Two Nations.

A few days later, the King summons the General early in the morning.

Eunuch Song runs into the General's residence and announces his own arrival since the General does not have someone attending him except for a few servants.

"Your Highness," he calls from outside.

The General shifts on his bed and slowly opens his eyes. He winches as the pain on his chest hits him. He sits up groggily. The bandages on his chest are red with his blood but he just ignores it. The wound on his chest is too deep that it still bleeds even after been treated by the physician twice.

The General slowly stands up and opens the door, "Eunuch Song?"He opens the door wider and steps outside.

"Your Highness, forgive me to have disturb you this early but the King has an urgent matter that needs your attendance," Eunuch Song says with a troubled expression.

The General looks pale and weak but he could not deny the King's request. "Alright, give me a few moments," the General says and he goes back into his room. He changes the bandages and wears his formal robe and he looks charming for someone that just woke up with a pale complexion. He's always in his sport clothes or his armour that sometimes I forgot that he's a Prince and right now he looks exactly like the 'King' except there are no delicate features on his face just like a prince should be. He's just so restrain and have too little expressions.

He steps out quickly and calls Eunuch Song, "Let's go."And I follow him behind, as always.

As we reach the Main Hall, the King is sitting on the throne and the Royal Advisor stands near him.

There's another person kneeling in front of the King and he's wearing a foreign clothes.

Since the General still weak, he just walks slowly and as soon as the King sees him, the King's expression changes. It's almost a week had passed since the incident and they had never meet each other since that day. The King had never visited the General when he was lying unconscious in his bed for two days and the General had never mentioned about the King either.

The General kneels and greets the King. The King looks at the General with an icy cold stare. There's a long silence before the King greets the General back that I feel awkward just by looking them.

The General stands up and lowers his head. He glances at the person that's kneeling besides him and then his expression turns ugly but he does not speak a word.

The King clears his throat and speaks with a cold tone, "I believe you are familiar with this person's attire, General." The General nods his head slightly.

"He's a messenger from the Ming and he brings a letter from their Emperor," as soon as the King introduces the person I feel my heart beats faster.

'Why would a Ming dares to step into our Nation?' I look at the General and his jaw tightens. He spends most of his life fighting with the Mings and even put under scrutiny after his confrontation with the Commander and his hatred towards them piled up because of that.

"Apparently they want to build peace with our Nation!" The King says with an amusement on his face. "And I find the reason to be hilarious. Do you want to hear the reason, General?"

Before the General could answer the King speaks, "They say that we have a very astounding General that leads thousands of capable and brave soldiers. The Emperor acknowledges your ability of commanding the soldiers and he believes that with you being the General, they will never be able to defeat us so they wish for being in peace with us and hoping for mutual benefits of prosperous Nations by building a business tie."

The King looks unpleasant by the letter's content that it shows on his face.

"You are able to unify two nations. You are indeed a prominent person." The King looks displeased since the words used by the Emperor were supposedly only for the King.

It clearly was intentional that the Emperor was trying to provoke the King.

Then the King says, "Alright, I'll allow them to come on one condition, they should bring no weapons. Tell your Emperor that I will welcome your people to come."

The General lifts his head and looks at the King to voice out his protest, "Your Majesty..." the King raises his hand as to tell he does not want to hear it.

The Ming stands and bids his farewell to the King and says that he will convey the King's reply to his Emperor as soon as he reaches his nation.

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As soon as the Ming left the Hall the General inquires the King.

"Pardon me, Your Majesty, why would you agree to the Mings coming into our Nation? They are the most hypocrite people that I know. Their proposition is probably just their trick so that they could enter our Nation and who knows what they are planning to do after they have seen every corner of this Nation!"The General could not hide his suspicions towards the Mings.

The Royal Advisor interjects, "Your Highness, General Lee, the Mings had offered to make peace with our Nation after years of conflicts and even few wars we had engaged with. This is such a great chance to stop this war and we can plan for a better business strategy that can benefit our Nation. So instead of using the people's money on weapons, we better make them rich with food and a peaceful nation." He politely nods his head to the King as he had just spoken before the King.

The King ignores him and looks directly at the General, "The Emperor clearly tries to provoke me by using you." The Royal Advisor raises his eyebrows on the King's remarks while the General stays composed, since he had notices the Emperor's intention earlier than that. "I think they know about us more than I expected and they dare to use our relationship to provoke me?" The hint of annoyance flashes in his eyes. "They are making us into a joke. A business tie? Nonsense!" The King shouts and making the Royal Advisor flinches.

"I'll let them in and show them that we are not in the slightest afraid of them," the King huffs angrily.
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