56 Throw In A Slaughtered Sheep

As the days past, Rin knew this was allowing their enemy more time to launch their upcoming attack carefully. But this also gave time for Rin to scheme as well.

While they strategically planned, Rin recognized their army was at a disadvantage when it came to their number in troops.

However, what troubled Rin the most was not knowing who they were up against. If not before, it had certainly spread among the many other empires of the battle occurring in the North Borders.

Was it an attack from another ununited empire?

Or was it some unknown enemy from another area or province attacking the borders of the empires?

For sure, the other empires by now were possibly worrying and fortifying their defenses in case they were next. It had already been confirmed from the recent reports Rin was given, that the enemy had already taken over various provinces in the Northern Empire.

Some they would fight for, others they were given willingly under the province governor surrendering.

Whoever they were, Rin knew they were superior in both numbers and strength.

Sitting at her desk, with her hands hovering over her head, Rin's gleaming eyes shone radiantly.

This was getting interesting.


That day, Rin had made sure to carefully plan out the numbers of troops and their strength by numbers and who was more suited for which rank, before heading toward the governor's study.

Upon entering, Rin witnessed the governor and a prime minister speaking with a scroll in the governor's hand.

Instantly noticing the boy entering, Governor Tao says a few words to the prime minister as he passes him the scroll before the prime minister departs. Leaving the governor's office, all that remained was the two figures in the room.

"I hope I wasn't interrupting anything important Sir," Rin faintly smiled, her hands behind her back.

"Of course not boy, come in." Governor Tao chuckled.

Walking further into the man's office, Rin gently lowers her head with cupped fists.

"I've come to see Governor Tao on asking a question."

"Oh? What is it?"

Gently lifting her head gently, Rin lowers her hands to her side calmly.

"It's about the number in our troops. Even with more advanced strength in our troops, I'm afraid it won't hold the enemy off for long." Rin's voice was serene as she spoke. "I understand Governor Tao has already reached out to neighboring provinces for more troops."

Releasing a sigh, Governor Tao nods his head.

"Yes, I have reached out to many of the neighboring provinces captains, all that was said in return was that they did not wish to partake in the fight and risk their men." He said grimly.

Going into deep thought, Rin rests her hands delicately on her chin. After a few moments of silence, Rin suddenly shifts her head to look at the governor.

"Who was the most recent captain you've reached out to?" Rin asked.

"Captain Delun from the Su province. He's known to frequently help command our ranks as well as control the other soldiers in the four neighboring provinces. However, he declined as well." Governor Tao sighed.

Unseen by the governor, Rin's dazzling eyes dimmed, a smile curling up on her rosy lips.

"Why don't we pay Captain Delun a visit then?" Rin chuckled.


"Get out of my sight now before I go and summon someone to throw you out!" Captain Delun snapped, his official robes fluttering behind him as he walked away from the figure in his office.

"The day you turned yourself into those Tuhan's, was the day we cut off all ties. I do not wish to get the people mixed up in your schemes."

"Now, now, brother Delun, don't be like that. You know just as much as I do how much I care for the people. Which is why I undertook such a risk to escape the Tuhan's men and come here to see you." The slim man with almond shape eyes said - his raw voice smooth.

Captain Delun remained silent toward the man's words. Noting how he wasn't responding, the slim man continues with a sly smirk.

"You already know that Governor Tao's actions against the enemy will lead to no good. He even claims fighting back the enemy is for the people, when you know it's not so. Do you brother Delun really plan to do nothing?" The slim man questioned.

Slightly shifting his head around, Captain Delun looks at the slim man in fluttering robes.

"What do you want from me?"

A sharp glint flashes within the slim man's arrogant eyes, his subtle smile remaining.

"The Tuhan's Commander and men are like fierce wolves, brother Delun. No man can tame them. Which is why if you throw in a slaughtered sheep they cease to fight. However, if one is to continue to fight when the wolves are hungry, they are fighting a losing battle."

Until now, Captain Delun remains silent, his expression, however, turned grimmer - his eyebrows furrowed.

"Brother Delun, are you truly willing to lose half of your soldiers for one province?" The slim man continued speaking.

"The Tuhan's are currently advancing forward when passing your province you can take action. With my help, you'll be able to endure a peaceful battle between them and remain captain."

With keen eyes, the slim man waits for the captain's next words.

When suddenly…

"Captain, Sir Tao has come to see you along with an extra companion." A guard from outside the doors said.
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