52 The True Battle Had Just Begun

The following day after their victory, Rin was ranked captain for the Guando's military army.

As she was discussing a few matters with a group of soldiers, Rin was informed by Xu Mujin that she received a letter from the Bai residence.

Collectedly, Rin accepted the letter and retreats to her room in the governor's residence.

Sitting down on the rosewood table, Rin opens the red envelope.

Once seeing the familiar handwriting written on the paper, the girl's previous impassive eyes soften, an unconscious smile forming at the corner of her lips.

[Dear Bai Lan,

I've heard of your victory from my men. I have to say, you didn't let down this old man. Not that I ever doubted you in the first place. You've done well child.

Considering the situation with the Emperor, I've annulled your engagement with the Crown Prince under the Bai family military name. Consider this my gift to you for your victory.

Your uncle and I are both waiting patiently for you and will welcome you back with open arms once you return.

Remember to follow my orders, or you'll suffer a beating when you return!

Bai Han.]

Completing the letter, Rin's eyes become warmer her smile softening even further.

"En, I promise I'll return," Rin whispered gently.

For the next ten minutes, Rin rereads the letter in her palm, her chin propped up against her delicate cheek. All of a sudden, the sound of faint knocking could be heard on her door.

"Enter," Rin continues reading the letter in her hand tenderly.

Following her words, Xu Mujin enters her room with a lowered head. Already knowing who it is, Rin's warm eyes dim as she shifts her gaze towards the young man.

"Governor Tao agreed to meet you, young Master. He informed me to notify you to meet him at the estate's top floor." Xu Mujin reported solemnly.

"En." Rin gently folded the letter on the table before rising from her seat to head out the door.

As Rin and Xu Mujin walked quietly down the hallway, Rin, with her hands behind her back suddenly spoke.

"Don't forget to keep up your surveillance around the area."

"Yes, young Master." Xu Mujin quietly lowered his head.

"Report to me if you see anything suspicious," Rin said gently.

"Yes, young Master."

In the blink of an eye, Xu Mujin's figure disappeared from sight leaving Rin alone in the empty hallway. With an indifferent expression, Rin continues walking toward the top of the estate.

"You say you want to station the soldiers outside of Guando's walls?"

"Yes." Rin cupped her soft palms respectfully.

"I understand your scheme worked before, however, this seems quite risky." Governor Tao said with a still expression. "The enemy currently has more than fifty-thousand soldiers, while we have thirty-thousand. Even with just a limited amount of their men, we can barely hold of as it is when it comes to attacking."

Releasing an affable smile, Rin stares off at the grand open view of the lively city.

The two were currently at the top of the governor's estate, rested in the center of the city where one could survey the entire view of Guando from above.

Built on each side of the platform were four red wooden pillars. Looking serenely at the city below, Rin's white finger points towards the city walls.

"Sir, I'm certain you're aware of why the enemy hasn't attacked yet correct?" Rin stared at Governor Tao with a casual expression.

"Because the river hasn't dried up yet. They're unable to pass if the river remains." Governor Tao replied.

"Yes, that's one of the reasons." Rin smiled. "However, another would be the enemy is waiting for their weapons to arrive."

Sighing, Rin wraps her hands behind her back.

"Based on the recent reports my grandfather informed me about the enemy is that they're quite skillful in schemes and strength. Yesterday's battle I'm guessing was a reckless miscalculation on their side. It was quite clear their General went on his own record to attack, causing their defeat." Rin explained.

Nodding in response, Governor Tao watches the young boy's expressions observantly.

"I thought the same. However, nonetheless, because of your skillful strategy, we were able to destroy the first wave of enemies. With yesterday's attack, we've slowed down their next assault and minimized their considerable number in men for the time being. I would say your grand strategy has bought us time." He said with a pleasant grin.

"You're right. But my plot has only delayed their next attack for now, as I'm sure you're aware and as do our enemies. This time given gives them and us another chance to scheme." Rin looked at the governor calmly.

"Which is why I brought up the discussion of stationing the soldiers outside of the walls. Once the river dries up what then? Our enemies will be given the chance to attack."

Silent at the boy's words, Governor Tao smiles helplessly with a sigh, his gaze turning towards the city.

"Yes, I see your point…" He chuckled. "In the past, all of the surrounding provinces didn't hesitate to help. But seems now even asking for a small sum of soldiers has become impossible."

Rin quietly listened as the governor speaks with a mournful expression, her expression impassive.

After a few silent seconds, the governor sighs before turning to look back towards Rin with a faint smile.

"Back to the subject at hand, what do you plan to do with the soldiers stationed outside of the city walls?" Governor Tao humbly asked.

Gently tilting her head, Rin flashes an innocent smile towards the man. "I understand that each soldier was personally trained by you, specifically for defense. You teach them this because you treasure each of your soldiers very much and don't want to lose any of them."

With a gentle wind blowing through the air, Rin continues.

"Of course I understand my plan seems quite risky, however, I wouldn't consider playing with the lives of your precious soldiers." Rin grins, her emerald eyes glittering. "That's why my scheme is purely a defense meant to look like an attack."

Rin looks towards the city, her finger pointing towards each section of the walls.

"When we station the soldiers outside of the walls, we shall place five thousand in the north-eastern mountains, while also stationing them in the north-western side of the mountains. It'll create a horn formation, with the north-eastern side being the right horn and the north-western being the left horn. This will trap any of our enemies that attack in the center."

Placing her hands behind her back once more, Rin without gazing away from the city view, speaks.

"If the outer wall soldiers are unable to manage, then the city soldiers can come in help them and vise versa. With this plan, our chances of damaging the enemy and winning will increase immensely." Rin continued explaining with a subtle smile. "If our soldiers can't handle the enemies strength, they can simply retreat into the woods to recover their wounds."

With a mild breeze, Rin twirls her body in the governor's direction with an expectant expression.

"What do you think Governor Tao?" Rin tilts her small head.

Examining the young boy's prideful smile, the governor looks at him helplessly.

Why does it seem like this isn't his first time commanding an army?

"Once again, you've surprised me, boy." Governor Tao sighed with a kind smile. "We'll go with what you said. But make sure to finish it before the river dries up."

"Of course sir," Rin cups her hands with a lowered head.

For the next few minutes, the two discuss Rin's strategy while looking out at the city view.

"Do you plan on commanding the troops?" Governor Tao suddenly asked.

Towards his question, Rin awkwardly scratches her nose. "No, however, I do recommend one of your top Generals for that task. I can do the best good within the city walls than commanding the troops."

That and that her grandfather wouldn't allow her anywhere near the battlefield - not that Rin could say something like that to the governor.

"Very well. I'll allow you to select who you think is most qualified." Governor Tao said respectfully.

"Thank you, sir." Rin chuckles.

Although they had won the first battle, she knew not to let her guard down. After all, the true battle had just begun.
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