95 Character Q&A

Hello, my precious readers, it's Paramyis!

No, this is not an update. I know disappointing but this is important...Mostly fun.

I've thought of something enjoyable for all of you as well as for me. I wanted to post a Q&A but not just any Q&A…

A Q&A for my story characters! ヾ(^∇^)

I know sounds strange right?

Let me first explain what a Q&A is for those who don't know. Its question and answer, where you the readers ask me a question, in this case, the characters from my stories a question and I (they) answer!

In the comments, you can write a question for a specific character you'd like to have answered your question. For example, if your question was for Rin in my novel "RIN", you'd write in the comments:

To Rin: Do you think you could teach me martial arts like a boss?

Or An Sun.
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To An Sun: Why are you so cruel to our precious Rin! If you hurt her, I'll make you suffer! (メ`ロ´)/

*Cough* Things like that...

Anyways, hopefully, you get the gist of it! Just comment down below your questions for the characters and on Wednesday and Friday, I'll be posting the answers to them (along with the newest chapters.) If you want to direct your question to me, you can use:

To Paramyis:


To Author:

This may seem random, but I thought it'd be fun and something new to try. So comment down below your questions for the characters or me(^v^)

Sidenote: They'll be answered on Wednesday and Friday - I'll still be posting chapters those days as well. Your questions will not affect or change the storyline or the characters in the story, this merely for fun!
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