42 Believe In Myself Enough

That morning, Rin had dazedly awoken to discover herself once more in her familiar bedroom in the Bai residence.

Getting up with long strands of dark hair falling lazily in front of her face, Rin hastily prepares for the day along with the help of a few maids.

Just like every single morning in the Bai residence, Rin, Bai Han and General Guo all ate their breakfast served by the maids and servants quietly.

In the Bai residence, those that lived there were merely Bai Han, Rin and General Guo adding along with the training grounds section where all the Bai soldiers stayed.

Bai Han had two sons, Bai Zhao and Bai Sheng. Bai Han's beloved wife tragically died from a grave illness when she gave birth to their youngest Bai Sheng.

However, Bai Han hadn't loved any of his sons any less. He doted on them dearly, causing them to grow up to be admirable men.

Unfortunately, his eldest son, Bai Zhao, twenty-years ago in battle, died of a heroic death causing heartbreak and bleak despair to spread throughout the Bai family.

Four months after Bai Zhao's tragic death, the youngest, Bai Sheng had left the Bai residence to move in with his wife to support his family there. He couldn't bear staying in the Bai residence another minute.

Another dying minute of the warming and dark memories of his beloved elder brother.

Therefore, this left Bai Han to live in the Bai residence all alone. His son would visit him occasionally, but because Bai Han was the Commander of the Northern Empire he often went off to wars and had little time.

Years had passed as the continuation of his routine went on...until he met Rin. The fierce little girl represents nothing but a blessing from the heavens.

The once lonesome and dull days of the Bai residence became livelier once more - a tender warmth surrounding them.

Placing her chopsticks up towards her mouth Rin takes a small bite of her fish, before delivering a piece to the brown falcon sitting on a short wooden stand placed on the side of Rin.

With its little beak, it swiftly snatches a piece of fish off devouring it quickly to snatch another bite.

All those who have served Rin are already relatively used to the odd scene of the young girl feeding her bird, however, each time they still couldn't help but be amazed.

Once sure Ju had eaten enough for the time being, Rin smiles softly using her graceful finger to gently caress his head, before going back to her meal.

After a few minutes, Rin places her chopsticks down on her bowl creating a clear tap noise.

Looking up leisurely from her bowl she stares at Uncle Guo and Bai Han who were currently eating - one coldly eating meat, the other reading a scroll within his hand, his chopsticks dangling food in front of his mouth.

"I'm going to the North Borders," Rin announced not too loud or low.

"Pfff--!" Bai Han suddenly began choking on a small grain of rice that fell into his mouth.

Very impassively, Rin passes her grandfather a prepared cup of cold tea which he abruptly grasped from her elegant hands and began chugging. Once finished drinking, he slams the cup on the table with a loud bang.

Gradually shifting his narrowed silver eyes towards Rin he speaks. "What are you playing at girl? Trying to give your old man a heart attack?"

"Of course not grandpa," Rin exerts a radiant smile. "I merely was informing you of my upcoming travel destination."

"You're not going." Commander Bai pressed firmly.

Sighing helplessly, Rin turns her still gaze towards her Uncle Guo.

"Didn't you say to personally inform you the next time I plan to go somewhere?" Rin said sourly arching one of her dainty brows.

"Cough-! Cough--!" General Guo suddenly began releasing into violent fits of coughs towards her ominous words.

Unfortunately for him, Bai Han had instantly flung a cold glare in his direction.

This little girl really…

"I did say that. But I never said we'd approve." General Guo sighed regretfully.

"Even if you decline, I'm still planning on going," Rin said gently flashing them an unreadable smile.

"I will not repeat myself another time girl. You're not going!" Bai Han fumed.

"Why not? You allowed me to go before for other missions and battles? Why not this one?" Rin spoke casually.

"It's different this time! I understand you're skillful in many areas, however, this is a battle I will not allow you to enter." He declared coldly.

"Grandpa…" Rin began but was cut off by the man's harsh bang of his palm slamming on the table.

"Rin, that's enough! If someone like me can't even stand their attacks, then you too won't bare a chance!" The tall sturdy old man shouted.

The air surrounding them became silent, Rin who had remained an indifferent expression couldn't help but furrow her brows.

General Guo who sat on the side also was quite surprised by his Commander's harsh tone towards the young girl.

After a few tense minutes of deafening silence, the familiar sound of the young girl gently releasing a sigh could be heard.

"Grandpa, I appreciate your concerns. However, you must understand I'm not one to simply give up if the enemy is too strong. After all, there's always a way to defeat someone." Rin began speaking in a delicate tone.

In response, Bai Han had remained silent not once indicating signs of speaking. Not at all bothered by his icy front, Rin spreads a pleasant smile on her lips continuing.

"There are times when you have to give up on the easier strategy and take a few risky chances to win." Rin continued. "Besides don't you need a new Captain to take over the North Borders?"

"What about the vice Captain?" General Guo suddenly spoke out.

Shifting her gaze towards the strong tall man seated beside her. Rin flashes him a smile that appeared innocent but was traced with wickedness.

"After what happened to the original Captain, I'm quite sure your vice Captain won't stand a chance against them," Rin chucked lightly.

This brat...was she calling their men weak?

"Do you have complete trust in your abilities?" The sudden gruff voice of Bai Han was heard.

Transferring her direct gaze back towards her grandfather, a brilliant flash of fierce determination and deepening darkness flashed in Rin's luminous eyes.

"I believe in myself enough, however, I'll never know until I confront this unknown armed force." Rin grinned slyly.

Searching deep within his granddaughter's eyes for any evident hesitation, he is only met with the girl's sharp, almost flaming emerald gems.

Bai Han's thin wrinkled lips minced slightly, as his brows lowered.

"I'll think about it," He started sternly. "However, don't even think about running off again until I make my decision girl!"

"En, I won't grandpa." Rin giggled as she extended a decent chunk of fish towards Ju.

Grumbling unhappily, Bai Han had suddenly felt incapable of finishing his breakfast and merely sipped his tea coldly.

General Guo who stood obediently by the side continue to stare at the two.

It wasn't his problem honestly; he'll just simply watch from the side...
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