49 Their Ultimate Demise

After Governor Tao appointed Rin captain the men briskly began constructing the dam upstream of the river.

In the beginning, some were reluctant to follow the orders of such a young captain, however, in merely one day Rin was able to interest and earn the approval many of the soldiers.

All the men became aware their newly appointed captain wasn't one to be judged by appearance.

Not only was he incredibly skilled in martial arts, but he was also quick-witted when it came to developing strategies and to many of the soldiers had a humble yet icy personality.

As the soldiers were setting up the dam, Rin, known by the name captain Bai Lan to the Guando soldiers, came over to check on the situation, a serene expression on his angelic face as he stared at the progress.

"Place more of the large stones at the bottom." The young captain stared at the military soldier beside him.

"Ah, why not use any sized stone?" The soldier asked.

Sighing gently, Rin points her white slender finger toward the clear flowing river.

"The large rocks will act as the dam's foundation pushing against the current of the river. Also, use smaller branches to fill in the gaps. Don't forget to use thick patches of leaves." Rin said soothingly before walking towards another group of soldiers ahead.

The previous men stared thoughtfully at their noble captain's small back with awe and admiration.

Captain Bai Lan was indeed worthy, very knowledgeable and skilled!

Following Rin's direct orders the men gather larger stones and thick piles of leaves from the forests.

On Rin's side, she was currently informing the men on the visible smoke signal her side at the North Borders would set. This smoke signal of theirs would notify the men stationed at the dam when to set it loose.

While speaking, the sudden sound of wings flapping could be heard causing the alert soldiers to stare up into the crystal blue sky.

Showing no signs of being bothered by the incoming sound, Rin casually looks into the sky to see a small brown feathered falcon flying her way.

"Captain Bai Lan--!" The soldier in front of her began warning her, before his words got caught in his throat as he, along with the many other soldiers witnessed the small falcon land on the young boy's shoulder.

Rin glanced at Ju resting on her shoulder who released a faint screech. A charming smile curled up on her lips as she rubbed the falcon's small head.

"Good job, Ju." Rin chuckled.

Suddenly, feeling a set of gazes on her, Rin looks up from Ju to see all the soldiers staring at her with wide eyes. Noticing their confusion and shock, Rin awkwardly releases a delicate cough - a sheepish smile appearing on her face.

"This is Ju. He's my personal messenger and pet. Don't worry he won't attack." Rin kindly reassured.

Hearing the word 'pet', Ju's ink eyes looked at the cross-dressing girl with an odd expression. Or at least that's how it appeared to the stunned soldiers.

Once hearing her words the men eased up slightly, however, it, unfortunately, didn't last long.

"Not unless I tell him to." Rin flashed the men an elegant smirk.

Everyone: "..."

Ah, why did their captain look both handsome and scary at the same time!

The soldiers hesitantly wandered their intent eyes towards the obedient looking falcon rested peacefully on the boy's shoulder.

Ju merely stared back at them blinking its beady eyes with a small tilt in its feathered head.


Under Rin's instructions, the dam was built in less than a day.

Three days had passed by in a flash.

At long last, the day of General Jinhai and his army arrived. The day the battle had begun.

Arriving triumphantly on their gallant horses, were countless members of General Jinhai's army.

About one-thousand men in armor were present charging towards the North Borders - each with a deadly weapon in their hands.

Commanding the army on his noble horse was General Jinhai. His flowing long white hair was partially covered by his golden metal helmet, his bearded wrinkled face filled with arrogance and pride.

As the men walked down the hill, a scene that caused General Jinhai to sneer appeared.

"Haha! Well, well, look what we have here!" General Jinhai sat mightily on his horse looking down at the land before him.

Peering down the hill they stood on with their horses, they could clearly see the North Borders path that had formerly been covered by a body of the flowing river completely dried up. Small patches of water still visible, but nothing compared to its previous stream of water.

"It certainly dried up sooner than I expected," He laughed mockingly, the white whiskers on his face vibrating. "Looks like the North Borders have finally met their end this time!"

Staring eagerly at the large fortification a few miles in front of them, General Jinhai grinned widely as he pictured their ultimate demise. And under his hands!

"Hmph! Let's show that bastard An Sun what it truly means to be a God of power!" General Jinhai shouted before him and his mighty army of one-thousand men charged towards the North Borders.

Watching from above, Rin, who silently stood at the top of the North Borders fortification stared at the charging army advancing their way.

"Captain!" A soldier noticing General Jinhai and his army charging spoke up anxiously.

"Not yet, it's not time," Rin ordered unemotionally, her masterful eyes gazing intently at the hectic scene in front of her.

Clip-clop, clip-clop!

The intense sound of the horse's hooves rang through Rin's ears, as the army of men came closer.

Suddenly experiencing a trembling sensation from within, Rin lowers her head to lean on the fortifications railing.

The girl's tied up dark hair flowed gently through the wind as her small body trembled.

"Captain! Are you alright?" The soldier suddenly noticed his captain's odd behavior.

Releasing fits of low chuckles, Rin parts her rosy lips - her face hidden from the soldier.

"I'm fine," Rin said gently.

The pounding sound of men's war screams and horses hooves echoed through Rin's attentive ears. Gently lifting her head slightly, an icy sinister aura radiates of her body.

"I just never knew this is what a real warzone would feel like." A broad rueful smile spreads against her lips, her emerald eyes blazing fiercely with bloodthirst.

The soldier instantly seeing his captain's sinister expression shivered slightly.

Ah, captain's smiling face truly was the scariest!
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