51 Not To Make The Same Mistake Again

Off in the distance, hidden in the woods, was a group of horseback men in armor. In the front was a man with short brown hair - an amused expression shown on his face.

"Impressive, indeed. They constructed a dam upstream intentionally blocking the river making it appear as if the river dried up. Then used iron spikes to distract them, while they were distracted they used smoke signals to break the dam and release the water." The brown-haired man said, greatly both irritated and amused by the outcome.

The gentle sound of the rushing water splashed gently, a metal helmet floating serenely toward them.

"I have to say this new captain of theirs is quite clever." He chuckled. "Compared to the one we previously killed, this one is almost as skillful as you, An Sun."

Beside him, on horseback, was a tall man mounted on a black horse. His built body was strapped tightly in metal armor, an iron mask hiding his mysterious eyes.

The blowing wind gently through his black silk hair, thin strands fluttering in front of his hidden eyes that were blazing with deep hidden interest.

Sitting quietly on his broad shoulder was a large dark falcon, its ink colored beady eyes flashing.

A sinister smirk curls up at the corner of his thin red lips.

"Interesting." An Sun released a cold deep chuckle, his dimly lit eyes shifting towards the tall stone fortification where a small figure once stood.

An Sun shifts his gaze to the brown-haired man seated on his horse, Manchu.

"Tell our camp to retreat ten miles back and to set up there. Because our foolish General Jinhai decided to go off on his own against my orders, we're now short on men. Make sure to ask for a replacement of five hundred soldiers." An Sun ordered casually.

"Understood." Manchu chuckled, not thinking to question the possible reason for why his friend ordered to possess half the number of soldiers lost. "Then does that mean we'll have to report our loss to you know who?"

Reeling his noble horse around, An Sun heads in the direction of the woods.

"No need. Although we may have lost this time..." An Sun smirked a spark of blood-thirst flashing furiously within his gray frosty eyes. "I'm not one to make the same mistake again."

Flashing his eyes rapidly, Manchu smilingly shakes his head helplessly.

"I had a feeling you'd say that." Manchu rode his horse comfortably beside An Sun's.

Suddenly, the distinct sound of faint footsteps walked leisurely towards the two men on horseback.

"My Lord, if you don't mind, I have a strategy to use against the Guando's military."

Both men direct their gazes to stare at the hunched slim figure of a man dressed in a furred silken coat.

"I'm quite familiar with a member from the Bai family in the Northern Empire. I know how he's one who values his family very much and isn't too fond of war." The slim man said with cupped hands. "If I speak to him, I can persuade him to switch sides from the Guando to ours. Once that's done, we can have someone operate from the inside and deliver us information to know our opponents every move."

As the man finished speaking, An Sun, with a lazy expression turns to look at Manchu.

"Who is this?"

The slim man's smile stiffens as he here's Commander An Sun's words.

Observing An Sun's uninterest towards the man, Manchu laughs lightly.

"He's that strategist the Hong sent over as a surrendering gift." Manchu grinned slyly.

An Sun's gray eyes deepen towards Manchu's words, however, it was merely for a small number of seconds before it disappeared.

"Tsk." An Sun grunted before gently urging his horse forward. "Let's head back to camp."

Following An Sun with an amused smile, Manchu and the remaining soldiers retreat into the woods.


From the beginning, the strategist from Hong was completely ignored as the men strode right past him.

Did they even hear what he said?!
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