Last Stage

Three days later we were called to the Queen's Residence. The last stage will involved the Queen's series of questions regarding books and history. My father said the Queen liked to read poems and asked me to learn few poems and learn their meanings.

When we arrived there, there were three figures sitting in front us. Since it was part of the etiquettes not to look directly at the Royal Family, I could only see their clothes; white upper clothes with a phoenix embroidered with gold silk thread with a pink peach blossom skirt – the Queen, she was sitting in the middle; a soft pink upper clothes with floral patterns and bright pink skirt; the Princess, she was sitting on the left; and a blue robe with dragon emblems embroidered on it, the Crown Prince.

'I thought the Crown Prince doesn't have to attend the selection process.'

We introduced ourselves and the Queen asked several questions of our households and our hobbies. Since two of the candidates were the daughters of the officials, the Queen showed familiarity and she studied me for a while.

"So, you are the daughter of Teacher Kim?" She asked softly but it sounded unpleasant.

"Yes, Your Highness," I trembled a little but lucky my voice was not shaking.

"The King regards you very highly," I could hear she was smirking. "The King has a soft spot for his friend but ignoring this nation that needs support from strong families and it doesn't come with a friend's bond."

"Queen Mother, if you're saying it like that, it looks like we are a weak nation that needs support from rich families and couldn't care less about loyalty," the Crown Prince said.

"Prince," the Queen said with an authoritative voice.

"I understand what Queen Mother is trying to say," I could see the Crown Prince took the Queen's hand. "His Majesty wouldn't choose just anyone to be my consort, I trust his judgments."

'What does he mean?'

"Teacher Kim's daughter, raise your head, I want to see you properly," the Queen ordered.

I raised my head and saw the three people in front of me, the Princess, the Queen and ...

'The flower field owner?'

He looked at me and then smile as he also recognised me. He put his finger on his lips and mouthed. 'Don't say anything.' So I swallowed my words and looked at the Queen, she really was looking properly at me.

Then the Queen said to me, "From today onwards, you are the Crown Princess Consort and act like one until the Royal Wedding. Behave well and carefully select your words, you are no longer a commoner, you are now part of the royal family."

"Yes, Your Royal Highness."
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