5 Commander Bai

"Damnit! I can't believe I missed!"

Striding on a grand white and gray spotted horse was a young soldier with a long wooden bow and arrow grasped in his hand.

Next to him stood another soldier, however, he appeared to be much older as his features were slightly wrinkled.

Unknown to Rin, she had walked right near the military training camp of a group of soldiers from the neighboring city. The two soldiers before her were currently hunting for food for their camp.

Upon seeing a moving figure in the woods, the young soldier shot towards the so-called "creature" assuming it was a large animal. Little did they know, the "creature" he shot at was Rin.

From her hiding spot, Rin carefully examines the two soldiers with sharp eyes. Dressed in silver armor, Rin noticed a roaring lion emblem on their chests. The young girl's heart raced as she peered at the silver lion - its eyes relentless.

"You were too quick to seize it, that's why it ran away." The older soldier sighs hopelessly.

"No way! I could have gotten it!" The younger solder argued bitterly. "It was simply too fast that's all!"

"Yes, yes, it was too fast..." He sarcastically said turning his horse around.

Walking in their direction was another set of horse hooves causing Rin's eyes to darken. Riding on a chestnut brown horse and a cold face was the two soldiers, General.

Seeing as their General was making his way towards them meant it was time to head back to camp.

"You two, head back. We've already collected enough for meat for the night." The General ordered.

"Yes, General." Both soldiers said in unison.

The General grunts in response, before the middle-aged man's dark gray eyes swift towards the large rock behind the two. Feeling an icy penetrating gaze on her, Rin shivered.

"Come out now or don't blame this General for being violent," The man's cold voice commanded as he grips on the sword by his waist.

Heeding his voice, Rin's body becomes rigid. She had made sure to steady her breathing when the two soldiers approached camouflaging her presence.

However, the General had easily discovered her. The man must have undergone intense training if he was qualified to detect her.

Knowing to pretend to not be there was useless, Rin slowly rises from behind the rock revealing herself before the three men.

The two soldiers widened their eyes when seeing the young girl come out from behind the rock.

They themselves had been trained to be sensitive to their surroundings and others, yet they weren't able to detect the presence of a mere little girl!

Both looked down in shame and shock as they knew the girl before the three wasn't simple.

"You...state your name and purpose," The General's cold voice hadn't changed from the beginning.

However, although showing an unreadable expression he to was quite surprised at the young girl's appearance.

He hadn't expected the one possibly spying would be a petite little girl who looked no older than seven-years-old.

The girl's long black hair was messily ruffled covering part of her small dainty injured face. Although hidden, the girl's dull emerald eyes stared at the men intensely.

Concealing her slight body was a dark blue fur coat that was drained of its previous bold color.

"This servants name Rin," The young girl bows her head. "I simply came finding refuge after my village had been destroyed."

"Your village?" The General furrows his grizzled brows.

"Yes." Rin continues staring dully at the General with unreadable eyes. "Rin will now excuse herself and apologizes for the disruption."

Taking a final bow the girl turns to leave but is soon forcibly stopped by a razor-sharp blade held up to her neck.

Not flinching at the cold sword inches from her exposed throat, the girl shifts her gaze at the General. The young girl sneers inwardly towards his bold actions.

"Seeing as you say you came for refuge," The General's gruff voice said coldly. "Why stay the night at our armies camp?"

Despite his words requesting her nicely, the sword held to her throat betrayed his words. Rin merely stares at the General lazily before grinning.

"Seems like Rin doesn't have a choice and will happen to burden the General and his men."


The two soldiers and their General retreated back to their training grounds, however, as they returned the camp's soldiers took notice of a little bun sitting stiffly on top of the General's horse.

Feeling peering eyes on her, Rin remained emotionless and calmly observed the area around her. Just as Rin had suspected, the land she came upon was near the training grounds of an army.

The entrance was guarded by two armed and well-built soldiers, upon entering the view of large tents set up could be seen. Surrounding the camp was large flags with the previous lion symbol.

The training camp was filled with many young and old soldiers in silver armor and the same lion emblem on their chests.

All, however, had their trained motionless faces on the small little girl riding with their General.

Who was this little girl?

"Greetings General," A gruff soldier greets the man. "Commander Bai has requested for your presence in his tent."

The General nods his head with a grunt, hopping off his horse with a hard thud. He looks at the little girl sitting on his horse with unreadable eyes as he hoists her down onto the ground.

"You, come with me," The General said handing his horse to the young soldier.

Rin silently follows the General directing her eyes to his towering figure, ignoring the groups of eyes on her.

Approaching a tent that was clearly larger than the others, the General stops near the entrance staring at the young soldier guarding the tent.

Seeing his General, the soldier announces his presence to the Commander inside the tent.

"En, let him enter," Rin heeds a gruff voice say from inside.

The General enters the tent, leaving the little Rin outside blinking her emerald eyes at the entrance. After a couple of minutes, the middle-aged General walks out of the tent.

"Come in," He informs her as he holds the tent flap for her open.

Walking into the large tent, Rin's keen eyes are met with a tall elderly man in thick armor. A masculine elderly man sat behind a sturdy wooden table with maps and documents spread all around.

His intense gray eyes and silver hair shone radiantly under the lit lanterns inside the tent.

Despite his old age, he looked more aggressive than most youthful looking men. Rin could identify the man's strength from his overwhelming aura, which she took notice of as she entered the tent.

The old Commander continued to stare at the young girl who had entered his tent.

Of course, due to the many eyes and ears, he had around the camp he was aware of the General's return and the unknown visitor accompanying him.

The General had informed him word for word what had happened when he met the mysterious young girl, including the information about her burning village.

"Girl, tell me where are your parents?" The old Commander asked.

"Rin's mother died in the burning village," Rin said grimly with unreadable eyes. "As for Rin's father he died while Rin was still a baby."

Rin's response brought no surprise towards the Commander as he could merely assume both girl's parents were dead if she were to venture out in the cold by herself.

"Do you have any other family members to take you in?" He rose his silver brows.


Despite her dull words, the old Commander could detect a dark light flash through the girl's raging eyes when mentioning other family members. Commander Bai solemnly raised his lips with interest.

"In that case," He calmly rose from his seat. "You can stay with us for the time being. Once we head out we'll find someone to take care of you in the neighboring town."

From the beginning Rin hadn't raised her youthful head to stare at the Commander, however, with his gentle words, her clear emerald eyes looked into the old man's gray gems.

"Much appreciated for your gracious kindness. Rin sincerely apologizes for burdening Commander Bai." Rin bowed courteously.

Nodding approvingly at her words, the old man chuckles as he looks towards the middle-aged man behind the young girl.

"General Guo, set up a tent for the young girl and send her a bath to freshen up." Commander Bai orders as he then directs his gaze towards Rin. "Afterwards, we'll deliver some food for you to eat."

"Rin gratefully thanks Commander Bai, and promises to repay you one day." The little girl said sincerely with determined eyes.

Not truly considering the innocent girl's fierce words to heart, the old Commander simply chuckles with amusement.

Little did he know how big of a change the young girl would carve for his glorious future in success.
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