88 Magee's University Life

George slithered the second door of the cave that's facing to the sea.

"Even if I opened it already, its still warm, maybe it would rain today. Anyway, I'll continue from reading, I loved her story.


10 March 1938

Magee was blind that one among the fencers at the back of the dormitory was her Dad and her daily practice and coaching fees was secretly paid by Edward too. The owner was supposed to match a male young fencer for Magee but Edward had a big No-no! he requested the landlady fencer to find a female and so she just volunteered herself. Good thing her daughter was also Magee's classmate at UST.

One day, Edward stayed longer in the fencing area after he attended a meeting at the military headquarter of the USAFFE base. He was in a hurry to see Magee after class and there they've met. He told me he gave her some delicious food but the girl refused instead she asked him if why he gave him food and why he stayed around to talk to her when he's a stranger. So his Dad just left some money for the landlady to buy some food for them. Even if she was speaking to him nicely but Edward was very mad at me. It isn't my fault I stayed so far, haha.

Apart from that, she doesn't like to have an idle time so she 'd got a part time job in a bakery. Frustratingly, her Dad was mad again at me I said you are both there while I'm in Mindanao. Talk to your daughter instead of me I told him, haha.

But there's another day when a Castellan friend of his Dad brought his teenager son who watched in a local tournament when Magee was also around. The mestizo gentleman approached her and she just smiled but when he touched her hair she had twisted his arm like a rubber band, haha. I laughed a few times reading on Ed's letters to me. I'm hanging on to the different stories. Honestly, it makes me more busy to go to the port and asked if I have letters from Ed. Hmm, as for my Magee, I'm always comfortable even if I'm away from her. She knows how to handle herself. When she was little, even if I stayed inside the Kabang mountain, I always sneak just to check her and sometimes I covered my face and talked to her by the hill, watching her herd of animals. That's I wondered why Lolita kept on waiting for Chuck and paid little attention on Magee as she grow up, so I assumed. I told her not to be busy with men when she's almost a lady instead be busy to survive in life because the heavens had alredy prepared one perfect match for every one. But the funny thing was she questioned me that if the heavens have already prepared one for her so who was my perfect match? I suddenly laughed out loud and could not answer. That's why when I went back inside Malapague and meet Edward and kids they all wonder why I laughed so often.


07 April 1938

Its a summer class in Luzon and a letter just arrived today, telling me that Magee has another 3 admirers, all's from the spanish clans. But the good news, she turned them down prior to courting her, haha. There was a social gathering in school and the freshmen were also invited. Definitely, our Magee has no Filipiniana so the military Dad extended a money to the fence teacher to convince his girl to wear a new dress that she'll purchase in order to join the gathering. Fortunately, Magee was very happy and successfully joined. In that gathering, the Filipiniana made her so gorgeous and beautiful and according to the father, she looks like a goddess and a princess. The father boasted to me that way although Magee was an amazon to me, haha. I liked seeing her managed the flock, climbed trees in a fearless way, ran like in a squadron, does the household chores perfectly, read books like a worm and work like a bee. But anyway, yes, I also like my little girl to grow now and see the big world, hmm. I'm excited that my handsome George and beautiful Magee will meet one day. They'll become a perfect couple.


"Whoah! great Magee!'re the best girl. If I was with you in that year, yeah, I can be your guard too, haha. Its so hot now, what's really happening around. There's really a heavy rain coming. Ah, I'll go down outside onto the rocks by the sea. Anyway, its already 0600 hrs past, hmm." He went down outside the cave and only wearing his shorts and brought the journal along with him. Still excited and he squat on a flat surfaced giant stone.


28 April 1938

Haha. I was tickled. Ed sent me a letter again telling me that his ear and eye hired errand soldier told him, using the army vehicle that Magee was approaching the headquarter , by foot. Edward was wondering so he joined the office information desk officer. When she arrived, the young US soldiers who happened to follow up their remittances on the other office turned their heads and flirted on her but she just smiled at them. Haha, my Magee! So there, she moved into the desk. Of course, Ed was there and she was asked. She then replied to apply in the standing reserve regiments, or army reserve. Edward couldn't believe it so of course the desk officer, beside his father turned down her interest and reasoned out that there's no slots yet for women as reservist. My baby girl was that brave, haha. I can't imagine she'll undergo training with her small body. Though, according to Edward she can handle the sword very well now but still she can't be a soldier.


"Wow! she's amazing! she really had the guts to fight even at an early age. Hmm and if 'ama' is still alive now I should have told him that her lovely girl was a good fighter."

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