43 Rebellion

Inside Rin's luxurious bedroom, she sat leisurely at her desk with a dainty cup of fragrant tea and a few scrolls laid out neatly on her desk - her eyes reading each of them with an unreadable stillness.

"These reports…" Rin spoke softly. "Aren't really good are they, Ju?"

The small bird seated next to her on a small wooden stand stared with ink colored black eyes, blinking them dramatically at the girl, with a tilt in its feathered head.

The scrolls in Rin's hands were currently the official reports of the Eastern Empire's battle information.

While there, Rin had gone to the Chancellor's study and managed to carefully copy a few of the reports before he had arrived and noticed her.

While reading them, she noted how the recent battle reports contained nothing but insignificant information.

There were a few minor battles going on around a local section of the Eastern Empire's mountain territories, eh?

Could this mean a rebellion was starting in the eastern mountains?

Rin couldn't help but immediately think of her father, the Crown Prince and his recent subordinates that had lost against Li Chang and his men that were in the eastern mountains.

Thinking this, she couldn't help but wrinkle her noble brows with a frown.

Even if a rebellion between them was to start and they were her father's former subordinates, it was quite clear they wouldn't stand a chance against Li Chang's people.

Being up in the mountains for so long, her father's people would lack in recent knowledge towards battle strategies and were nothing in strength compared to Li Chang's army.

Sigh, even if she could possibly move his subordinates, there wasn't much she could do to aid them.

After all, what could a person that was supposed to be 'deceased' do as a 'deceased' person?

Holding her head at the sudden thought, Rin couldn't help but laugh at her unfortunate situation of being claimed 'deceased.'

Assassination against them might be possible, right?

As Rin helplessly thought of a strategy one could do as a 'dead' person, the sound of faint knocking could be heard on her door. Very calmly, Rin turns her head toward the sound.

"You may enter," Rin ordered with a gentle sigh, her rosy hands reaching for a prepared cup of refreshing tea.

Sliding open her bedroom door stood a male servant, his head low.

"Greetings, young Miss. This servant has come to inform the young Miss, Master Bai has summoned you into his study." The servant said politely with a courteous bow.

Towards his words, Rin releases a broad dazzling smile. A light chuckle escaping her lips.

"Yes, I'll head over there now," Rin said soothingly with a pleasant smile.

Bobbing his head once more, the servant carefully closes her door and exits her quarters.

With a sharp glint in her lovely eyes, Rin patiently stands up from her study chair. Seems like grandfather finally yielded an answer.

"Girl, come over here and sit," Bai Han motioned his hand for the girl towards his rosewood chairs.

Listening to his words, Rin calmly sits in the elegant seated chair in front of his private desk.

"What did grandpa summon Rin for so suddenly; so late in the night?" Rin asked gently with unreadable smiles.

With his arms folded in front of him, Bai Han stares fiercely at Rin with penetrating sharp eyes - a piece of wood could be cut with his stare.

"Towards your recent announcement about the North Borders…" Bai Han begins leisurely. "I grant you the will to go. However, you must follow a set of conditions before you leave."

"Even without grandpa's blessing, I still would have gone," Rin said casually.

The old man couldn't help but choke on the girl's bold words.

This foolish girl! How dare she boldly say she'd defy my orders, I really outta deliver her a beating!

Clearing his throat, Bai Han shoots daggers at the peaceful girl in front of him who placed on a gentle smile.

"You must follow my conditions," He repeated strictly. "I will appoint you the Captain, however, your only job is to release orders not to fight physically. You will avoid heading out onto the battlefield and can only watch at a safe distance. I will be assigning you a guard to protect you at all times while you're there."

As Bai Han issued out the conditions, he paused for a moment as his eyes gradually softened. "Rin, you must know I'm doing this to protect you. Therefore, I beg of you, please follow my conditions accurately."

Smiling at her dear grandfather, Rin softly releases a set of pleasant giggles.

"Yes, I will obediently follow grandpa's conditions. You have my word." Rin said reassuringly.

Unseen by Bai Han, a dark glint flashed beneath her bright emerald gems as her lips curled up into an illegible smile.

For some reason, Rin couldn't help but feel an exhilarating rush of pleasant thrills enter her pumped blood at the thought of a decent and interesting battle.

At last, it was time to enter the battlefield and confront this so-called powerful force.

Far from the Bai residence, a fierce and deathly battle took place. Or did.

Now far in the Northern Empire Mountains, thousands of armored corpses lay lifelessly in the open field - painting it with a red and frightening color.

Up close one could see the countless brutal slashes dug into their flesh. A few of their throats harshly slit open, their eyes wide and red with the horror of their final breathing moments.

Seen high in the sky a large ominous bird could be seen flying openly through the air, circling around the field of deceased massacred bodies.

In the center of the bloodied sea of bodies, placed a man on his grand and sturdy black horse. The midnight colored strands of his long hair flowing calmly through the foul scented air.

Releasing a thundering screech, the hawk carefully lowered towards the ground to land gently on the brawny arm of a man seated on his gallant dark black horse - his body covered in darkly shining armor.

The hawk landing on his arm releases a harsh screech.

"Leftover soldiers eleven miles in front of us on the other side of the mountain," The man's chilling low voice said in a low tone.

Gripped tightly in his other hand shone brightly against the moonlit night, was a mighty gleaming sword.

However, what sent chills down the men's spine's upon seeing the mighty sword, wasn't its double-edged blades or powerful aura.

But the dark crimson blood splattered on it's shining pointed blades.

Twisting his head to the side to look at the men behind him, the man's dark and menacing icy eyes could be seen through his jet-black hair, a killing sinister sneer spreads across his crimson lips.

"Kill every single one of them!" He ordered sinisterly.
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