87 Prove My Worth To You

*WARNING: Although it's nothing too extreme, there will be some sensitive scenes in this involving animals. This warning is for those who are sensitive to animals being killed. Otherwise, enjoy!


The white, snow-covered field was silent; the serene mystical air surrounded by nothing but white ground. A feeble, elegant deer walked through the snow and made its way toward an exposed piece of grass in the ground.

Lowering its head gracefully, it nibbled on the patch of grass in silence.


In swift, sharp movements, an arrow flew across the field toward the wild deer. Before the deer could grasp the situation, the arrow penetrated deeply into its head, piercing into its flesh and bone -killing it on the spot.

Fresh red blood had tainted the field's peaceful solace and quiet tranquility.

Watching the noble creature fall down on the snow ground releasing its last breath; the men stared at it with pitiless eyes.

"Damn it! Another one?"

Striding forward to see the dead creature, the man mounted on the horse tsked. Following behind him on a magnificent, black mount was An Sun.

A faint smile came onto An Sun's face as he looked down at the dead deer he had slain.

"I told you, I always win."

Looking at the smug expression on the handsome man's face, the previous man felt his brows twitch.

"No way, I'll try to beat you! Let me try again!"

A soldier beside him couldn't help but laugh mockingly.

"What's the use in trying? Lord An wins every year, his skills are far too great for you to beat."

Feeling even more irritated, the man tsks.

"You just watch!"

Following his words, the man left with his horse, the other following behind him – bows in hand.

Watching the men speed away, An Sun snorts before steering his horse around only to see Manchu staring at him amusedly.

"Why don't you ever give them the chance to win? It must be frustrating for them to have you win every year."

Glancing at Manchu, an unquenchable, ruthless smirk appeared on An Sun's handsome face.

"Tch, if they can hardly beat me, then what makes you think I'll deliver them a satisfactory win?"

Manchu stared at the handsome man with a dull expression.

This man honestly…

"Yes, yes, I understand."

Nodding his head with a smirk, An Sun swerves his horse around to continue with his hunting. Manchu observes the man leave swiftly and sighs before following behind him.

For the next few hours, the Tuhan men hunted, gradually collecting the hunted animals. As expected, An Sun was in the lead.

Currently, in the woods, An Sun held his bow in hand and scanned the area – his gray eyes inspecting the area intensely.

A buzzing sensation rang in his ears, causing his scanning eyes to focus on a particular area. As he thought, a large deer stood silently in the woods drinking from the icy stream.

In soundless, smooth movements, An Sun pulled out an arrow and carefully aimed it at the deer.

The sound of large deer's cries could be heard echoing throughout the forest as an arrow shot it on its side.

Startled, lifting its body in the air, the deer hastily began to run.

But before it could make its escape, another arrow shot straight at it - this time in the head killing it right on the spot.


The deer's body slumped down the ground limply, its dark lifeless eyes wide. An Sun, from the beginning, observed the scene unfold.

Yet what surprised him the most was that he hadn't been the one to launch the arrow.

Before he had the chance to shoot, another arrow had already struck the deer leading to the following events.

Who dared to shoot his target?

An Sun's eyes narrowed. His bright, piercing gray eyes shone with a chilling, murderous aura.

Turning his head, to see the culprit, his eyes narrowed even further upon identifying the petite figure in a cloak.

The small figure was wrapped in a dark fur cloak, enveloping their body from head to toe. Mounted on a horse with a bow in their white palms, the figure glanced in An Sun's direction.

"You dare steal my prey?" An Sun's voice narrowed dangerously.

A faint, emotionless chuckle escaped the figure's lips. "My apologies, my Lord. it seems I didn't notice you. My eyes were merely focused on the creature head."

Appearing more irritated, An Sun's broad brows twitched.

"Take off your cloak."

Lowering their head as if thinking, the figure glances up to look at An Sun.

"As you wish my Lord."

Leisurely, lifting their frail white arms, the figure uncovers the furred cloak from their forehead to reveal their face. Upon classifying the person's face, An Sun's eyes darkened, the killing aura within his eyes intensifying.

"You…who let you out?"

Mounted a few feet away from An Sun with a bow in their hand, was none other than Rin. Her dark long hair bound neatly in a long ponytail, causing the loose strands to flow gently in the wind.

Although her complexion appeared weak, her bright, emerald eyes remained fair and patient.

Bowing her head down gently, Rin reveals an apathetic smile.

"No one let me out, my Lord. I snuck out myself." Rin said softly.

An Sun became more enraged by Rin's words. It was clear his men weren't paying much attention, considering he was able to escape so easily.

Noticing the man become raged by her words, Rin continued to lightly smile.

"Forgive me my Lord for acting out without permission. However, I thought it was best for me to take action."

"Oh? And what makes you believe you sneaking out without my permission was best?" An Sun said menacingly. "What makes you think I won't kill you right now for defying me?"

Looking up to stare in the man's glowing gray eyes, Rin remained motionless, her eyes unclear.

"After reaching out to Lord An many times and being denied, I decided to selfishly take actions into my own hands. I understand that was against your orders, however, this was the only way I could think to repay Lord An for your generosity."

An Sun remained silent. His gray eyes penetrating deeply through Rin's skin and bones. Yet, under his threatening stare that only seemed to get worse and worse as she spoke, Rin continued.

"To not be a burden on you and your men, I thought it was best I began performing my part and easing your duties." Rin continued. "I may have been born in a noble family, however, I was also raised to understand luxury and food is not free. That is why I took it upon myself to collect my own food to lessen the burden of you providing for me; to prove my worth to you, Lord An."

An Sun stared blankly at Rin, his eyes that were once staring intensely at her, averted as he lightly released a cough.

"I see."

Leisurely, An Sun urges his horse forward in Rin's direction, his eyes not once breaking eye contact with her. His horse halted until the two were only an inch apart, both staring directly in the other's eyes.

"I admire your courage and devotedness, however…" An Sun's voice narrowed. "If there's a next time where you disobey or act recklessly without my permission, you will die for it."

Looking into An Sun's cold, emotionless eyes, Rin smiles – a faint chuckle escaping her lips.

"I understand my Lord. Thank you."

Narrowing his eyes, An Sun whirls his horse around to exit the woods – but halts to turn his head to the side in Rin's direction.

"Follow me. I don't want you getting too confident and thinking you can escape."

Widening her smile, Rin tilts her head.

"Of course not, my Lord. I'm not that foolish."

"Tch, just follow me and don't stray too far; I'll have my men collect the deer later."

"Yes, my Lord."

With a faint smile on her face, Rin follows behind an irritated An Sun.
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