66 Mysteries of the Map

The fogs surmounted the place and as if freezing him so he had his pushups inside the room and some exercises while waiting for her to wake up. When she got out from her cocoon and saw him - she covered herself again and told him to wear his camiso. He was hiding in the corner and kept on smiling.

Then in a short while.

" I'll go to sleep now, Mag." Then he was flat on bed and tried to fall asleep.

Knock, knock! Mag its me, Albrecht, here's your 'salabat'." Then the oldest brother came in looking at George on a separate bed.

" Such a poor husband!" He whispered to himself.

" What did you say?" She smiled to her brother.

" Nothing, Baldur warned me not to comment or meddle or sacrifice or curse - whatever."

Magee pinched his ear and laughed.

" Haha what are you saying...I've heard some."

" Hmm...what if we all die tomorrow and you treat today as if just an ordinary day. Will you not miss a moment with someone you care you failed to give. You're already married, Mag."

She was looking at him and slowly absorbed the emotion that Albrecht was describing her.

"But we are slowly taking ourselves there - with our 'carpe diem.' Its just one day at a time, small steps, I said there's nothing to be in a hurry with. Once love is sown, its never wasted, it keeps blooming where no season of time can change its way." She smiled at him meaningfully.

" Hmm...I'm sure that guy is listening, he's breathing so fast, see that..." Albrecht smiled then George threw him his pillow and Albrecht was laughing going out.

" You sleep now. We still have to read the journal later."

He stood up and got out of the house, took some bucket that he filled with water from the stream. Magee slowly moved down from her bed and watcher him from a distance. As usual, he watered and arranged the drainage of his angel fruit trees then after a while he proceeded to the daisies. There were so many colorful daisy flowers but he didn't prick anyone of those colored ones but carefully cut the white ones. She was smiling, seeing him do it. Then she slowly closed the window and returned to her bed.

Seconds later, George returned to their bedroom and brought her a single white daisy flower without any stalk and put it on her palm.

" I love you very much, Mag." They meet eyes and he was donning the flower with his hand on her tiny palm and kissed her forehead before he returned to his bed - still looking at her with his tantalizing eyes and dozed off by her gracious smiles.

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