7 Brewing Storm

Lost in her own dark thoughts, Rin hadn't realized the frosty air surrounding her - her mind wandering farther into the darkness.

Sensing the unpleasant thoughts in the little girl's head, Ju flapped its wings flying towards the young girl's face - knocking their foreheads together.

Rapidly flashing her eyes, her once dark dull eyes shine with life once again. Looking at the small bird in front of her Rin giggles.

"I'm okay, Ju," She gently holds the bird towards her chest.

Releasing a faint screech, the bird happily cuddles in the girls embrace. Suddenly, remembering the soft sensation beneath her, her emerald eyes light up.

Placing the bird on the bed, Rin lifts a portion of the fur covered blankets with shining eyes.

"Ju! Feel how soft this is!" The young girl beams with starred eyes. "Do you think they'd graciously allow me to take this with me?"

Ju stared at the plump girl with its dark eyes.

The small bird helplessly watched as the young girl rubbed her round cheeks against the fur covered blankets with innocent joy.

Oh boy…


That very next morning, Rin woke to hear the distinctive sounds of shuffling feet and various gruff voices. Walking out of her tent, the young girl was viewed with tall soldiers going about.

Off in the corner, Rin could hear swords slashing and heavy grunts and thuds. Peering around the corner Rin observed a group of soldiers training intensely a few succeeding some failing.

Although the sight would have frightened most children, Rin stared at the fighting men with enormous sparkling eyes.

Completely immersed in the fight in front of her, Rin hadn't taken notice of the two towering figures examining the little girl amusedly.

Letting out a faint cough, Rin turns towards the direction of the sound to see Commander Bai and General Guo observing her.

Both men saw how the young girl's eyes shown with interest and curiosity as she watched the men train. Despite expressing an unusual reaction, this only seemed to spark interest in the old Commander.

"Glad to see you're up girl," Commander Bai chuckled.

Looking up at the Commander with her glittering eyes, she merely bobs her small head with a slight blush on her cheeks. Seeing her silent reply only made the Commander chuckle even more.

Her reaction had naturally made it seem as if she was caught looking eagerly at something she shouldn't have.

"Since you're up, I reasonably assume you're hungry?" He said humbly.

Her gentle eyes widening, Rin vigorously nods her head. After tasting last nights food - roasted boar, Rin hadn't felt satisfied but didn't wish to complain as she was after all free-loading in their camp.

Unknown to Rin, her excited reaction caused the old Commander's mild gaze to soften.

"Then come, keep this old man company with a morning meal," He laughs gently.

Not hesitating, Rin willingly follows the old Commander into his large tent.

"I would like to apologize for General Guo's actions on your first encounter," Commander Bai speaks out.

Glancing her eyes up at the old Commander with a portion of rice in her mouth Rin begins to, recall her and the General's first meeting.

Right...he held a sword to her throat.

Gulping her food Rin impassively looks at the Commander, "Rin understands and doesn't hold it against the General for his actions. One can't falter, no matter the enemies form."

Hearing the young girl's words, Commander Bai blinked rapidly before releasing a loud fit of laughter that echoed through the tent.

"En, that's correct. I thank you for not holding it against him." He smiled broadly.

"Mm," Rin nods reaching for a slice of meat to put on her dish.

Watching Rin eat with stuffed cheeks gave the old Commander the urge to pinch her soft round cheeks. However, to hide his hidden urge - coughed lightly before opening his mouth to speak.

"I noticed how you were drawn towards my men's practices earlier,"

Chewing mid-way - Rin's cheeks flush a rosy pink. Her expression clearly revealed how she was embarrassed for getting caught.

"En," She replies through light coughs.

"Hmm, I see." Commander Bai grinned. "Then... would you be interested in learning?"

Flashing her eyes abruptly towards the old man's crinkled eyes, Rin's emerald colored eyes flash brightly her round cheeks puffing out slightly. She merely bobs her head in agreement.

Laughing at her continuous silent gestures, the Commander smiles warmly.

"Alright then," He chuckled. "Once you're done we'll begin."

"En!" Rin nods her head happily.

Returning to her meal, the young girl eats with a beaming grin and round cheeks - eating slightly faster than before. While the young girl ate the old Commander observed her with clear amusement that even he couldn't hide.

Little did he know the storm brewing within the young girl...
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