9 Odd Sigh

Very soon just like Commander Bai, the rest of the soldiers began to develop a liking towards the fierce little girl.

What started off as mere indifference turned to clear admiration and interest whenever Rin would delightfully surprise them with her skills. What's more was she was such a cute little bun that even grown trained men like themselves couldn't ignore!

Little Rin continued to train alongside the Commander and sometimes even spar between General Guo. Although Rin lost the majority of fights, that didn't prevent her from earnestly trying and meaningfully improving through her mistakes.

As Rin's mother would always say - it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Once she lost, she'd immediately retry once more and fix her stance from her previous fight. Of course one couldn't rely on strength alone to fight, one typically needed brains as well.

A successful strategy is what Rin turned towards - as she reasonably knew her strength wasn't enough to fight against grown men who were far more superior in size and strength.

One strategy was tiring out her opponent while she conserved her strength. Using angering words that could possibly distract an opponent would work.

Although shameless, it was survival. Any methods were suitable when one's life was on the line.

When he is exhausted and confused, you attack with energy and purpose.

One day as the men were heading out for hunting, the young girl appeared in front of the burly men. Her small body overshadowed by the men's towering figures.

"Please allow Rin to hunt alongside your men," Rin bowed down towards the middle-aged General Guo.

"Girl, I naturally understand you're quite skilled in martial arts but…" General Guo's cold eyes narrowed down on the gifted girl's small crushable sized body.

"Hunting is completely different. Besides I'm sure you don't know how to properly use a bow and arrow correct?"

Looking up into the General's dark eyes, Rin narrows them dangerously low as if challenging the man. She puffed up her round cheeks in defiance and with a slight pout huffed.

This General sure was a tough one to crack...

Calmly composing herself, the young girl's rosy face gently loosens before releasing a small smirk on the corner of her little rosy lips.

"All the more to learn," Rin grinned knowingly. "Rin wishes to learn how to rightfully earn food for herself rather than eating the food of the honorable soldiers that Rin herself did not earn."

Properly placing on a sorrowful expression the armed men watched as the young girl quivered her lips with a pitiful gaze.

Commander Bai who smiled joyously at the girl's words, stared thoughtfully at her as he shifted his gaze towards General Guo.

"General Guo, it's alright," Commander Bai chuckled. "I'm certain with your skills she'll learn a great deal on hunting."

Twitching his bushy brows at the Commanders shamelessly flattering words, General Guo sighed as he looked down at the now beaming Rin.

"Come on let's go," He sighed before picking up the girl while walking towards his mount.

Despite being carried like a sack of delicious potatoes, little Rin's lovely face beamed with a broad foolish grin as if she had instantly won.

Because of course, she did. nice it felt to win after being tossed around like a ragdoll by the General from his brutal training.

It almost made it all seem worth getting instantly thrown off the ground!

While Rin was lost in her seemingly victorious thoughts, the rest of the men watched as their General carried the petite girl under his armpit. Her childlike face lit up happily as her eyes glowed brightly.

What an odd sight…
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