The Enemies' Arrival.

Two weeks after the invitation to enter the country, the Ming envoys arrive in

the Nation.
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The citizen run and hid inside their house when the envoys pass

through the city road.

The road becomes deserted and as they arrive in the Palace, all the Ministers that present in the Main Hall show their uncomfortable expression.

The General stands in front on the left side of the hall, facing the throne, his jaw tightens and his hand is gripping his sheathed sword rather tightly.

The envoys walk into the Main Hall and stop right in front the throne. They greet the King lightly.

One of the Ming steps forward and looks at the King directly, "King Lee, I'm Commander Zu, I lead the soldiers in my country and you can also consider me the chief of this envoy," he introduces himself arrogantly.

The General looks at him displeased, "Watch your manner, you are speaking to the King of this Nation," he warns him.

The Commander looks at the Commander and smirks then he shifts his attention to the King, "Oh, apologise my behaviour because I only bow to My Emperor," his remarks make the Ministers gasp with disbelieve.

"I adore your loyalty," the General says, "but remember, you are in our territory and you are our guest, so behave like one," the tension arises.

Then the Royal Advisor steps forward, "Please excuse my interruption, General Lee and Commander Zu" he nods slightly to both of them, "This meeting is a very special occasion. We are building a better relationship where we were once enemies. We would not want any uncomfortable situation during our discussion on this delightful matter, wouldn't we?"

The General looks intensely at the Commander then diverts his attention stands back at his position facing the throne. The Commander grins at the General's reaction, "Of course, of course not. We come with peace." He opens his hands widely and make a turn, "We even followed your request to no weapon."

The King who has been silent then finally speaks, "I'm flattered to hear the Commander of the Ming kindly follows our request. I hope you do not feel troubled by such arrangement since the main reason for this gathering is solely for peace, is it not?"

The Commander clasps both his hands and forms a thin smile, "Yes, of course, King Lee. I understood perfectly. I think we can continue our discussion later," his gestures at the other envoys, "My brothers are tired from the long journey. I would like to excuse ourselves."

The King orders the Eunuch to take them to the Guest House and as soon as the

leave the hall, one by one the Ministers show their dissatisfaction.

"They are so arrogant as if they are still in their country," the Prime Minister huffs.

"They are rude and act like they are superior than us," the Minister of Finance says.

"We should not let them stay longer. The longer they stay here, the more restless the people will be," the Minister of Defense speaks his thought.

The King clears his throat and all the attention shifts to him. The Ministers stop talking and lower their head facing the King.

"I understand your restlessness to this issue but this is such a historical event. We had been fighting with the Mings hundreds of years. The North Border is our witness to such relentless events. If this gathering will be able to stop the war and open new opportunities for our Nation, then I will not hesitate to step forward. I hope that all of you will give your best cooperation so that this discussion will go smoothly."

The Ministers look at each other and feel that they had no other choice but to agree as this is for the goodness of their Nation, "Yes, Your Majesty."


When all the ministers returned to all their respective departments, and the King also returned to his Reading Room, I followed the Royal Advisor instead of the General.

I heard the Royal Advisor asked the King's permission to greet the envoys properly and to send the welcoming gifts to them in behalf of the King.

Every act of the Royal Advisor is very suspicious to me, so to satiate my curiousity, I plan to follow him.

As soon as he arrives at the Guest House, the Commander greets him. "Advisor Ji, finally the man himself," he speaks to him with a hint of familiarity.

"I hope the Great Emperor speaks well of myself," he grins. The way he addresses the Ming's Emperor sounds like he is one of the Ming, this could be considered an act of treason!

"Bring the gifts inside and leave after that," the Royal Advisor orders the servants.

The both of them went inside a small room and two, I guess, guards, are guarding outside the room. There are only the Commander and the Royal Advisor in the room, sitting on the table , like talking business.

"I hope that all your plans are going out perfectly," the Commander says.

I become wary.

"Of course, it's going on very smoothly. Now, we only need to raise suspicions between the two brothers and when it's going tense, that's when you play your role," the Royal Advisor says sinisterly.

"You realise this is a very dangerous plan you are planning? If not for the Great Emperor's trust on you, I will never risk this. The General is a very clever person, he will catch up even before I take out my sword."

"Are you afraid, Commander Zu? I am also risking myself for this plan, if it doesn't work out, where do you think I will be? This is the only chance to take down the General, is it not your wish to do so?"

"I am a man of my word, I'm already here, there's no such thing as being afraid!" The Commander scoffs. "The General had ruined my name during the last battle and the Emperor was mad of our running away from the battle. He played trick on us and I was shamed in front of my subordinates! I will make sure him to pay for that humiliation I felt." He clenches his fists then he looks at the Royal Advisor, "Will his death the outcome of this plan or do you plan to keep such outstanding man and turn him into one of us?"

The Royal Advisor laughs but it sounds devilish, "Of course I want his death,

not just him but also his brother. We do not need such a weak king to rule this nation. True, the General is such a waste to kill but he is a loyal dog to the King, not killing him means we are looking for a trouble for ourselves. That's the plan, I'm giving away this Nation to the Great Emperor, and you just have to make sure you follow the plans accordingly. Kill the King and his dog, and this Nation will fall in no time."

'They are planning a revolt!'

I try to calm myself when hearing their conversation. I know the Royal Advisor hates the General but I never thought he will come to this extent as to selling this Nation to the enemies!

How am I going to tell this to the General, I'm just a ghost!
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