46 Big Brother, Marry Me!

"Greetings to young Master Bai. Please allow us to show you around the grounds." An armored shoulder said solemnly, him and another soldier lowering their heads in a dignified manner.

Tilting her head towards the window, Rin releases a faint sigh as she looked around the North Borders province, Guando.

After granted access to the entrance, Rin along with the rest of her members was guided towards the back entrance of the fortification bottom floor. From the side, a vast stone window was opened, granting everyone the view of the town below.

A gust of wind fluttered through the air, dark loose strands of Rin's bun, delicately danced around, gently caressing her face and silk lashes.

Directing her gaze towards the two soldiers with lowered heads, Rin calmly expresses a vacant unreadable expression.

"No need," Rin said, her white long-sleeved covered hands resting peacefully behind her back. "Take me to your Governor."

Cautiously raising their heads slightly, both soldier's eyes brighten before lowering them once more.

"As young Master Bai wishes," The soldier said politely with a faint smile.

Following Rin's orders, the two soldiers, on horseback guide Rin and Xu Mujin, her personal guard towards a grand wooden white and dark blue estate.

The structure was heavenly detailed with black scale like carvings on the roofing.

While the soldier's horses and Rin's carriage passed by, many onlookers would stop and stare at the luxurious carriage with curious eyes. Wondering eagerly who the mysterious person inside could be.

Rin, who silently watched from inside, remained unemotional towards the outside scenery and people - her blazing eyes focused on the Governor's estate ahead.

As the gates opened, Rin and the two horseback soldiers enter the estate gates, the tall mighty doors slowly shutting.

Exiting the carriage to gently land on the stone ground, Rin stares at her surroundings with keen intense eyes. Her eyes were met with an empty courtyard with two buildings on each side - one being the servants quarters.

In the middle of the two was a much grander building its entrance structured with golden designs on the archway top.

"Please follow us, young Master," The previous soldier said while mounting off his noble horse.

Humming in response, Rin quietly follows the two soldiers from behind with Xu Mujin and two of her Bai soldiers.

The inside of the lavish estate was the precise definition of luxurious and comfortable. The walls were designed in small squared shapes appearing like indoor windows with no view besides a white wall.

Led towards a long hallway, the soldiers escorted them to the Governor's estate garden.

Suddenly detecting the faint sound of childish giggles, Rin shifts her head in the direction of the sound to witness a petite girl running playfully through the garden.

The girl looked no older than four-years-old with her round milky cheeks and light brown hair tied neatly into two elegant buns. The girl's rosy cherry blossom hairpin jingled as she ran.

The little girl, taking notice of the sudden figures standing at the garden entrance abruptly halted in place, her large glittering eyes staring at them.

Rin stared back at her with steady eyes, both not once removing their eyes off one another.

As Rin stared, she couldn't help but find the little girl to look like a dazed fragile small animal.

Lost in thought Rin hadn't noticed the sudden movements of a figure charging toward her. With swift movements, Rin noticed a small round ball leap towards her chest with flashing eyes.

Startled and caught off guard, Rin unconsciously reaches out towards the small figure leaping into her arms like a wild animal.

Stumbling awkwardly a few steps back, she would have tragically fallen with the small bun in her graceful arms if it wasn't for Xu Mujin who stood behind her stretching his hand out to support her - his hand lightly pressing against her back to steady her.

"Ah...thanks Xu Mujin," Rin said glancing upward with a strained smile.

"En." Xu Mujin nodded before retreating back behind her.

Finally settled in place, Rin glances down at the petite figure in her arms - her small round face looking back up towards Rin.

Blinking her emerald eyes rapidly, Rin stares at the small girl with a serene expression. The little girl's black eyes radiantly shine as her small pink lips part.

"Big brother, marry me!" The adorable girl demanded sternly with sparkling sharp eyes.


The two guards who had previously guided Rin, stared at their young Miss and the young Master Bai Lan with stunned eyes, one stifling a fit of laughter poorly while the other slapped his back.

Even the two Bai soldiers Rin brought along with her were stunned by the little girl's words.

Towards her bold words, Rin couldn't stop her steady eyes from enlarging. Xu Mujin who stood respectfully behind her lightly coughed with a hidden amused expression.

Ah...why did this scene seem wrong?
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