58 Captured One Of Their Dogs

Later that night, the calming darkness serenely painted itself into the sky, radiant stars glowed, providing light toward the cities buildings.

Hidden in the shadows, resting quietly on the top of the governor's estate roof, was the figure of a man. His movements quick and light as he made his way toward a certain area within the estate.

Sleeping soundly within the governor's guest room was Rin, long strands of hair let loose, gently spread out on the mat. The glorious moonlight gleaming through visible cracks of the shut windows glowed softly on the girl's motionless figure.

Steady even breaths escaping her rosy lips. Her dark long lashes fluttered closed.

Rin, who was currently sleeping, attentive ears perked up upon hearing the familiar buzzing sound from afar.


The sound of Ju's alert call and the buzzing sound caused the girl's eyes to open abruptly. Instantly, the girl sits up from her deep slumber and reaches for her crossbow from inside the bag beside her.

Twisting her body with swift practically invisible movements, Rin shoots an arrow in the direction of the buzzing noise.

Lightly panting, long strands of hair fall elegantly down her shoulders and face.

The room was silent.

The previous buzzing noise Rin heard had ceased as all that was heard was her pounding heart and faint breaths.

Not once did Rin shift her gaze away from the window, her grip on the crossbow tightening as it was aimed high in the window's direction.

Once three minutes had passed, Rin lowered the crossbow in her hand and sighed heavily.

The sudden noise of wings flapping approached the girl whose head was lowered, staring down at her lap.

The small falcon, flying toward the girl rests comfortably on beside Rin.

For a while, Rin remained silent, her shoulders slightly trembling uncontrollably from the sudden incident.

With wide quivering eyes, Rin shifts her gaze toward Ju, his feathered body propped up on her lap staring at her with ink beady eyes.

"Thank you," Rin whispered hoarsely while stroking the birds head.

Thank you for always being with me. For constantly staying by my side no matter what occurs.

"Looks like even though you told me this would happen I still got a little shaken up," Rin laughed mockingly.

The minute Ju had witnessed Captain Delun ordering for Rin to be assassinated, the small bird waited until the men left before flying down to retrieve a report of the captain's desk.

Afterward, Ju had flown back to Rin and handed the report to the girl.

In the beginning, after her grandfather informed her of the situation, Rin suspected there was much more to the previous captain's kidnap.

Rin knew the previous captain and was aware he wasn't someone as foolish as to be kidnapped by the enemy.

Unless he was fooled by someone within the army. Someone he trusted.

This someone could be working with the enemy or just for their own personal means.

Once Rin came in contact with Captain Delun, she quickly sensed the man's contempt toward her, along with Governor Tao.

Who wouldn't be upset if someone far younger than them, barely experiencing a genuine taste of life, was more skilled in being captain?

Not to mention, from his previous words, it was reasonably clear he was against fighting the enemy and had in mind surrendering to prevent chaos.

If he were to want for his plan to work, he'd have to eliminate the sole source allowing the troops power and motivation. The captain.

Depending on one's loyalty, if the soldiers lose the captain, they lose their spirit. No crew can sail without a captain.

Therefore, Rin was prepared for the assassination that awaited her that night.

But who would have thought the incident would trigger dark memories she had long wished to forget…

To this day the image of her father being murdered and her mother's lifeless body in the cold snow vividly appeared in her mind.

Both her parents were assassinated. Captain Delun had sent someone to assassinate her.

No matter who she portrays to be, everyone will always try to kill her.

They were either afraid of the power she possessed or the power she could possess in the near future.

Either way, they feared her. And what does a human do toward the thing they fear?

They try getting rid of that fear.

Harshly biting her bottom lip, Rin's shoulders tremble even further, her legs curling up close toward her chest.

Shakingly wrapping her arms around her shoulders, Rin breathes out shaky breaths, her eyes shut tightly.

Forget it. Forget it all.

Seeing the girl's complexion had gone pale, the small falcon observed the girl with beady concerned eyes.

Gently, releasing a faint screech, Ju nudges the girl's leg. Breaking out of her trance Rin stares down at the bird by her curled up feet.

"I'm alright." Rin smiled weakly.

Reaching out to gently hold the bird in her arms, Rin places Ju near her pounding heart. In the darkroom, was the small figure of a girl hunched over with a brown falcon in her arms.

Still, calm silence descended within the room.

"Sir Delun, I failed."

Standing in front of Captain Delun clutching tightly do his bleeding arm, was the emissary.

"What?" Captain Delun's anxious face paled, his lips quivering.

"The young captain is highly skilled and a fearsome opponent. Killing him will take a little longer than I initially planned." The emissary gripped his wounded arm, crimson drops of blood dripping down his arm.

"But doesn't that mean if it was difficult for you to kill him, then…"

"Brother Delun."

Swiftly, Captain Delun turns around to see the slim man standing behind him.

"You again? What did you come here for this time?!" Captain Delun snapped viciously.

"But brother Delun, didn't you agree to work together to make our scheme work? Surely you'll have to tell me things like this if we're to work together."

With his arms resting comfortably near his chest, the slim man's long sleeves flutter.

"Besides, if your plan to assassinate the young captain failed, then trying again will be waste. He'll be much too aware now that you've tried to kill him. The best option is to come up with a new plan of action."

"Then what do we do now? This was plan initially, try to think of something else!" Captain Delun snapped.

The slim man narrows his eyes low, a sly smirk spreading on his thin lips.

"Brother Delun, are you not aware that every second you're being watched? Although he's not all there in some areas, you shouldn't underestimate Governor Tao."

Hearing his words, Captain Delun's eyes widen, cold sweat pouring down his back.

He was being watched?

"Let me ask you something brother Delun. Who do you think the soldiers will most likely follow? You, their main captain who has worked in the army for years? Or a newly appointed young captain with little skill and a governor from a neighboring province?"

Captain Delun furrows his brows. "What is it you really came here for?"

With pleased eyes, the slim man grins impassively.

"I merely came to support brother Delun. After all, we're working together, aren't we?"

Narrowing his eyes, Captain Delun frowns suspiciously at his words.

As if suddenly recollecting something, the slim man's eyes flash brightly, his grin widening.

"And one other thing…I recently captured one of their dogs."

Following his words, two armored guards enter from the room behind the slim man. Forcibly held in both of the guard's hands, was the battered bruised figure of a man - his head slightly lowered.

Meekly, the wounded man lifts his bruised face up, revealing his dark neatly tied hair, a thick set of hair concealing his left eye. Seen on his right eye was a long scar running down it until it reached his nose.

With an evil grin, the slim man shifts his sly eyes toward Captain Delun.

"Why don't the two of us together ask him a few questions?"
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