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Deep within the forest tall figures rode comfortably on their gallant horses with stern faces.

Sitting impassively among the burly buff men was the visible figure of a little girl.

A slight flash of passionate eagerness went noticed brewing in her bright emerald eyes. Sensing the girl's supposed hidden excitement, General Guo instantly felt his upper lip twitch.

After a few meaningful minutes, the men secured their usual hunting spot and spread around with only General Guo, Rin, and two other soldiers in place.

"We'll hunt here," General Guo dismounted from his horse before helping Rin down.

Rin furrowed her sharp brows at the distance they were from the camp.

It was extremely close!

Looking up at the General with a confused face, Rin's sharp brows furrow.

Naturally seeing the girl's confused yet annoyed expression, the middle-aged General merely sighs.

"It's safer to hunt closer towards the camp," He explained. "The deeper you go into the woods, the more likely we'll meet something dangerous."

From his words, Rin understood that the forest was dangerous the deeper one went in. She could also tell he was worried for her safety if they were to encounter a large animal.

However, that could possibly be him also worried she'll get hurt and his Commander will punish him for not protecting her properly.

Either way, Rin wasn't satisfied. But she knew it was much better to allow him to experience his way for now.

For now...

After all, no one would believe a young frail child could defend themselves against a wild animal.

Merely nodding her head, Rin turns to look towards the surrounding trees.

A faint afternoon light could be seen shimmering through the leaves landing onto the dirt grounds.

"Deliver me my crossbow," Rin heard General Guo command one of the men.

Doing as ordered, the young soldier hands his Commander a horizontally mounted bow that immediately caught the attention of the little girl.

The crossbow was made up of a strong wood. It was a horizontal bow with a short wooden stock that Rin could assume was used to shoot arrows from as she noticed the metal trigger.

Wrapped around the General's shoulder was a bag filled with shining bronze-headed arrows. Each arrow had three sharp blades and a ruffled feather at the end. cool!

General Guo quickly caught onto the girl's clear fascination towards the crossbow in his hand. A faint smile formed on the corner of his lips but soon vanished.

"Don't worry, I'll allow you to use it. Let's first discover something to actually shoot at first." He said walking right past the petite girl.

Snapping out of her awed trance, Rin quickly follows the General into the woods.

"Hold it steadily," General Guo properly instructed. "Directly place the weapon vertically."

Listening to the General's specific instructions, Rin quietly narrowed her eyes towards the chosen target ahead of her.

In front of her was a small fluffy wild rabbit.

It's deep glistening eyes stared down as it gnawed gently on a small patch of grass. Completely oblivious it as about to be killed.

Rin calmly stared at the rabbit, however, just as she was about to shoot retreated the bow.

"I can't kill such a cute thing!" Rin whined.

Sighing with evident frustration, General Guo gently pinches the spaces between his fierce brows.

They had been doing the exact thing for an hour and a half.

Whenever the General reasonably assumed Rin would shoot he saw how her light eyes would narrow dangerously low and dim slightly.

However, a possible minute later the young girl would piteously cry, stating how the beloved animal was too innocent and cute and didn't deserve to die.

Just as he had realistically expected Rin to act, the General could only sigh with evident disappointment. She may have been skilled in martial arts, but she was nevertheless just an ignorant little girl.

"At least try shooting it," He argued stressfully.

"Nu-uh!" Rin vigorously shook her head.

"What do you think you've been eating this whole time?"

Confusion showed on her face before slowly it instantly formed into unspeakable horror. Which then gently turned towards possible guilt, then a fierce scowl as she stared fiercely at the General with justly accusing eyes.

The little girl was staring at him as if he were a discovered murderer...

Thinking to give up, a sudden idea popped into the General's head.

"Didn't you say you didn't wish to go hunting for your own food rather than eating something you didn't earn?"

Going silent Rin looks down at the ground with a pout. After a while, she slowly bobs her head.

"Then shoot it," He said with slight smugness.

Noticing the hint of gloating in the General's face, Rin's emerald eyes flashed darkly before vanishing back towards their innocent light.

"Fine! But Rin wishes to make a bet with the General!" Rin huffed.

Arching a large brow the General stares at Rin curiously.

What could a little girl possibly wish to bet on?
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