Our Days

After both of us confirmed our mutual feelings, the Crown Prince was suddenly the easiest person to see in the Palace.

He came to my residence four times a week and took me around the Palace when before, it was hard even to see his shadow.

Then Court Lady Song said to me, "It was because His Highness was trying to give you some time and space."

"Eunuch Han told me that His Highness was always contemplating to meet you because he didn't want you to feel burdened," she added.

"Your Highness, the Crown Prince is waiting for you," a palace maid reported from outside the room.

Court Lady Song finished doing my hair and followed me outside.

The Crown Prince looked dashing in his sport clothes. A belt wrapped around his waist, showed his firm body. I am used to see him in his robe that I didn't notice he had a slim figure.

He told me the other day that he wished to teach me how to ride a horse after I told him I didn't know any sports.

We walked side by side and I felt our hands kept grazing each other's and suddenly he took my hand and held it along the way.

After a while I pulled my hand and he looked at me questioningly, a bit disappointed.

"My hand is sweaty," I said, embarrassed and more disappointed to have to let go of his hand.

He smiled and walked to the other side and took my other hand. "This okay?"

I was bewildered by his action but elated to hold his hand again.

We arrived at the stable and he introduced me his favourite horses and other few horses which he raised. He took a horse to the practise field.

A man in full sport clothes approached us, "Your Highness, I'm Yun, I will be the teacher for today," he introduced himself.

"Where is Teacher Jin?" The Crown Prince asked.

"She couldn't make it today, Your Highness, she is feeling unwell," Yun reported. "But I will try my best to train Her Highness since I'm Teacher Jin's disciple and I'm familiar with her teachings," he added.

"Alright, take care of the Crown Princess," the Crown Prince ordered. He stood at the side and watched us.

Yun and I just nodded briefly at each other and he went straight to the lesson.

"You just have to put your foot right here - these are called stirrups and hold the reins..." he took a long strap which tied around the head and rested on the back of the horse, "...of the horse firmly and evenly." He asked me to put my left foot on the stirrup and the other to push me up onto the horse which I couldn't really grasped his instruction "And try not to kick the horse's sides, Your Highness," he advised.

Yun helped me to mount the horse and I struggled to place my foot correctly.

"I'm sorry, but this is my first time to mount a horse," I said to Yun and I repeatedly failed to mount the horse. I could feel the horse was mocking me as it neigh each time I failed.

"If you don't mind, Your Highness," he suggested, "I will help you, but I have to hold you to do that," he asked for my permission.

I nodded. He came closer and put his hands on my waist and effortlessly lifted me up and suddenly I'm already on the back of the horse.

"I made it," I said happily to Yun. I waved at the Crown Prince but I felt like he was staring fiercely at us and I thought maybe he wanted me to be serious in this lesson.

Yun cleared his throat, "Hold to the reins, Your Highness."

I took the strap from his hand and our hands brushed. I saw Yun's face reddened. "Are you not feeling well? Your face is so red," I asked and pointed to his face.

He looked flustered and stuttered, " I'm okay," he composed himself. "I'm okay, Your Highness. It's just the weather."

"Really? Alright, but if you are not feeling well, don't hesitate to tell me," I said and smiled at him. His face became red again, but I just ignored it.

Yun hold another strap on the horse and pulled the horse to move then it slowly trotted and I struggled to balance my body as so not to fall from the horse. The horse trotted slowly following Yun's pace. We finished a round the practise field and the Crown Prince stopped us.

"I'll take it from here," the Crown Prince said and dismissed Yun.

The Crown Prince mounted the horse and he sat on the back. He put his hands on top of my hands and held the reins. He was so close that I could feel his body heat.

He leaned closer to my ear and asked "What did you say to him to make his face that red?" I could feel his breath on my neck.

"Nothing, Your Highness. He said it was due to the weather," I answered.

"Huh." Then the Crown Prince went quiet for the whole lesson until he sent me back to my residence later that evening.

I saw him walked away from my residence and he paused then returned back to where I was standing.

He dismissed everyone that ushered us and when they were out of sight he pulled me closer to him. I was flustered at first but let him held me.

He leaned in for a kiss. I knew no one was there but I was sure Court Lady Song was watching. So I pulled away because I didn't want Court Lady Song to write this in her book.

The Crown Prince looked hurt and he let me go. I didn't want him to go so I pulled him back and kissed him. He smiled and took my hands to his back and put his arms around mine.

I will ask Court Lady Song to give a copy about this later.

We stopped when someone cleared his throat from a far. It was Eunuch Han. The Crown Prince pecked my check and let me go.

"Your Highness, His Majesty called for you," Eunuch Han said.

"This late?" The Crown Prince asked.

"It's urgent," Eunuch Han said, his expression was serious.

The Crown Prince looked at me and said, "Let's meet there tomorrow." He smiled then left with Eunuch Han hurriedly.
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