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As promised, here are the first set of answers to the Q&A! The rest will be answered on Friday.



To Paramyis: I know it's a spoiler alert but is there a love interaction between Rin and General An? *Hopeless romantic here Thanks for all the updates, stay healthy and more power! Aja on making this book more awesome!

Paramyis: First off, thank you so much for your concern and support you truly are an amazing person! And yes, there will be love interactions between Rin and An Sun! And even a little steamy action here and there (・ωー)~☆


To author: I read the comic that the romanticlovebooks was based off from, and forgive me if I'm being ignorant, but will the novel end in a different way from the comic?

Paramyis: No worries at all! From the beginning, I planned on using only minor parts from the manga since it seemed to tie well with my original storyline. In the end, not a lot liked that so I've decided to shift it back to my original storyline! The manga previously stopped updating so the ending is unclear, however, I have my own ending for the novel.


To Author: What inspired you to start writing? Is it something you always wanted? In the early days did you write any weird and slightly embarrassing shorts while you were practicing that you would be happy to share? P.s is RIN based off anyone you know, or just completely fictional? She's such an amazing, multi-leveled character.

Paramyis: Rin is mainly based on the manga's main character Li Chang Ge and my own perception of how I wanted a female lead to behave. I've always loved writing. I've started writing ever since I was little (of course none of them were good) and through the years I wrote many stories online that are all unshared. I reread some of them recently…they're so embarrassing! :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

But because you're all so precious to me, I shall share to you a part I somewhat like from the first story I ever posted online. Be warned…it's bad. Also, the female main character's name was also Rin.

It was called "Ghost Chains". It was about a slave girl with unusual hair color (red), abnormal strength and wanted to be free. She was eventually freed by a King from another empire who helped her. The storyline wasn't bad, but the writing was horrible.

["Over there I see her!" She heard a guard shout.

With her back facing an empty alley, she failed to miss a shadow move behind her gripping her arms and pulling her back. Startled, Rin's instincts immediately thought to fight back, but for some reason, it seemed like the persons hold drained all her abnormal strength out of her.

What even was this? Why did she feel so weak?

The person's hands wrapped around her tightly one gripped her waist from behind, the other holding her drape covered mouth shut. Feeling helpless and unable to see her attacker, Rin struggled.

"Shh, don't struggle, just stay still a little longer." His voice whispered from behind her.

Having said that, a group of guards passed near them. Unfortunately, one guard stopped in his tracks and peeked into the dark damp alley.

With his sword in hand, he walked slowly towards them.

Rin's body tensed her breathing stopped hoping to erase all traces of their being a living being there. The man behind Rin moved his body closer to the wall bringing her with him.

After a couple of seconds, a holler was said towards the guard mentioning them already checking that area. With his figure retreating, Rin had breathed a sigh of relief before she used her legs to kick the man behind her.

"Ouch!" He yelped bending down to grip his leg.

Turning her body around to look at her attacker, Rin was taken aback, by the way, his appearance looked.

Why…was he dressed like that?

The man in front of Rin was a tall man with a muscular build his skin slightly tan, the way the clothes practically stretched on him told her that those clothes were way too small for a man his size. The white pants he wore stop below his knees looked rather tight on his big claves.

On his shoulders was a white drape covering his head but held in a ponytail black hair fell in front of his face.

"Who are you?" Rin's soft voice was fierce, her form gathering into a fighting stance with her hands in front of her face.

The man looked up, his brown eyes almost golden looked up at her red rubies.

Rin, who hasn't seen many men in her life besides the Prince who was considered to be quite handsome, looked no better than a person on the streets when compared to the man before her.

If this man were to simply glance in a woman's direction, they'd most likely worship him or even take their own lives just for a single glance.

Lowering his gaze, he saw the chains wrapped around Rin's legs. Feeling slightly self-conscious of her shackles, her face flushed red as she tried to hide her legs under her robes.

Looking back up at her hidden face he stood up, slowly walking towards her. Rin's eyes darkened as she readied herself to attack him.

"Don't worry I mean no harm," He said in a dark soothing voice.

Before Rin knew it, he who was a few feet away was now standing in front of her.

Wrapping his strong arms around Rin's waist, his other hand reached forward pulling away from the white drape from the girl's mouth her mouth revealing her soft peach colored lips.

Rin's body stiffened, she who as a slave didn't receive such warm close physical contact made her body freeze.

"I am nobody but a lonely traveler traveling the big city, who would have thought on my journey I'd meet a beautiful young girl like yourself in need of help." His eye shone brightly as he gave Rin a flirtatious smile.

His smile! It made him even more gorgeous, this man was simply godlike!

A gust of wind flutter between the two, his black hair fluttered in front of his eyes making his beautiful face glow it was almost like this man wasn't even part of this world!

Minutes past, nothing but silence was heard.

"Hmm?" The man glances at Rin's tiny self whose face to his surprise was filled with…confusion?]


To all characters you can: If you could choose to be an animal (other than a human) what would you be?

Rin: "I'd be a falcon. The feeling of being free and able to fly sounds interesting."

An Sun: "What a strange question…I'd choose a hawk."

Manchu: "Ah? Anything other than a complicated human being? That's easy, a wolf then."

Bai Han: "Hmph, I'd clearly be a lion of course!"

General Guo: "…Tiger…"

Xu Mujin: "A leopard seems nice."

Lixue: "A mouse! No, a cat! Actually…Whatever pretty big brother chooses!"

Random Tuhan soldier: "Uh…w-well I've always wanted to be a boar."


To An Sun: What will you do when you will find out that Rin is a girl?

An Sun: "Who is this Rin you speak of?"


To Rin: what will you do if An Sun became to suspect your gender?

Rin: "If such a day were to happen, I'd divert his suspicion of me or if he trusted me enough reveal to him the truth."


To author: I love this story <3

Paramyis: Aww, thank you! (*^.^*)


To author 1 to 10, how soon are the 2 leads gonna realize that like each other

Paramyis: I'd say 4 out of 10 soon. I promise you won't have to wait long like I usually let you! I'm trying to make my chapters longer to quicken the story pace for all of you.


To Rin: I know you cherish your family, be it your biological parents or your new family a lot. But have you ever thought of finding a lover and founding your own family? Since you always tried to avoid marriage proposals, I was a bit curious...

Rin: "The thought of founding my own family never once occurred to me. Although I'm certain at some point my grandfather would want to see grandchildren, he wouldn't force me into a marriage I didn't want. Marriage and love at the moment would only hinder my plans."


To Rin: I would like to adopt you to what do you say?

Rin: "I appreciate the offer, but I'm quite satisfied with my family and don't think I'd exchange them for anything in the world."


To An Sun: When are you gonna give us a striptease?!

An Sun: "Striptease? What purpose do you have in seeing my body?"


To Paramyis: I love Rin exactly as she is, aloof, intelligent, crafty and adorable in her own way if you put her into a romantic relationship is it going to change her personality? I wouldn't like that to be honest.

Paramyis: I wouldn't like that either. Trust me, I'm not too fond of the FL becoming weak or undergoing a complete change in personality after falling in love. If Rin does fall in love she'll stay true to herself. ( ̄^ ̄)


To Paramyis: How hard/easy is it for you to write this story and what inspires you and how long you intend this book to be? Where do you get your ideas from?

Paramyis: To be honest, there are days where writing is easy and hard depending on my situation in real life. The book won't be too long possibly around 200 chapters at most. As for inspiration, I thank every Chinese novel, manga, and anime for the wonderful inspiration!


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