88 Underestimated Him


One by one, more arrows flew through the sky, aiming directly at the various wild animals in the field; crimson blood tainting the pure white ground.

The Tuhan men watched on the side, awe written on their faces.

This kid…who would have thought such a frail, scrawny looking kid could hunt so well. Not to mention he was even catching up to Lord An!

With swift, elegant movements, Rin launched another arrow in the animal's direction, killing it on the spot.

"Hmm, seems I'm a little rusty." Rin couldn't help but murmur under her breath while looking at the bow in her hand.

She must not have been used to such a different bow, the majority of the time she'd hunt with her crossbow.

The Tuhan nearby who heard Rin mutter to herself arched their brows in disbelief.

Rusty? That was considered rusty? What did that make their hunting skills? And how better could he do when he wasn't rusty!

After An Sun brought Rin along to keep a better watch on her, the men continued their winter hunt. Rin watched the men hunt on the side silently before she spoke up.

"My Lord, if you don't mind, may I join as well? To prove myself to you, I believe earning my own food is a start."

An Sun chuckles, his lips tilting upward into a crooked smile. "Go ahead. What you hunt will be your food from now on. Don't come asking me for food if you don't have enough."

"Yes, my Lord. I will remember your words." Rin smiled impassively in return.

An Sun stared at Rin silently before striding away to hunt.

He, along with the rest of the Tuhan didn't believe Rin would be able to catch a single animal. Although An Sun witnessed the boy shoot the deer previously, he assumed it was based on luck.

To them, 'Bai Lan' was a boy raised in a noble family with little skills in martial arts and hunting. Even with these thoughts, An Sun respected and admired Bai Lan's military tactics.

Having been able to win a battle against him, one wouldn't be surprised by the cold commander being angered. It irritated him, but he was impressed and greatly acknowledged Bai Lan as a worthy opponent until the end.

However, having commendable military tactics alone wasn't enough for An Sun to drop all airs and grant him instant trust.

After all, the people on this side of the world, men and women were not to be trusted so easily.

While adjusting her bow, Rin noticed the mocking, contempt-filled gazes of the Tuhan men. Even with their stares, Rin ignored and smiled silently to herself. Based on their expressions she could guess their thoughts.

And she didn't blame them. To them, she was a spoiled grandson of a fierce general with clever military tactics. With her appearance as well, she looked as if she hadn't engaged in a battle in all her life.

Those were the Tuhan men's initial thoughts, however, after ten minutes had passed did their eyes widen in shock - their expression gradually changing to disbelief.

Mounted on a horse, bow in hand, Rin shot down every animal in sight. A dark shadow passed over Rin's emerald eyes, the usual clarity and calmness in her almond-shaped eyes was replaced by a dull, dangerous gleam.

The aura around her was ice cold, causing one to hold their breath as they watched the boy hunt.

While Rin hunted, An Sun watched on the side with a quiet stare. Observing his controlled, straight form and the familiar dark glint flashing through his eyes, An Sun couldn't help but twist his lips into a cruel smile.

The kid truly misled him. With his noble and feeble appearance, no one would have expected him to be so skilled. His skills were possibly at a par with his. They had underestimated him.

"Interesting." Manchu moved his horse to stand along An Sun, a look of amusement laced on his face. "There seems to be more hidden abilities to this little strategist after all."

The corner of An Sun's lips twitched and his eyes darkened even further – an unknown glint flickering across his eyes.

Rin's lips arched into a satisfied smile as she jumped down from her horse to collect the two dead hares on the cold ground - their brown furs coated in red blood.

Placing them in a sack by her side, the familiar sound of horse's hooves could be detected behind her.

Turning around, Rin was greeted by the menacing expression from An Sun, with Manchu behind him looking amused.

"Who taught you to hunt like that?"

"To answer Lord An, I was personally taught by my grandfather, Bai Han."

Not concealing his surprise, An Sun arched a brow and looked down at Rin with searching, unfeeling eyes.

Never would he had expected the scrawny, female-looking kid in front of him to be well taught in archery and hunting.

"What else did Bai Han teach you?"

Scratching beneath the mole on her right eye, Rin glanced up at An Sun with an innocent smile. "Besides archery, swordplay and a few survival skills, I wasn't taught much in the Bai manor. To you my Lord it looks like my only use to you is being your strategist."

"What makes you think I'd want you as my strategist after you've lost against me? Do you believe your tactics are worthy enough for me?"

"You're right, I have lost. However, you never know what use I am to you if you don't try hearing what I have to say."


Recalling the various times he declined Rin's request to speak to him, An Sun's eyes shifted to the side while Manchu held back a laugh.

"Very well. We'll speak inside. Then shall you prove your worth to me."

"Thank you, my Lord." Rin bobbed her head.

Looking down at Rin with her head lowered, An Sun silently glanced away and urged his horse forward away from the field. Manchu watched An Sun leave before looking down at Rin.

"Come along Mr. Strategist, I'm interested to see what you have in store for us."
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