6 Vengeful Promises

After the camp's soldiers set up another tent for the young girl, a large wooden tub filled with warm water was sent to her.

However, because only men remain in the armed camp, they merely allowed the young girl to wash herself leaving a few towels and clothes for her.

Soaking into the warm tub, the small girl quietly rubbed the dirt off her palm-sized face and dark hair.

Her previously dirt covered skin was now softly glowing under the steam reflecting her jade-like skin and dewy pink lips.

Rin felt her sore muscles loosen from the gentle warm water.

Once done, she takes the clothes delivered by the soldiers and gently places them on her small body.

Staring down at the moderately large clothes on her little seven-year-old body made her lightly chuckle.

Guess these were the smallest clothes they could find for her.

Looking around at her sanitary surroundings, Rin took notice that her tent wasn't low on decorative furniture. If anything she had everything she'd need. A decent bed, polished table for eating, warm rug, and a coal furnace.

From this observation, Rin could tell these men must come from a wealthy city to be stocked with so many items.

Staring at the fur-covered bed made of what Rin could assume was cotton, her eyes glazed over with a small longing look. Approaching the bed, she slowly stretches her soft hands towards the fur blanket. soft!

Eyes sparkling the little girl jumps happily onto the soft fur covered sheets with desire. If any of the guards were to see Rin, they'd surely fawn over the round little bun rolling playfully to and fro on the soft bed.

After all, none could blame her. She spent the last few days sleeping on a cold firm ground with dirt, rocks and thin grimy blankets to keep her warm.

Seeing the bed before her was as if receiving a large bag of gold in Rin's book.

Willingly lost in the softness of the fluffy blanket, Rin hadn't noticed the small falcon resting on the rim of the wooden tub.


Glancing her dewy eyes up from the soft blankets Rin takes notice of her bird companion - Ju. Sitting her little round body upright the young girl's soft cheeks flush.

"Cough!" Rin awkwardly stares at the bird. "I see you got in finally."

From the beginning when Rin was taken by the camps General, Ju from above, guarded Rin ensuring her safety before checking the training camps grounds.

Once familiar and sure the secure location was safe, Ju returned carefully entering the camp and into Rin's tent.

However, upon carefully entering, Ju found a round little bun happily rolling around in fur-covered blankets giggling to herself.

What a sight it was for little Ju.

She may know martial arts. She may have survived from falling off a cliff, elite assassins and the frosty weather but in the end...she was nevertheless a seven-year-old girl.

Ju silently flew towards the young girl landing in front of her. Looking down at the little bird with her large emerald eyes, her gaze softens as she pets Ju's feathered head.

"Thank you," She whispered gently.

A seven-year-old girl who lost her mother…

Suddenly, the young girl's glittering eyes dimmed darkly. Her traditional delicate features were instantly replaced with a dark murderous intent that would unknowingly make grown men chill.

They would pay for this! She'll make sure all of them will pay for their foul deeds even if it'll be the last thing she does!

She'll be certain to make every single one of them suffer a fate worse than death…

With those vengeful promises came a goal for Rin to become stronger and more powerful enough to crushingly defeat the very man who tragically killed her family.

Li Chang - Emperor of Tang ruler of their country. Rin's Uncle. Brother of the previous Crown Prince.

The man went by many names but to Rin - he merely represents the man who savagely murdered her family.
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