87 Head Over Heels

Its around 1730 hrs when George reached the mountain top and its already foggy with its cozy windy ambiance. After a minute of walking from mostly under the bonsai trees, he found her lying on the granite surface while she put a pile of towels on her back. She didn't even notice him for already perching by her side such long till 2000 hrs. Eventually, the moon emerged in the skies and started to profess its prowess around. The branches were even annoying for caressing her messy hair. Thanks to the moonlight that shivered so brightly in the sky where no flashlight is needed anymore. Descriptively, she have brought the house utensils next to her, but still - all's well-arranged. She had water container, the breadfruit she took from the kitchen, a fork, sugar, bamboo mug and with Albrecht's binoculars. She put it all in a basket made of rattan that she picked out from the wooden house. It made him smile alone while looking at her like she was just inside the house and never thought of raining or would there be snakes or owls around.

In the next minutes, the fogs paved away, little by little, allowing him to clearly see the granite surface, meters away from them. There, he noticed his blanket, shirts, pants, hankies and towels gathered.

" Oh dear, those might be the reason if why you're here, for waiting them to dry but sorry to say its wet again due to the fogs." He shook his head and smiled.

He doesn't have any option but to flat his back and stay beside her and wait till she wakes up.

"Oh! its 2217 hrs, still asleep?"

He then sat back and touched her forehead.

"Mag...Mag...its George."

She opened her eyes and looked at him inquisitively.

"George? I dried up the blanket and...where are those?" She found nothing on the surface anymore.

"I folded them already. Its next to your basket."

"Come...hold my hand, your sleep is overdue already. You might acquire some cough here, its too cold. I already covered you with towel, four hours ago."

"Four hours ago? Did I sleep that long here?"

" Or more than four hours, you're already sleeping when I reached here."

" Hmm...but why you're here. You're supposed to be in the wooden house. I already delivered some of your things there."

" There's nothing wrong if I visit my wife."

" But I enjoyed this morning looking at you from a distance, you're too handsome with your uniform."

" Yeah, I knew you were stalking at me that way, that sounds unfair."

" Oh! see the skies! wow! so beautiful. We'll bring our children here soon George and see that horizon."

" Haha! Yes, of course, we will." George laughed but suddenly grabbed her basket and all those that she dried up and went inside. When he reached downstairs, he immediately boil some water for her to drink and wash up.

She just closed the optic hole and stayed close to the furnace.

There was silence then he spoke after looking at her in front of the furnace.

"I ...I can warm you more than what a furnace could give." He anxiously offered a symbollically serious topic and literally an invitation.

" Hmm, I know, and we're almost there, when your angel fruit would give us any." Then she smiled at him. "How are they?" She asked.

" They're just fine."

" Good. Hmm, you maybe need to go, your eyes wants to drop now like bombs without safety pins. Go back there now and sleep well. Ah, you may also bring the third journal, you'll laugh at it while reading about me somehow then it may bring you to a deep sleep."

"Can I borrow it?" He asked.

"Yes. I don't think I need to rip it all. See how Lolo treated and taught me there, you'll gonna laugh at us. Its funny anyhow without a biological mother and an old guardian on my way. Yes, I was loved by 'ina' but, ah, its all complicated. She loved me but her heart was full of anger. I was just thankful that Lolo was a cool, educated, a very gentle person and trustworthy. So straightforward."

" Hmm, I'm not going anywhere. Its intriguing. I also wanted to know you more." He said.

She smiled and brought the pot of water to the bathroom.

"Oh, I'll mix it for you." He volunteered.

" Hmm, its okay. Just go on with your journal reading, I'd be fine." Then she waited for him to get back to the receiving area.

She was in a hurry to wash up and for the first time she had it in almost five minutes. When done, she immediately proceeded to her room.

"Your dinner?" He asked.

" I'm not hungry anymore." She replied.

" Okay. Can I see you?"

" I'm already sleeping." She replied.

"Haha!" Then he went inside and sat beside her.

" I'm....sleeping right now." She's talking inside her cocoon.

" You're ...haha! I'll go now. I'll go back to the wooden house so you won't be afraid anymore. Let me see you first before I go."

Then she slowly got out from the blanket and looked at him.

"I... still wear the same face." She smirked.

"Can I have your hands, please." He whispered with a reddish face.

She'd slowly showed both of her hands and forwarded near him. He then picked them up like flowers and put them on his chest with his blazing desire."

" I love you very much." Then he passionately kissed her hands, returned them carefully, merrily smiled, stood up, walked outside the bedroom and motioned towards the granite door after picking out the journal from the kitchen table - then gone.

" Oh God! please help us." Magee whispered as she closed her eyes and bury the exasperating thoughts into nothingness.

He reached the wooden house almost midnight but still decided to read some portion of the journal which were a little bit farther from the ripped pages.


16 January 1938

Magee is so smart. Last month, she knew that Edward's hired man to guard her was following her at the entrance of UP main when she tried to visit a friend. According to Edward, she immediately sneaked and later the hired man realized that instead she was followed it landed anyway that Magee was already following him. Haha, my little girl had really obeyed into what I have told her. Be suspicious! alert and courageous all the time, its it. She kept asking me if why. I told her always, "you have to take care of yourself and be excited to meet your handsome man soon." He never knew that handsome man I kept mentioning was George, my little boy before. Their love story is so unique in the future, imagine I have raised the two of them. The cute boy that I missed so much and this lovely girl who's overly funny and smart that makes my life complete. Anyway, Edward kept sending me letters, complaining at me of Magee's boarding house, its dilapidated he said. I told him in my recent letter that my financial these days aren't doing better. I just suggested him to push through the dormitory he recommended, it's owned by his friends who were good in fencing. He said he wants Magee to learn fencing and at the same time he can monitor her almost daily while he's back for just half a year in the army and whose military service has been reinstated. Hah! She can be good in fencing. Last year, I assigned her as shepherd in our 30 goats haha, no wonder she's quick like a lightning, because the moment one of them planned out of escaping she brings her stick like a real shepherd. I called her a shepherd because she calls a goat as sheep, I said no! those were goats. By the way, I had a great time writing today.


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