73 Movement of Traitors

That night, Baldur brought the command's journal and all evidences behind as they vacated with Albrecht towards the smiling pirate's cave. They locked the doors and windows then they exited inside the cabinet , went down to a tunnel bound to the secret cave.

Despite guilt and shame, George still fell asleep but he woke up at midnight and decided to traverse underneath. Without any hesitation he brought the flashlight he had found in one of the cabinets and left the candle and match beside Magee.

He switched on the flashlight and started to descend and fall away on the box-type spiral stairs. When nearing to the ground floor he felt the sudden cold surroundin. His steps have echoed all throughout. He was about to twist the metal lock going out when someone was running going down.

"George! George!" She called him.

" Hey, I'm here, don't run. Careful." Then he got back to assure she could see him just fine."

" Why have you left me alone, you could have asked me...ah, that's the door." She was amazed by the metal door.

" Wow!" She smiled.

" better have slept rather than peering me around, you still have your wound." Then he shook his head.

" I wanted to see if what's behind this door."

" No." You should go back and rest. Your wound is not yet totally healed.

" No, I'm going."

He had no choice but to close the metal door again and slowly motioned toward her backing off on the spiral stairs and he's smiling, following her moving up while putting the flashlight under his chin.

"What are you doing. Put that one, its scary."

He put it off and it was too dark so he was holding her hand while they go up. When they reached upstairs, George closed the door and returned the painting on the door's frontage.

She immediately lie down on bed while George put a blanket on her.

She was then silent and George just put some towels in front of the door. He thought that his curious wife really have plans of peeping what's outside the metal door so he better prevent it to happen. He's not sure the safety below.

" Better to sleep beside this door and I'm sure she could not step on me here." He smiled then closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes in the morning he saw her smiling, fronting him.

" Hmm...why that happy..." He smirked then yawned facing the door.

" Let's ... go down. I'm not yet hungry."

" Ahhhh!" He smiled, pressed his head and sat down.

" I never knew you were this curious, haha! But Mag, just wait for my signal, okay? I still have to check your wound and apply an ointment. We'll go down and would really see what's inside it.

( be continued)

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