94 Whims Of His Hear

After An Sun's bold words, the Province General ordered for them to surrender their weapons and follow them for further interrogation.

To their surprise, along with Rin's, An Sun surrendered and willingly allowed the men to bind their hands.

Following the group of soldiers with her hands bound, Rin shot a glance at An Sun who from the beginning, bore an emotionless expression – as if he wasn't being arrested.

Sensing a gaze on him, An Sun's gaze drifted casually over to Rin.


"Nothing my lord, I'm just surprised by your calmness," Rin said lightly.

From what's she's seen from the man; he was one to do things on a whim and was quite ruthless when threatened.

Yet he so easily has surrendered to the Jilin soldiers and willingly allowed them to bind his hands. His actions somewhat surprised her.

An Sun's brows twitched. His lips pursed together, forming a thin line as his expression turned colder and colder.

"Are you saying I'm impulsive?"

Chuckling, Rin shifts her gaze away to look in front. "Of course not, my lord. I was merely pointing out an observation."

An Sun's eyes narrowed as he noted the amused expression on Rin's face, and he quickly shifted his gaze away with bitterness.

The two walked in silence - the Jilin soldiers in front while they walked in the back.

After a while, his gaze subconsciously landed on Rin's small face.

Rin's thoughts were currently focused on meeting the Jilin governor and her plans to gain his trust. However, it'd be difficult with An Sun, who had yet to trust her.

It was only then that she suddenly heard An Sun's low, magnetic voice speak. "I may be ruthless but I'm rational. If we're going to follow your plan through and through then I must also carry out my part."

Surprised, Rin turned to look at An Sun whose eyes were no longer on her.

At that moment, Rin saw An Sun's handsome, sharp features contort into a dark and bitter expression. She somehow found his expression entertaining to look at.

Rin smiled. "Thank you."

"Don't think because of this I trust you. Your one-month trial is still up." An Sun faintly snorted.

"Besides," His voice lowered. "If I wanted, I could kill these men and their governor."

Rin held back the urge to sigh helplessly. In the end, she looked elsewhere and continued to walk forward.

Passing through the gates, the soldiers guided their group forward. Entering the Jilin province, Rin took the time to admire the interior.

As expected, it was simple and rather poor looking.

But she knew it was all a façade. Behind the low-quality goods and roughly built structures was wealth and power - things all humans desire.

Rin's wandering eyes stayed on the buildings a while longer before turning to the front to examine at the Province General.

He was a middle-aged man, with a fair set of wrinkles under his eyes. Due to the cold weather and lack of sun, his complexion was much paler compared to those in the southern and eastern empires.

His eyes, which were surveying the group just so happened to meet Rin's who merely stared back at him with an unreadable expression.

His eyes narrowed as he noticed the 'boy's' appearance. Emerald eyes.

It was extremely rare to see such a color, and he could only assume he was a foreigner traveling with the other men. After a while, his eyes left Rin and turned back toward the front.

Many citizens on the side watched their group passing by and quietly whispered to one another.

Finally, arriving in front of a towering building, almost giving off the appearance of a tower, they all walked in.

The rest of the Tuhan troops were led to the dungeons to where they would be held, including Rin and Manchu.

Due to being the commander of the group, An Sun was led to a separate area with their general. Rin didn't look back at his departing figure as she was ushered into the dungeons.

In the metal cell, Rin quietly sat on the floor with a calm expression. Manchu, leaning against the wall with closed eyes suddenly opened them to look down at Rin.

"You said previously their governor was an old acquaintance of your grandfather, correct?"

Shifting her gaze toward Manchu, Rin's lips curled into an impassive smile. "If you're suggesting I've set you all into a trap, you're mistaken Sir Manchu."

Manchu's expression remained unreadable, however, his light blue eyes were clouded with sharpness.

Scratching his head, he says, "My apologies, Mr. Strategist, if I seem suspicious of you. But you can't blame me for behaving this way. An Sun's thoughts are exactly the same as mine."

Rin's brow raised curiously as she propped her chin on her palm. "Then why is it that Lord An followed through with my plan if he assumed I was setting him up in a trap?"

Manchu sighed and crossed his arms, a helpless expression forming on his face.

"Commander An, although he's ruthless to his enemies and responds to everything with fists, he's not irrational. Because you wanted to prove yourself to him, he allowed you the chance."

Manchu paused and smiled distantly. "Even if it means risking himself, he's willing to grant those a chance of gaining his trust and loyalty. Once his trust is gained, I assure you he will treat you respectfully and never think to betray you. That's why I kindly ask you don't betray his trust."

Rin quietly stared at the floor, her hands resting on her crossed legs. Raising her head, Rin's lips break out into a gentle smile.

"Don't worry Sir Manchu. I never once considered betraying Commander An. Although I have every reason to betray him, I've already committed myself to fully assisting him. Betrayal never will and never has been an option."

"Good. Because once you do, you will never gain it back - or he'll kill you as he always says." Manchu laughs.

Rin nods in response with a smile and looks at the cells cold, wet floors - her head against the walls.

She knew An Sun was a cautious man; he wasn't one to take risks if it endangered his men. But he was willing to risk himself to accept the trust of another if he felt they were deserving of it.

He does what he pleases and never strays from doing what his heart says is right.

Although his actions, in Rin's mind, were foolish, she couldn't help but respect him. His leadership abilities were highly admirable in Rin's book.

She learned this through their previous battle against one another. Even with suffering a loss that set them back in supplies, men and weapons, he utilized his abilities to the best to come out victorious.

Anyone betraying a man of such strength and worthy admiration was either a fool or blind.

She meant what she said. She was willing to follow An Sun and see where his quest would take her.

Nearly an hour passed before a soldier walked in.

"Governor Duyi wishes to see you both."

Rin stands up from the ground and follows Manchu out. Led down a long stone hallway, the soldier stops in front of a large wooden door. Opening it, the soldier motions for Manchu to walk in first with Rin following behind.

As soon as they passed the doorway, Rin noticed An Sun, who was no longer bound by the hands, standing off to the side with crossed arms.

His gray eyes glanced at her briefly before turning away.

"You must be the strategist Lord An mentioned."

Hearing a man's gruff voice, Rin raised her eyes and was met with the figure of an old man, his hair and beard a silvered gray.

Although his robes were simple, Rin knew from the sharp glint in his eyes that he wasn't a simple man.

This was Governor Duyi Zhong.
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