4 Bagakay as Weapons

On the next day, George showed to her the actual back view of the waterfalls covering the cave.

" Wow! this is truly amazing! I knew this exist but everyone above are clueless that there's a cave behind the middlepart of this falls. By the way, how long have you been staying in this cave? if you won't mind me asking."

He just smiled at her and signaled her to follow him till they reached the bathroom area.

" See that?" George pointed his index finger above.

" Ow! there's a big net and what's that hole, it's so dark above."

" It's where you fell from. I was patrolling nearby your area next to the well that you were searching. I was at the gazebo and when you almost notice me, I turned on my flashlight , pointing it up high and there, you ran and I was a bit shaky thinking the captain might put me to death, haha."

" Eureka! so it was you who's making fun of me. Now I know on what that silhouette's all for. But I'm just curious if why the captain has to bring us here." Then she sadly remembered her family.

" Are you not mad?"

" No, I'm not mad of landing here and have slept for two days having some mild concussion. Anyway, if that's a big hole, how it was finely covered?"

" That night when the three of us moved out, we came out on that hole but you arrived so silently so we were also surprised as we lost each other so untimely.

" Aside from patrolling we were also instructed to transfer your family and bring everyone here, it was the captain's order, I just don't know why do don't ask me. But since you fell down and we're aware of the net, thinking you're just safe so we just proceeded to your house. Reluctantly, your fiancee was already at the balcony and was angrily looking for you so we retracted and covered the hole with the big rock and pile of grasses and vines. It took us for almost 30 minutes to arrange it. We checked the Mabolo tree as well, do you know about it?"

" What's in it?"

" Hmm, nothing...but one day, we can reach that part and will burrow it inside as our exit."

" Can't imagine it now yet."

" Yeah, sort of. But our captain was insistent, and on the westbound adjacent to that 200 sq meter cave where we are occupying, he wants us to burrow it to reach Kabang's multi faceted caves below following the map's diagonal trail. Only nine of us knew this. And true, we already reached that part seeing just stones and sandy loam, three months more to go and touch down to Kabang's legendrary caves.

" Wow! that's interesting!"

" So, where shall the training starts."

" Are you serious...hmm, don't be offended but your wrists are too small and frail, do you think you can endure the in-between life-and- death training. Well for sure I'll not be the same person to do it, it would be I think - Edmund, Srgt. Edmund, just do break a leg with your training. He's overly strict, loner-type and expert in martial arts. But still I'll monitor your training routine since I was told to do so."

" But...can I volunteer on something?"

" Go on, say it."

" I, I wanted to conduct a general cleaning to all the soldier's hub. Yet, before I do it, I need everyone to secure those sensitive weapons first."

" Hmm, that would be difficult. You may open up that idea this noon time after our lunch."

" Thank you, George." Then she went back looking at the falls before tying her hair and started to fix her own area. She noticed some trashes under her bamboo bed so she collected it all, dug the ground just below her bed and bury those trashes.

" Good that not all surfaces here are rocks, so meaning, every one's trashes can just be buried, later, when they'll approve this proposal. Anyway, after the war, we can just retrieve the trashes and throw them properly. This idea may basically save spaces and could practically create a peace of mind despite war." She thought it persistently.

"Hmm...I think of something out of your pastime." George whispered while looking at her carefully digging another hole on the other corner. Then continued.

"You put all the waste in place without any traces anymore. What if we'll put some dummy grasses above with an empty hole below to trick the Japanese and will simultaneously release the pulley in both ends to get them down on some sharpened 'bagakay' below. Then the remaining Japanese soldiers following will be caught by arrows. Then no one will go for fire but retract. In that way, we can save more lives and weapons." He raised his head and looked up as he put his camouflaged uniform on his shoulder.

Magee looked at her and smiled.

" I don't have any idea on that military tactic but somehow it's something to ponder on. Brilliant! I am more interested to join the army."

George turned his head and smiled. I don't think so but you better proceed being a logical presenter of ideas. Okay...I'll get going and check the German team digging the westpoint of the tunnel going to Kabang area. Thanks for showing me something this morning." He smiled frantically on her.

" Wait, George, I need some jeans do you have extra jeans? If it's too long I'll just see it, I know sewing a little." She smiled.

" Yeah, I've got one extra, just repair it though, Its my turn to go down to the shore next day, I'll trade secretly for just one lady's mini skirt for you. Don't worry, back in US, I had my sister of your age. I know a lot of ladies tidal luxuries too. She's talkative like you are."

He pulled out some two pairs of soft jeans he barely used and left to her the sewing kit too.

" Okay, enjoy your day. See you when I'll be back."

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