116 Sr. Sibal's Horrendous Suffering

He opened the granite door facing the sea, it was cloudy and the misty sea waves splashed on the rocky shore like his inexplicable tears, dainty and heartbreaking.

" should have listened. Now that people knew the truth. I can truthfully smile. Perhaps, God led this poor guy to come out and give me this gift of freedom. God loves me...He never allowed me to die without justice. Thank you Lord for making me strong - after 28 long years. You are a living omnipotent God. Thank you." He cried so hard while watching the horizon, pouring out the last pains he'd stored for decades.

Minutes after, George came in and hugged him tight.

" Amá, spare my parents and have mercy on us. If only I can endure your pains the way you did, I wanted to keep it's share just to lighten up your burden. I'm back not just for Magee but for you too, I'm not going anywhere...I'll serve you again as your little George, I want you to make some toys for my children too and hang out with us in the granite house. You are a great father to me." George was filled with tears.

Sibal smiled on him and wiped his tears with his fingers.

" No worries, son. I'm just very happy knowing everything is in place now. You don't need to live as payback, Magee did it for years and Edward secretly suffered too. When I see Edward, I lost anger with Chuck. It's how kindness multiply but I want your lives to settle for good. You and Magee shall start anew, ours had been else's past that no one cares to remember." He smiled and closed the granite door. While on their way back to the wooden house Sibal felt he could awesomely breath normally unlike when he was at San Agustin and lived like a hermit. They reached in the wooden house and saw Amado still on his bowed head and Sibal went closer, seated beside him and tapped his shoulder.

" I'm your Manong, it's Manong Sibal. The male monkey was as big as you. If I did not trigger it with my shotgun, I preempted it could jump to both of you so fast. So I shot it. Lolita saw me on act and found some blood below the tree, the monkey had escaped too. She thought I shot you for stealing, although as a child, you both took some small sacks. She thought I shot both of you because of it. Then that was the beginning of her vengeance. She tempted, marry me but has loved and have kids with another man. Though, it's something that I understand for 28 years. Now, I want you to relax, get back to life and you are forgiven, Amado." St. Sibal smiled at him.

" Manong...salamat (thank you)." Amado emotionally took Sibal's hand and put it on his head and added, "Thank you for killing the monkey who would have jumped and killed us." He continued to sob as everyone went out and allowed the two to get a moment of peace.

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