45 Days Of Peace

After the carriage had exited the sight of the Bai residence, they gradually began heading out of the capital, entering new provinces of the Northern Empire.

Through their peaceful travels, Rin spent most of her time inside the carriage either calmly reading a book on swordplay or overlooking the recent battle reports in the North Borders, given to her by a soldier accompanying them.

While their carriage traveled over, Ju was on watch carefully guarding them above, keenly watching every detail that passed by.

When Ju became tired, it'd fly back down through the carriage window and land on Rin's shoulder to rest.

Occasionally, Rin would snack on a few packed rice cakes and other treats, handing some to Ju as well before resting against the carriage walls and gently shutting her eyes.

Xu Mujin, who sat across from Rin through their travels calmly sat in his seat, his eyes staring out the window quietly watching the scenery pass by.

Rin found this personal guard of her's to be relatively quiet and found he merely spoke when asked a question or had something important to report.

Other than that, he kept to himself.

Most would feel uncomfortable with the dull silence, as well as traveling with an unknown person, even if they were their guard, for two days.

Yet, in all honesty, Rin didn't mind it. If anything, she was quite relieved he was the silent type.

She didn't go for a forced small talk and preferred silence, that way it made it easier for her to think carefully.

They had currently been traveling for a whole day, resting at a nearby inn in the town they entered.

A single day since she left the Bai residence. Another day closer to the North Borders.

Rin, who was currently reading a book quietly with Ju sleeping peacefully on her lap, suddenly felt a slight jolt as the carriage stopped abruptly.

Calmly looking up from her book, Rin stares at her closed curtained window for a few seconds, before looking back down towards her book - gently caressing Ju's feathered head.

Xu Mujin from the beginning hadn't moved a muscle and continued to shut his eyes with crossed arms.

A few moments of still silence engulfed the area until very soon the sound of swords clashing could be heard - occasionally a few disgruntled grunts sounded out.

Both figures inside the carriage remained calm and still, despite the intense battle noises coming from outside.

Three minutes later the sound of silence once again took over.

The faint sound of a knock could be heard from outside Rin's door causing her to shift her attention from her book towards the carriage window.

"What's the situation?" Rin asked without a change in her calm demeanor.

"Just a few measly bandits young Master, nothing to worry about." The familiar sound of a soldier's eloquent voice reported from the other side.

"En, continue then," Rin replied before looking back down towards her book, flipping a delicate page with her white fingertips.

The faint sound of agonizing screams echoed through the carriage doors until they soon faded out.

Dead silence taking over.

Once again, the carriage started moving once more.

The people inside the noble carriage not once concerned about the situation outside - both continuing on with their personal silence.

Both unaffected by the sudden attack of the previous thieving bandits.

On the second day of their travels, Rin lifted her curtain window to take in the newly lit warming sun shining into the carriage causing the scene to brighten.

Propping her chin up with her fist, Rin lazily stares out the window with serene eyes. They were currently in Shun Province, a few miles from the North Borders.

Rin would notice from time to time the change in weather as the days became frostier each passing day.

Winter was approaching.

As winter approached, so would the start of a raging war.

While Rin's alluring eyes slightly dimmed as she found herself lost in thought, the familiar sound of Xu Mujin's voice broke her from her trance.

"Young Master, we're now currently ten miles from the North Borders," Xu Mujin reported solemnly.

"That's good," Rin nodded in response, a faint smile forming on her rosy lips as she once more focused her direct gaze on the attractive scenery outside.

Seems like her days of peace will come to an end soon.

A faint gust of the crisp wind entered the carriage, causing the curtains to gently flutter in a delicate dancing motion.

The young girl inside stared deeply into the distant scenery, a glassy expression shining fiercely in her emerald eyes.

"Young Master, we're here." Xu Mujin said politely while looking out the window.

Heeding his words, Rin glances out of the carriage window to stare at the magnificent view of a tall stone [1]fortification. It's length reaching wide as it carved itself into a broad seemingly squared shape - inside an alive city was present.

On the top were stone railings forted railings. Standing on those railings, Rin could accurately perceive the notable figures of a few men in armor, peering down from the stone wall.

Before long, their carriage approached the tall iron red gates.

Standing on each side of the gates doors were two soldiers dressed in golden armor, long royal blue capes fluttering on their backs, and golden metal helmets enveloping their heads.

Just as the carriage approached the gates, both soldiers parted readied themselves to ask for official identification and purpose, when they noticed the familiar sign of the blazing lion seen on the carriage.

At the familiar sight of it, both solemnly and respectfully lower their heads.

"Welcome, Young Master Bai Lan."
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