In Windhill there is a manor belonging to the House of Martell. The house of Martell rules over Lindberg with the ruler being the Vassal Prince Arthur Martell.

In one of the village of Lindberg lies a large manor. Usually it was empty. It was created for the previous Baron who rules over the village for the Prince.

But a few days ago, one of the concubine sons of the prince was sent here in exile and was set to inherit the Barony.

As the concubine son is still of the high nobility, he was given the village.

A ten year old boy. The land even though far from the capital of Westhold it is adequate and the people are well fed.

It seems the Prince has some affection for the boy he exiled. It has all the necessary facilities for a village and has the potential to grow.

Defensive structures could be seen in the village. Many farms are worked by peasants who are strong and able since the morning.

There are also mines that have miners trading it with the other caravans coming every harvest and summer.

There is also some that is working quarries at the edge of the village. The meadows is also beautiful and there is even an inn called Hors Meadows

In the Hills was a Temple dedicated to Orlanth the God of War. His fourteen feet statue made from white marble is imposing.

With the Sky Seizing Spear tightly gripped on his right hand, the statue depicts him ready to launch his spear to the Sky.

It was one of his stories.

Orlanth fighting with the Darkness when Ulr the God of Thunder went into Oblivion to free Sarun God of Death from Erhelnger, the Prison of the Gods.

Orlanth is not only the God of War but also the God of Bravery, loyalty and the God of Victory. He was one of the Seven Prime Gods that fathered all the other minor gods.

The statue was the pride of the village. In history one of the Emperor of Bourbon dynasties once prayed in that temple.

At the time, the temple was dilapidated, ruined and shabby.

The Western Barbarian has made a coward of the villagers and the villagers around the borders all have fled the area.

There is no Black Dragon in Bourbon dynasty.

When the young and brave Emperor Salazar Bourbon went with his Imperial army to halt the march of the Barbarian, they were defeated terribly and had to retreat back.

It was then Salazar found himself taking shelter in the temple.

He then saw the statue and pray to Orlanth for victory.

His advisor was shocked.

Not only the Emperor did not pray for safe retreat but he pray for victory which shows that the Emperor wanted to try attacking again.

When his generals heard this they objected.

The Barbarian was ten times more than them. They reasoned that they should return and reinforce their soldiers.

The young emperor reasoned that if they wait that long, the 50 thousand barbarians will arrive at the capital by then and will leave a wake of death and destruction on their path.

The young emperor insisted. He could not run away when his people in in peril.

The generals and his advisors all sighed and waited for the dawn where they would undoubtedly die by the evening.

That night, an avalanche happened when the barbarian with his 50 thousand tribesmen wanted to march down from the mountain.

The barbarian was almost wiped out entirely.

When the young emperor was woken up from the sound, and look what transpired he look at the statue and he could swear he saw the statue glowed.

He then raises his sword and orders his army to kill the rest.

It was a victory so shocking, so unpredicted, and so damaging to the Western Barbarian that for the next 100 years, the Bourbon dynasty did not have to deal the invasion from the Western Barbarian.

The young emperor would later on become the Wise Emperor Salazar.

The statue was then rebuilt, the temples enjoy offering every year and the Seers protect the temples even after the fall of the dynasty.

Every harvest time even Kings of other kingdoms would offer some offerings to the temple. Peace treaty in Westhold among bickering lords and Princes were made here.

Sometimes, when the young men are drafted to war or when they join the Royal army, they would pray at the temple for safety and victory.

The Devotees of Orlanth will make their pilgrimage here every Bloodmonth.

The forest is safe from bandits thanks to the troop of the border. There is also a river nearby the manor, pristine clear water said to be blessed by the Goddess of Love.

The River is called Arianna Tears.

The previous lord that rules the village also created mills for the villagers.

Most of the peasant here in this village is the lord's tenant. But there are some peasants who own their own land but still provide labor on the lands at harvest.

The manor serves as a symbol of power of the nobility and the Martell's.

The manor granted by the Vassal Prince is nice and clean and nobody would dare underestimates the new lord residing there now, even if he is the son of a concubine.

The manorial complex of the villages also includes storage buildings. There's vineyard for the lord to stroll when he is bored.

There are orchards and gardens. Livestock allotted to the new lord and other facilities.

The Martell's is known to be on the side of a wealthy noble family in the West. They are not the wealthiest but they have their own gold mines and business all around Westhold.

Add that they have a long line of capable rulers; they have amassed quite a fortune and influence even amongst the nobility and royalty.

Because of that this manor is large and is not lacking on anything.

It was made of the highest quality stone and about three stories tall. Candles were burned at night providing lighting.

Its hall are grand and handsome, there is a worthy bed for a royalty provided inside the manor, a beautiful and comfortable house for the servants

The servant's quarters are nearby the manorial house while some of the higher hierarchy servant sleeps in the great hall.

The Martell's is known to be wealthy and a powerful military family. In their house, many generals were born.

Some of their ancestors also served the court as politicians and councilors of the kings in ages past during both the Hardstone and Bourbon dynasty.

Praised by the people, respected by the nobility, revered by the scholars, The Martell's possess prestige and dignity.

The people in the village who became common servants in the employ of the Martell's instead of feeling dissatisfied felt very lucky.

They are given food, shelter and protection.

Today in the Frozen Hill Manor the kitchen is busy with preparations for tonight guest.

The third son of Arthur Martell, Charles Martel, a son of a concubine is now the head of this manor.

Granted the title of a Baron he was exiled here.

He just arrived a week ago. Yesterday, he was pushed by his eldest brother, the legitimate son of the Prince into a lake though the First Young Master claimed it was an accident.

Since then, the Baron has rested in his room, taking a much needed rest.

Before he went to his room, he reminded the people of the manor to prepare for a guest that will come from Morova.

The great hall is full with people, discussing with each other, doing the best they can to help the new ruler of this village.

Since the lord is here in his manorial home he resides in his quarters on the second floor to provide privacy for the lord.

Most of the cook in the manors is old women. They felt pity for the Baron. A ten year old boy exiled alone here.

Even though Windhill is prosperous and has little problems to a kid, especially a kid of such high nobility, to be alone in this manor without any people he knows, nothing could be more heartrending.

The kitchen is in a separate building from the manor but it is attached to the manor by a walkway.

The walkway is full of servants carrying dishes after dishes to the great hall like a procession.

The pantry is full of screaming. The wine from the storehouse was brought out. This feast is surely grand.

This is the reason why manor was constructed. Its importance is social.

It is where men of importance preside, where distinguished visitors stay, and where peasants only go by the lord's grace.

The reason why the kitchen is so busy and busy churning luxurious dishes is because the level of luxury and food attest to the wealth and social standing of the lord.

While Baron Charles Martel is only the third son of the Martel house, and a concubine son, he is still a Martell.

Their dignity is unchallenged, and their pride must not be tainted.

If the Main House heard that their dignity and pride is impugned because of food and etiquette, the servants would not have a happy ending.

Royalty and nobility cuts peasants like grass.

But what is on everybody mind is who this distinguished guest is. Is he a renowned scholar? Is he a neighboring noble?

And where is the Baron?

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