61 Everything Ended In Darkness

At a military camp a few miles from the North Border and province Guando, multiple large tents made of animal skin were set up; along with medium sized buildings built of oak wood.

The entrance was built with an archway and tall wooden poles. The entire camp surrounded by a stone wall.

Inside a large tent, two large stone containers filled with burning charcoal were on each side of the tent warming the inside to a pleasant temperature.

On the side, sitting lazily by a wooden table, covered with bottles of wine and meat, was a tall handsome man. His long black hair flowed down his back and his gray eyes lighting from the burning fire.

He was dressed casually in a silk robe, trousers, and a jacket covering up to his slender white neck.

Casually, the man drank the wine in his cup with an impassive expression on his face – although there was a clear indication that he was bored.

Sitting next to him with spiky, short brunette hair and bright, blue eyes was Manchu, his hands holding two chopsticks reached for a cooked piece of seasoned pork.

"You look a little frustrated. Did something happen?" Manchu amusingly chuckled seeing the black haired man's cold expression.

Quietly tracing his rough yet smooth white fingers like jade around the cups rim, his dark eyes so deep not a trace of emotion could be seen within them.

"The weapons…when do they come?" The man's deep husky voice asked, his dull eyes remaining on the cup.

Flashing a sly smirk, Manchu plops a piece of cooked meat in his mouth.

"You really can't wait to shed some blood huh?" He said with stuffed cheeks.

Twitching his brow, An Sun shifts his gray eyes toward the young man eating across from him.

"More or less. And for the fact that the strategist they sent us is starting to piss me off." An Sun's scarlet lips formed into an irritated frown.

Just as Manchu was about to respond, a soldier from outside announces the strategist from Hong.

Holding back a wicked grin, Manchu hides his smile behind his cup of wine. An Sun, with dark unfathomable eyes, frowns.

"Let him in."

After granting him passage, a slim man dressed in golden robes enters the large, warm tent.

"Greetings my Lord, I apologize for disturbing you so late in the night." The slim man lowered his head with raised arms, his long sleeves concealing his cupped hands.

As the slim strategist spoke, An Sun's expression remained bored as he sipped his wine, clearly irritated by his sudden presence.

With a strained smile, the strategist continues speaking.

"I've come to inform my Lord of something very important. As said before, I was able to reach out to a member currently working for the Bai family. He's agreed to work alongside their captain Bai Lan and report back his moves."

Even with his seemingly interesting words, An Sun remained cold and indifferent while sipping his wine. Shifting his dark gray eyes toward the slim man, An Sun flashes a frivolous smile, his eyes devoid of emotions.

"Is that so? Good, then I suggest you keep up the worthy work." An Sun's smiles sent a chill down the slim strategist's spine.

"Yes, my lord." He smiled wearily with a light bow.

"You're dismissed now." An Sun said before going back to drink his wine.

Bobbing his head courteously once more before leaving, the tent entrance closes leaving only the two men remaining.

Manchu, watching from the beginning, looked at An Sun with an amused smile, his eyes flashing with amusement.

"Do you trust him?" He asked, leaning his body forward toward the table, plopping his head on his hand.

In response to his question, a frivolous smile once again appears on his handsome face, his eyes flashing with a sinister glint.

"No. But that doesn't mean I won't allow him to have a little fun while he still can." He chuckled darkly.

"What about the insider within their troops?"

Taking a sip of his wine, his amused gray eyes ignite.

"Ignore them. I'm sure their young captain isn't as foolish as they believe him to be."

Arching a light brow, Manchu curiously looks at the man across from him, however, very soon his look of curiosity turns into one of understanding and mischief.

"It really causes you to wonder how such foolish people became strategists." Manchu laughed light-heartedly.

Smirking in return, An Sun shifts his gaze toward the cup of red wine in front of him.

I hope you don't disappoint me, Captain Bai Lan.

Late in the night, inside a guest room of the governor's estate was Rin, currently examining the recent reports of soldiers outside the city walls.

The general in charge had informed Rin that the soldiers outside the city walls were stationed and training intensely under Rin's specific instructions.

Recently, she had requested for the most clever minds among the soldiers to transfer to another sector and help operate within the walls alongside her and the governor.

Those who didn't possess any physical strength and a strong sense of loyalty had no place in the army. However, those with more brilliant minds and a sense of loyalty belonged inside where their minds could easily strategize.

Due to Rin sending Ju out earlier to survey the actions of those outside the city walls, the girl had been left alone in the room, her gaze focused on the reports in her hand.

It was unusual. Rin was positive the person who ordered an assassin to assassinate her that night was Captain Delun, but who was it working on the side with him?

It was clear Captain Delun wouldn't have the courage to so brazenly order an assassin on her, especially when the possibility of him being caught wasn't impossible.

Unless he had a notable backing behind him or maybe…There was another traitor involved.

Lost in thought, Rin hadn't detected a figure swiftly entering through her window.

"Young Master, I surveyed the area and Captain Delun as ordered." Xu Mujin said solemnly.

"En, good. Anything suspicious?"


With a gentle sigh, Rin lazily props her chin up with her fist. "Then maintain your surveillance on him. Report to me if anything suspicious happens."

"Yes, young Master." Xu Mujin gently lowers his head, his long bangs concealing his left eye.

While silently reading the official reports, Rin's attentive nose suddenly catches something. Narrowing her eyes, she directs her gaze toward Xu Mujin.

"Xu Mujin, were you injured?"

"No, young Master."

Hearing his response, Rin's eyes dim with an unknown light, however, deciding to disregard it, she turns back to the papers in front of her.

"You should wash up then, you smell of blood," Rin said while writing something.

"En, I will take young Master's words into consideration."

Suddenly feeling as if the man's voice got closer, Rin lifts her gaze only to find Xu Mujin standing behind her.

In swift sudden movements, a white cloth forcibly covers her mouth and nose.

Widening her eyes abruptly, Rin struggles against the tight hold on her - jabbing harshly at her personal guards sides.

However, due to a hefty amount of unknown substance in the cloth, Rin's vision began to blur. Her mind becoming hazy.

In less than a minute, Rin's entire body goes limp, her eyes gently closing shut. Everything ended in darkness.
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