40 Create Something Out Of Nothing

"By the way grandpa…" Rin suddenly spoke with intense eyes. "When I came into your study, I happened to overhear your conversation just then. Something happened at the North Borders?"

At the reminder of the grave incident that occurred currently, Commander Bai's eyes hardened a frown forming on his face. His hand propped on top of the table clenched tightly.

"En. Over these past few months, our army has been undergoing attacks from an unknown armed force. In the beginning, their attacks would be considered harmless compared to ours, however, in the next few months or so, they began forcing us into a corner." Commander Bai explained bitterly.

Listening to her grandfather's words, Rin couldn't help but shake her head helplessly.

"Grandpa I hate to say this, but I think old age is finally starting to cloud your judgment." Rin sipped her tea with lowered eyes.

"What?" Commander Bai snapped. "Are you calling your grandpa old and clueless!"

"Yes, I am," Rin said gently with grim eyes, a faint smile curled up on her lovely lips.

Her grandfather stared at her with narrowed and irritated eyes - his broad chest rose with frustration. Just as he was about to lecture the stupid girl on manners, her soothing voice suddenly spoke.

"It was quite obvious they were testing your strength towards each attack," Rin spoke calmly.

Choking back his words, the old man stared at his granddaughter with wide eyes. His thin lips minced together as he looked back at the incident.

"What do you mean girl?" Commander Bai said in a fierce tone.

"Old age sure has taken a harsh toll on you. I genuinely worry, grandfather should take a break for a while and rest." Rin chuckled.

"Foolish girl stop joking around and tell me what you know!" He huffed angrily.

Not all affected by his harsh tone, Rin smiles while comfortably placing her cup of fragrant tea down. Gently lifting her youthful palm-sized face, her emerald eyes spark mischievously.

"It's exactly as I said. Based on what you told me it seems to me, they used two well-planned strategies." Rin grinned."Have you heard of the saying create something out of nothing?"

Furrowing his brows, the Commander nodded his head. "Yes, I've heard of it. What does it have to do their strategy, though?"

"To be quite clear they did exactly as the saying goes. I'm guessing they attacked you with the same feint twice. By doing this they'll know your methods and strength by your reactions towards their attacks. They had assuredly caused you to assume they contained no other method by acting weak and stupid towards strategy." Rin began explaining while propping her one leg up while the other folded in the front of it - her arm resting on top of her knee.

To others who were to see the pose she was currently in, it'd be considered unladylike if she were to be dressed as a female or others knew of her true gender, however, dressed in men's clothes it appeared nothing but natural.

The aura surrounding her was serene yet lazy.

Rin couldn't help but applaud for this unknown enemy and their tactics. Pretending to be a pig in order to eat the tiger. It truly was an interesting and admirable strategy.

Parting her rosy lips, she once more began to explain. "After they faint an attack twice finding out your level of strength, you'd clearly think they wouldn't attack a third time after failing."

After being silent for so long and listening attentively to the charming girl's words, Commander Bai couldn't help but naturally want to give himself a knock in the head.

How could he be so foolish not to notice their plan?

"At that time that means, the first two times were simply a test and the third…" Commander Bai muttered.

"Was the enemy using their true strength." Rin finished his sentence. "Once they attacked the third time, it was clear you would be hesitant and have your guard down causing your forces to weaken."

After explaining their enemies methods, Rin calmly reaches for a rice cake and silently begins nibbling on it.

Explaining so much had made her hungry...

While Rin eagerly consumed her rice cake, Commander Bai was consumed in evident irritation and disappointment towards himself.

Sigh, had he noticed earlier they wouldn't have lost so many brilliant men. He was truly foolish to have been too naive as to fall gracefully into their clever trap.

Looking up from his clenched fists, the old man's silver eyes stared at the girl seated across from him nibbling quietly on a mooncake with soft round cheeks.

This girl...her skills and remarkable abilities were undoubtedly beyond his reasonable expectations.

Being able to instantly detect the unknown armies strategies based on only a few of his words was beyond impressive and skillful.

She was a sheer genius!

Being able to, fortunately, possess such a skillful and genius granddaughter, represent nothing but a divine blessing in [1]Commander Bai Han's eyes.

However, even if she hadn't possessed such advanced skills in martial arts, grand strategy, and brains, he nonetheless still love her the same.

Admirable skills and talent didn't make a person. Personality did. No matter what to him and all the Bai soldiers, Rin is Rin.
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