64 Bet Her Life

"Hopefully young Master's plan goes through, otherwise getting beat up by their men will almost be worth it."

Rin and Xu Mujin, standing at the side of the cliff, calmly watched the man's figure disappear from their sight.

"Don't worry, if he really cares for his family he'll follow my orders." Rin casually said.

Xu Mujin stared at the Rin standing beside him, her steady eyes staring ahead toward the mountains.

Before the assassination against Rin and Captain Delun's men kidnapping her, Rin received a letter from Xu Mujin through Ju informing her of the captain's suspicious activity, as well as his recent visits from a mysterious emissary.

From the beginning, Rin ordered Xu Mujin to secretly spy on Captain Delun's activity. After meeting him, Rin's suspicion toward Captain Delun was confirmed.

He was definitely the man who caused the previous captains' death.

His motives were also relatively apparent on their first meeting.

If Governor Tao and his men were able to defend the city with their captain when Captain Delun refused to, then his image and status would plummet down tragically.

Therefore, executing their captain was his sole option. Once their captain was killed, Governor Tao would turn toward him and his plan of peace would fall through, including his status remaining stable.

After their attempted assignation toward her, Rin was aware he had another plan in store for her.

However, she was unaware of what it'd be.

Until Xu Mujin entered her room that night.

The minute he entered her room she had smelt the blood on his body, his clothes from what she could see were slightly torn and worn out.

Unsure but also guessing what happened Rin ignored him, and that was exactly when Xu Mujin had drugged her causing her to pass out.

When she awoke, she found her mouth covered by a cloth and her vision to be slightly hazy. All she could see was a white material in front of her face. When she stirred a bit, Xu Mujin holding her over his shoulder gripped tightly onto her.

Afterward, Rin pretended to be unconscious and wait for things to take place.

Therefore, leading to where the two were now.

In all honesty, even Rin was surprised by Xu Mujin drugging her.

However, she placed all her trust in her grandfather's personally appointed bodyguard. As well as Xu Mujin's loyalty toward her grandfather.

It was risky, but with war came risks. Including life-threatening ones.

As for the man Rin set free, although she had threatened the man's family's safety to have him follow her orders, she never thought of hurting them.

Sure, there were some things others had to do when it came to war, including losing a part of their sanity. However, Rin wasn't one to kill children and innocents to get her way.

Fortunately, the man didn't know that and fell for her threat.

"I do think young Master was reckless to risk your life on someone like me. Even if I was sent to protect you from your grandfather's orders, I'm still a stranger you've only known for half a month." Xu Mujin wrinkled his brows as he looked at Rin.

Rin's lips gently curled up into an unreadable smile. A faint gust of the wind passing through the two – loose strands of Rin's hair fluttering through the wind.

"I didn't bet my life on you. I merely bet my life on my grandfathers choice in choosing my personal guard. After all, I'm well aware he raised and trained you when you were young." Rin subtly shifted her gaze toward Xu Mujin.

Sighing gently, Xu Mujin helplessly shakes his head.

These two were really too much alike.

"By the way, keep today's incident a secret from my grandfather will you?" Rin smiled wryly, her finger gently scratching her nose.

Rin was afraid if she told her grandfather that not only did an assassin try to assassinate her, but that she was also drugged and kidnapped, the fierce old man would personally travel over and drag her back, never allowing her to step a foot outside again.

"Young Master, I'm afraid I can't follow out that order. I was ordered by Commander Bai to inform him of everything that happens."

Sighing, Rin subtly shifts her gaze away from the man.

"Does that include informing him of you drugging me without my consent and stuffing my body into a sack?"


"I'll follow young Masters orders and not inform the commander." Xu Mujin said with a defeated expression while lowering his head.

Flashing a pleased expression, Rin lightly chuckles.

"En, good. Then let's head back to Guando. I'm certain everyone's eager for our return." A sharp glint flashed within Rin's bright emerald eyes.

Back in the Su province, Captain Delun stood in his office staring at the disheveled man kneeling before him in his office.

"What happened to you? Where are the others, and why did only one of you come back?" Captain Delun looked at the man with a startled expression.

"As per Sir Delun's orders, we successfully disposed of Captain Bai Lan's body, however, as we were about to dispose of the Bai Lan's guard, he put up a fight and killed the other man. Luckily he was injured enough for me to dispose of him quickly." The man reported, his face covered in sweat and dirt.

"I see. That's good then. I'll be sure to reward you for your work." Captain Delun sighed. "You're dismissed now."

"Yes, Sir." The man bobbed his head before he departed out of the captain's sight.

As Captain Delun recalled the man's words, he couldn't help but release a satisfied sigh of relief.

Finally, that Captain Bai Lan was disposed of. His plan could finally be put into action.

"Brother Delun, it looks like disposing of the young captain was a success." A slick voice said soothingly from behind him.

"It also seems like the rampant rumors of Captain Bai Lan's 'betrayal' spread across the city and provinces. With everything falling into place, all that's left is for you to take action, brother Delun."

Looking scornfully at the slim man from the corner of his eyes, Captain Delun huffs.

"Hmph, in that case, order the servants to set up my carriage." Captain Delun ordered, an arrogant expression flashing on his face. "Time to pay Governor Tao a little visit."
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