98 Character Q&A - Answered #2

To Rin: do you miss Ju?? When will you retrieve him??, I already miss him!! 😭

Rin: "Nn, I do miss him. Whenever I get the chance and approval from Lord An, I'll ask to visit Miss Lixue and Ju."


To author: First of all, thank you so much for writing both awesome Books. They always leave me wishing for more. 😊 Second, will An Sun suspect Rin for her gender or with passing time slowly he will find out??

Paramyis: Thank you so much for your kind words! And I can assure you the time will arrive soon when he finds out!


To An Sun: Have you felt any BL inclinations lately? If not, what is your type of woman? Please say petite, with green eyes, and has a habit of coughing up blood. I look forward to hearing your answer, THANKS!

An Sun: *Cough* "No, I have not had any homosexual emotions lately. My ideal woman, however, is nothing specific. Someone strong and has a mind of their own I suppose."


To An Sun: please, pleaseee 😢 take good care of rin's health. Make her bed warm so she won't get sick😷

An Sun: "Why are you asking me to warm the bed of this unknown woman? Do you think I'm some prostitute?"


To An Sun: May I have the honor to know how you first met Manchu?

An Sun: "I don't see how any of that is your business."

Paramyis: But An Sun, you have to answer the questions…

An Sun: "Tsk. Fine. I met Manchu through my father, he was a slave that I took in. End of discussion."


To Rin: when will you be dressing as a lady again?

Rin: "Whenever the situation calls for it. Although, man or woman I don't mind dressing up as either."


To An Sun: why the mask? Too handsome? Try to hide something? Explain, please.

An Sun: "I have nothing to hide. The mask is solely to hide my face from my enemies. Too many times have I been deemed unworthy from my appearance."

Paramyis: *Cough* Because you're so handsome. (・ω<)



An Sun: "Is that a threat? Whomever this Rin you speak of I have no recollection of ever meeting them. I don't cause harm to others for no apparent reason unless they threaten or hurt one of my men."


To Rin: would you like me to ship you some bras? Bc I know it's gotta be hella uncomfortable.

Rin: "Hmm? Bras?"

Paramyis: It's something to support your…breasts.

Rin: "Why would I need to support my breasts?"

Paramyis: *Sigh* You'll find out soon…(^^;)


To male lead: Where are you?!?

Male Lead: "I've been here the whole time."


Author-nim: Can I please marry you? 😄💟💍Proposal #2

Paramyis: Although I just accepted another proposal…why not! Let's elope!



To Lixue: I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU ALL MY LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES AND PRESENTS because I cried a lot when your scene happened and it broke my hearteu💔😭

Lixue: "Lixue likes hugs! But only from pretty big brother! But why did you cry and what broke your heart?"

Paramyis: Ah…Lixue look a butterfly!

Lixue: "Eh? Where?"

Paramyis: Ok, now that's she's distracted next question quick! ⊃゜Д゜)⊃


To Paramyis: Of what chapter be or volume will An Sun find out that Rin is a girl? Sorry for the spoiler... Hehhehehhe

Paramyis: After this volume with the Jilin province!


To Paramyis: Is there any possibility that the Father of Rin would be alive? a miracle maybe?

I am so excited for Wednesday...

Paramyis: Unless the dead can be revived, unfortunately not. But who knows…


To Paramyis: Where are you from?

Paramyis: I'm from the United States.


To Manchu: How old are you?

Manchu: "I'm eighteen years old."


To Uncle Guo: Are you married yet? How old are you?

Uncle Guo: "I'm not married…yet. And I'm thirty-nine."


To Ju (yes, the bird): What is your favorite food?

Ju: "Screech--!"

Rin: "He said fish."

Paramyis: H-How did you…; ̄ロ ̄)


To Paramyis: Is it possible to request for the scene where An Sun would find out that Rin is a girl to be unexpectedly epic? Something like (they are being surrounded by enemies and An Sun is about to give a huge strike but unexpectedly trip over a corn seed and accidentally pushed Rin so they fell together resulting with An Sun landing on Rin and his hands went to Rin's chest making him realize that Rin is a girl.) something like that kind of scenes??

Paramyis: Interesting way of thinking…I like it! But don't worry, when he finds out it will surely be a scene to remember fufufu~


To An Sun: Are you still a virgin?

An Sun: "Cough! Cough! I don't see why you'd want to know such a thing…"

Paramyis: Eh? Are you blushing? (;・・;)

An Sun: "…"


To Manchu: How exactly do you keep up with An Sun?

Manchu: *Sigh* "It seems like someone finally understands my struggles. The trick is to just allow him to do what he wants. He's smart enough to know what's right and wrong in his actions."


To An Sun: Have you been wearing a mask!!?....then how exactly am I reading?

An Sun: "I only wear my mask when I enter the battlefield, wearing it all day is foolish."


To Rin: when are you going to tell An Sun you're a girl?

Rin: "As much as I'd like to keep it a secret, I believe at some point I may. Possibly when he begins to trust me."


To author: does Rin and An sun get together as a couple? #Rinsun

Paramyis: Love the ship name! And they will eventually!


To An Sun: You're a jerk and I hope u realize that.

An Sun: "Why should I recognize something I don't care to know? Besides, I've been called worse."

Paramyis: I swear he said it, not me (⋟﹏⋞)


To our dear author: You may read this last but I just wanna say... Thank you for making such a beautiful novel. (It's one of the reason why I stay late at night xD) First off, I wanna ask if there is.. (which obviously there is).. A "unexpected" twist that we, the readers have to expect? XD especially when it comes to love. Second, I would like to suggest that you don't change her personality when she gets inlove. It's too... Idk.. Common? I think? Ehem.. Third, I wanna talk to you personally/well in private if that's okay.. I'm hoping you'd say yes 😅😅😅 coz i really wanted to tell you something...

Paramyis: Thank you, ahh, I can't stop smiling! And yes there will be an unexpected scene soon let's just say there will be some...nudity. And don't worry, Rin's personality will not change besides her own character development. If you want to speak to me in private you can message me on discord, my username is paramyis#0994 or on wattpad through private messages.


To Rin: SENPAI STEP ON ME—I mean *coughs* if given the chance, would you run back to your mom at "that" fateful day?

Rin: "Ah? Are you alright? And to answer your question, no I would not run back, I would repeat the exact same thing. My mother risked her life to save me, going back would only make her actions be in vain."


To Rin: It is an obvious fact that you have enemies to defeat i.e your evil uncle (?) who chased you and your mother out of the kingdom then killed her.

Rin: "My uncle sent his general after my mother and I. His initial goal was to take back my mother and kill me, but...things didn't go as planned. That is why I will ensure my mother's death was not in vain and take back my empire."


That's all for now! There's still more but I'll try to answer them whenever I get the chance.

Enjoy today's chapter it's quite interesting...
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