29 Magee's Hunch

There's not enough sunshine but not very cold and with a little wind caressing the shades of cottonny fogs and nonchalantly massaging their faces - the world seems carousing and rejoicing within their smiles.

"Finally, we're done with the fencing so we'll continue with the escrima." He jokingly reminded her.

" But I think we can set aside first the escrima for today and go directly to the danger sign at the end of this river." She insisted.

It seems someone had punched him right on his spine, down below after hearing it that pumped his blood to death. So there, he waved himself away, like a little pro, powerless to say no for the woman who chuckles with his heart. Though, moving towards the end of the waterside with a smiling skull signage is something that scared him off.

In the military, a skull sign is mostly a danger zone, restricted area or with deadly chemicals and a representation of death.

" But it's a smiling skull she's very curious about." So there, following the waterside, there's a little entryway going to a lower ground slope area where he shook his head and swallowed some saliva to trickle his throat.

"'s the most hazardous place to hangout with." Then he was sweating as she unknowingly passed by on him like a speed of light.

" Hey, this terrain is slippery, careful." He tried to give her a halt but he hurriedly followed.

" Something is really inside, a hunch - it could be Dad's way to show us a clue and confuse others. Hmm...I'm almost near!" She smirked.

Precariously and without any hesitation, George gave his might to stop her from moving too close to the signage. Forcibly, he pressed her shoulders and wrapped her his belt, locked up and carefully put her back on the waterside just a few meters away from the signage. After a while, Albrecht and Baldur arrived and called him from a distance.

" George! what are you doing there! don't you see pirate Buccaneer on that signage? are you crazy? Come out!" Both of the siblings drew closer to urge him to get out from the area but surprisingly, they saw their sister locked up in a belt and sat on the ground.

" Magee, why you're here? They unlocked the belt and immediately pulled her out of the area and returned her to the house. She was just silent telling them to return and help George. However, Albrecht winked an eye to Baldur that he'll watch over Magee. On his way, Baldur was wondering if what happened so he moved quickly and found him from afar, attempting to open a certain rocky wall.

" Ow! Ow! George you're a dead meat there, calm down! what is it that you're looking, there's nothing over there but land mines. Don't you see the sign! Brother! Stop!"

But he's insistent and told him to get a harder tools enough that could be used to slide a small opening on the upper side of a semi-square passage.

" Don't worry! just go, it's an order!" George was already sweating and still analyzing the design built and if on how tedious the sculpting was.

When Baldur reached the house he quickly investigated Magee.

" Magee, did you tell her to search that area? he's never been as crazy as that! What have you thought?"

She was just silent.

" What did he say?" Albrecht asked.

" Tools, anything but not a bolo. Can't understand when he looks like a Goliath there pushing and crinkling the Noah-made rocks, huh! I need bigger tools. Then both of you, be ready to vacate this area that might explode in a while. We'll just disembark the land mines!" He angrily pulled out some tools below the furnace and left. While Baldur was looking at him from a distance he noticed that he was already pulling out a piece of rock, s1o he ran and saw a man-made door and passage going inside a cave, facing another passage going out to the sea. Inside the cave were sketches of safe routes following some nautical miles to turn to and the unexpected artillery and Spanish guns, ammos, hundred of swords, two small boats, dried powder of the potion plant in sacks, hundred of piled up blankets, a big jar filled with real jewelries, nice men and women's clothing and so many basic items finely packed.

" Oh my...what is that! Great heavens! Hahaha! this has been my residence for long but its just this time that I found all of these unexpectedly, brother! you've not just found a real fortune but the weapons here could really save us all. Almighty God!"

" Hah! got it, thanks to the lady out there." George squatted on the ground and smiled at him.

" Did she really pushed you to open this vault? Where did she learn about this? But anyway, this gives me enough hope."

" Please let them come. Magee really wants to see the smiling skull signage and wants to prove that there's no land mines here."

" You go. I scolded her and the other one got scared of me. I was just very disappointed of her to let you do things that are risky and deadly. Next time, don't be too obedient on her.

George sharply looked at him."

" Ah, haha...I mean, it's also good that you have to be obedient, see what happens, you found all these." He smiled then quickly left to get his siblings. After a while, he was very happy seeing her coming towards him.

She was smiling not to him but toward the stuffs found inside.

" Wow!" She was overjoyed.

" You're right. Sorry for...putting that belt on you, it was such a horrible decision I made for too much fear, that I might lose you. Sorry."

It seems that Magee have not heard of anyone talking to het. Despairingly, Baldur got out and breathe some fresh air. He could feel the tension inside and felt who's really very upset.

" Hmm...Mags, look at this, there are so many bracelets and necklaces! these looks good on you." Albrecht broke the silence but Magee was never interested in the jewelries he had showed her instead she quickly took a piece of sword and was overjoyed."

" Real ones!" She also touched the nice women's clothes and went near the passage going out to the sea.

George was just immobile and was staring on the ground. Speechless. Then after a while, Baldur called them to get out and temporarily returned the door, though, Magee brought one of the swords.

While they were walking towards the house, no one dared to talk. As if everyone allowed the space to radiate and relaxingly breathe the soothing air of the foggy twilight.

" So, we're here. Baldur, we'll just stay up to midnight, wrap up some things of our folks and good we have that new cave to move all of these."

" We'll have a meeting: we need to better exchange the things from this house going there and everything there, except the gold jewelries must be transported here. The people we can save shall use everything we have found. The jewelries belonged to the three of you, when the war is over, take them. Are my suggestions clear?"

" Yes, We agree on that." Albrecht said and Baldur nodded.

" Magee, how about you." George asked.

" I subscribe to what my brothers have decided." She said.

"If this is all then, let's start the restoration and at midnight, Magee and I will leave this place and go back to station one. Once we almost reach station one, Albrecht, you lead the men back here. See to it that no one is left so that I could bring Magee inside. Baldur, you stay here and take the command when the soldiers could come as well as the locals that we have saved that are just right now in station three. Albrecht, did you tell our soldiers not to leave their things there too?

" Yes, I did."

" Likewise, as a family, our secrets remain the same. Let's also remove the map upstairs and transfer it to the newly found cave."

Momentarily, Albrecht prepared for their dinner. Still there was that deep silence but noticeably, Magee put some viands to George's plate before she put some to her brothers.

" Did you all - still hate me?" She smiled.

The men around looked at each other and laughed.

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