The Crown Prince only asked the Eunuch Moon to accompany him to the training ground and I leisurely follow them from behind.

When we reached the training ground, I split with them and run around the place. The Crown Prince goes straight inside and I walk around outside the place first.

The last time I was here when the 'King' wanted to teach me to ride a horse. That time he was still a Crown Prince and unfortunately I still couldn't ride a horse by myself even after days of his teaching.

Then he told me not to learn anymore and just ride with him if I want to ride a horse.

Truthfully, I was just pretending so that I could spend more time with him that time.

It has been more than a hundred year had passed and the training ground has change a lot.

There used to be a horse track outside the place but now it has been been replaced with pavements, covering most of the ground around the place.

The horse stables that used to home the Royal's horses are replaced with a store for training weapons.

There are now only few things left that hold the memories of me and the 'King' and few more years there would be nothing left and I might even forget them myself.


After looking around and reminisced some old memories, I decided to go inside and watch them train. I could hear some cheering and applauses come from the middle of the training ground.

There are a few men - must be the soldiers - standing and shielding my view from the people in the middle. Only the sound of wooden swords thuds repeatedly could be heard emerges from the center of everyone's attention.

'It must be the Princes.' I try to sneak, I mean, passing through the crowd to go through the middle.

"Excuse me," I step forward as I pass through each of the soldiers' bodies like crossing a thick fog. "Oh, this feels weird," I could feel weird sensations each time I pass through each one of them.

As I reached to the front, I could see both of the Princes are engaging in more to a fierce battle rather than a training. The soldiers are thrilled by the show.

I look at both of them swaying their swords at each other. I could see the back of the First Prince. He has also grew taller the last I saw him.

"Ah, they're both has grown up into a fine man. I'm so..." I couldn't finish my words as the First Prince turned around and my eyes landed on his face.

As if the time has stopped and the world stops spinning.

I couldn't take my eyes of the First Prince, "My...King?"
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