57 Assassinate Him

What? Guozhi Tao was here? And with a guest?

What could that man possibly want right now? Didn't he already ask him for reinforcements earlier?

With a startled expression, Captain Delun looks away from the slim man in front of him and toward the door.

"Tell them to wait in the main hall until my arrival." He ordered from inside the room.

"Yes, Sir." The guard solemnly said before the sound of his footsteps became distant.

Once he was sure the guard was gone, Captain Delun shifts his gaze to the slim man.

"You, go and hide. We'll discuss this after they leave." His robes fluttered as he turned to walk out the door.

"Yes, of course, brother Delun. Please go and greet them." The slim man raised his wide long sleeves to politely cup his fists.

With a light scoff, Captain Delun exits his office, unaware of the sly smirk on the slim man's face as he left.

Inside the main all, Governor Tao stood nobly as he patiently waited for Captain Delun. Behind him was a boy dressed in royal blue robes and their dark hair tied neatly in a bun. With emerald calm eyes, the boy quietly stood behind the governor with their hands resting peacefully behind their back.

The person, of course, was none other than Rin.

The abrupt sound of light footsteps could be heard coming to their direction, causing both figures to turn toward the person entering and lightly cup their fists while lowering their heads.

"Captain Delun," Governor Tao courteously spoke.

"Sir Tao, I have to say I didn't expect to see you. What is it you want from me?" Captain Delun walked towards the two with a stern expression.

"If it's considering the matter with borrowing my troops, then for the second time I decline. I do not wish to hear any more about it."

"Captain Delun!" Governor Tao rose his head abruptly with serious eyes.


Suddenly, taking notice of the young boy behind the governor, Captain Delun narrows his eyes - his whispered mustache twitching.

"I take it this is your newly appointed captain?" Captain Delun took light footsteps toward Rin, his eyes keenly observing her.

Rin, with an impassive expression, silently allows Captain Delun to eye her - not once missing the disdainful mocking glow in his suspicious eyes.

Most would feel uncomfortable under such penetrating eyes that were clearly looking down on them, but if anything, Rin's eyes sparkled with amusement and a tinge of deeply hidden slyness.

"Hmph, I have to say it was a shame about what happened to your previous captain, but were you so desperate you placed all your confidence in this kid?" Captain Delun lightly scoffed.

With a gentle courteous smile, Rin lowers her head slightly. "Captain Delun, surely you jest, after all, I am still young and have much to learn. Being able to command such a large army is beyond my capabilities. We were merely able to gain a victory due to luck and timing, it was all thanks to you being with us that we possess such confidence to fight."

Twitching his mustache slightly, Captain Delun furrows his brows before releasing a light humph and walking away from Rin and Governor Tao.

"Stop trying to flatter me, boy, it's not going to work." He bitterly said as he departed. "As for you Sir Tao, if you care for the people consider my proposal wisely, not just for you but for all the neighboring provinces."

As Captain Delun left, Rin lightly scratched her cheek with a subtle smile. As for Governo Tao, he merely sighed and gestured for them to leave.

"So, what do you think?" Governor Tao asked Rin as they walked away from the Captain's residence.

With her hands behind her back, Rin flashes a gentle smirk.

"From his words, it's relatively clear he's not thrilled on fighting the enemy. However, his intention for why doesn't seem too clear." Rin walked with soft steps. "That being said, he'll most likely not assist us any of his troops."

Helplessly sighing, Governor Tao's expression turns serious.

"Be sure to report to me if anything unusual happens. Even the slightest sign of something, you report to me." He said sternly.

With flashing dark eyes, Rin's lips curl up into a wide grin.

"Don't worry Sir. I have everything under control."

Looking at the boy's expression, Governor Tao's eyes slightly widen.

That expression and his words...what did they mean?

As the two walked away, they hadn't detected the figure sitting quietly on the captain's residence.

"Sir Delun, they're gone." The emissary said as he entered the captain's office.

"Good. Did they seem suspicious of anything?" Captain Delun nervously asked.

"No, they didn't seem suspicious of anything."

Gently releasing a sigh of relief, Captain Delun massages his temples wearily. Just as he was relaxing and settling down in his seat, the slim man who remained in his office spoke.

"Brother Delun, I don't mean to pry, but this new captain of theirs, he could be a problem in the near future toward our plans."

"What are you suggesting?" Captain Delun raised his eyes to stare at the slim man.

Hiding a sly smirk, the slim man shifts his eyes toward the captain.

"I'm suggesting you get rid of the young captain to relieve your worries."

"Get rid of him? But won't they be suspicious?" Captain Delun's eyes widened nervously.

"Not if you make it seem like the Tuhan's did it. After all, they reasonably assumed the Tuhan's men kidnapped and kill their last captain. You merely need to carry out the same execution."

Captain Delun became silent, his lips pursing into a firm line. After a few moments of silence, the captain turns uneasily toward the emissary standing off to the side.

"Can you do it?" He asked anxiously.

"If Sir Delun orders it, then I'll do as Sir Delun says." The emissary answered dully.

With flashing sinister eyes, the captain bobs his head. "Then do it. Kill Captain Bai Lan tonight and make it appear as if the Tuhan's did it."

"As Sir Delun orders." The emissary lowered his head before jumping out the window and departing into the setting sky.

Settling back into his chair with a deep sigh, Captain Delun's eyes flashed darkly.

No matter what, that boy must be eliminated in order for their plan to work. With no captain, they will lose hope. With no hope, they will surrender and turn to him.

Quietly reassuring himself, the captain turns toward the papers on his desk and begins to work.

Unaware of the small brown falcon watching from a nearby tree...
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