiar mellow sound of a girl's voice spoke.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, grandpa." The young boy walked into the study with a smile.

Standing at the entrance of the Commander's study, stood the petite figure of a young boy dressed in white and dark blue robes. Securing his head was a bamboo hat along with a woven bag wrapped around his shoulders.

However, what stood out the most about the young boy was his bright and glistening emerald eyes, a faint mole seen under the corner of his right eye.

"R...Rin?" Commander Bai spoke wearily with a trembling voice - his silver eyes wide.

"En, I'm back, grandpa," Rin giggled softly.

Standing up abruptly from his chair, the old Commander quickly makes his way over towards the young girl dressed in white and blue men's robes.

His silver eyes stared at the charming girl warmly with crinkled eyes, a tender smile curled up on his lips.

Undoubtedly seeing her dear grandfather after so long, Rin could genuinely feel her sensitive heart warm up almost instantly.

She was home…


"Ouch!" Rin mumbled while tenderly holding her forehead.

"You foolish girl! Where have you been all this time? Running off and only leaving a simple note, do you not have any sympathy for your elders!" Commander Bai gruffed irritably.

Gently rubbing the rosy mark on her jade-like forehead, Rin looks up at her grandpa with a helpless crooked smile.

"Yes, yes, I was wrong, please forgive your foolish granddaughter." Rin chuckled with an angelic smile.

"Are you making fun of your grandpa?"

"I wouldn't dare."

"Then do you know what you did wrong?"

Smiling wide Rin giggles, "Yes, of course. Next time I plan to head out I'll be sure to leave a longer note."

Commander Bai stared fiercely at his grinning granddaughter with narrowed eyes.


"Aiya, you are indeed asking for a fierce beating you little brat!"

While the old Commander let out his small tantrum towards Rin, the soldier who had been there from the beginning stared awkwardly at the two of the side.

Why was he so unfortunate to have to witness the Commander's childish whining?

And why was the Young Miss dress as a young boy?!

After Commander Bai spoke a few lecturing harsh words and flicks, he ordered a servant to set them up a pot of tea and snacks.

Currently sitting peacefully across her grandfather with lavender tea, Rin takes a calming sip - in the center of her small porcelain forehead was a rosy red mark.

Ah, who knew her grandfather would be so scary when he was giving a lecture. Never had Rin thought a flick could inflict so much damage!

Once drinking a few sips of his fragrant tea, Commander Bai places his dainty cup down to stare sternly at the crossing-dressing girl in front of him.

"So, girl, do you mind telling where you've been all this time?" He said with a frown.

Gently placing her cup down, Rin soft rosy lips curl up into a faint smile.

"I took a pleasant visit to the Eastern Empire," Rin spoke nonchalantly.

Once her direct response was spoken, Commander Bai couldn't help but widen his fierce eyes before furrowing his noble brows.

"Why did you go to the Eastern Empire?" He asked directly.

Already knowing he'd instantly ask her this after she typically revealed her traveled location, Rin merely placed on a serene expression. Her emerald eyes as still as a flowing lake.

"I merely had essential business to attend there. That's all," Rin said soothingly while quietly sipping her fragrant tea.

"This business wasn't dangerous was it?" Commander Bai asked with silver narrowed eyes.

"Of course not, grandpa," Rin giggled lightly.

Of course, Rin wouldn't consider typically dealing with such pesky Imperial guards reckless. They were low ranked officers with not a visible bone of martial arts in their body.

How could they possibly be a threat to her?

Dealing with them was like handling a crippled pig.

Clearly to Rin killing those Imperial guards wouldn't be considered an insignificant portion of dangerous. If anything she would consider it a hobby if she could.

Naturally, if Commander Bai were to know if this he'd surely have a fit and instantly give out another lecture never allowing Rin to go out of her room again.

However, she naturally couldn't tell him about her connections with the Eastern Empire's Emperor. Not yet anyway. The day she took back what was her's and killed that bastard, Li Chang, then she would tell her grandfather.

She couldn't allow them to be in potential danger because of her...
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