99 Wedding not-exactly night smut?

15th April 1574

Even if some people might take my order as something that was improvised on the spot after I realised how little my wife required to already reach the state of light drunkness, with how all my servants instantly jumped forward towards the tables, some of the smarter guests had to realise that in fact, it was yet another part of the evolution of this event, all set up in advance for some unknown reason.

While tearing the table apart sounds drastic, in reality, the servants simply locked one end of the long tables in place, while moving the other end ninety degrees away from the centre of the former circle, allowing everyone free access to the outer kitchen area. From now on, all those nobles would have to assume the position of their own servants, fetching both the drinks and food directly from the kitchen, while allowing their men to have some fun themselves!

In theory, this move could pose some problems later on if some of the nobles felt insulted by such an approach, yet I believed it was something necessary. Unless I started knocking it in their heads that people of the lower social standing were just like them, with all their feelings, joys and problems right away, there might never be another occasion like this for me to do so!

But while I already announced that both I and Elia would take a quick break, indicating that the rule of first night would soon be fulfilled, even after all the tables were turned around I still remained on my position, holding the same crystalline cup in my hand, already filled with the normal kind of my own beer.

"My dear guests! Before I will take my wife so that we can fulfil our God-ordained duty, let me once again raise a toast to you all. I hope that during our hopefully long absence, you will all have a great time!"

Inserting a small joke into my short speech, I once again raised the cup high into the air, before lowering it down to Elia's lips. This time, however, I allowed her to fully control how much she wanted to drink, giving up on the opportunity to tease her a bit more. After all, in just a few moments, I would have more than enough occasions to do so!

Yet once again, this silly wife of mine managed to catch me by surprise, gulping down almost perfect half of the beer within the cup, while keeping her pupils looked at my eyes. Seeing the sparks of joy in her eyes, when it came to me to have a drink, rather than practising restraint with drinking, I followed her example and emptied the entire cup!

"Let's go!"

After slamming the crystalline glass down on the table with just enough force to alert everyone who wasn't looking at this fact, yet light enough to not risk it shattering, I suddenly lowered myself on my legs, grabbed Elia behind her knees and raised her to the legendary playboy move of princess carry, before straightening myself up once again and promptly escaping from the middle of everyone's attention.

"Did you really have to make such a big point of carrying me away?"

While her voice contained quite a bit of anger, from the fact that she instantly wrapped her hands around my neck and brough her upper body even closer to mine, I could tell that it was nothing but a cheeky act. While we had our first time long ago, seeing how lovely she was in her bare but still a wedding dress, with her face already all red, I couldn't help but feel the blood flowing down to the parts that would soon be put to use.

"I just want everyone to know that you are mine, and mine alone!"

Instead of whispering those words right to Elia's ear, I simply shouted them, instantly attracting the attention of some servants and nobles that happened to walk beside, before they turned their eyes away all the while attempting to hide small smirks appearing on their lips.

"Oh, what a knight on a white horse you are, right now!"

Saying those words through her constantly giggling mouth, Elia rubber her face on my chest, as if unable to handle all this time that I required to reach our resting place. Just for this occasion, there was an enormous, private tent set up at the far side of the entire camp, surrounded by the fence at a distance that was supposed to give us some privacy, yet close enough for anyone bold and rude enough to catch some hints of the ongoing fight inside through its thin walls.

"Don't worry, I will make sure everyone will know what a kind of gifted man you are…"

This time, pulling herself on my neck up, Elia whispered those words right into my ear, just as I pushed the two of us through the loose piece of cloth serving as the entryway to the tent.

With my body already burning, I didn't waste any time, instantly moving to the inner compartment of the temporary housing, gently placing my woman on top of a pile of sheets making up our bed, before brutally ripping her dress apart.

I didn't have to worry about how we would come out later, because as soon as this tent was set up prior to even the wedding ceremony at the church, I made sure that two sets of fresh clothes would be waiting for us. And looking at the current state of Elia's dress, there was no way it could be ever fixed even by the most skilled craftsmen!

With the upper part of her clothing fully ripped to her both sides, her ample bosom was hidden by only a thin, see-through belt, only pretending to cover her charms and most likely used only to keep her breast nice and springy while clothed. With how I attacked her only once, her legs and her secret place was still properly hidden under the wraps of the dress, yet I would soon see to have this obstacle removed as well!


Even though still dressed to a certain degree, Elia already pushed both of her legs to the side while reaching with her arms forward in a futile attempt to grab me and pull me closer. While I was eager to start our own fun, kneeling over her and adoring her almost entirely exposed beauty was simply too much for me to process!

Seeing how I was simply frozen in place, rather than waiting for me to knock myself off my daze, Elia prompted her upper body up, instantly grabbing my coat, and sliding it off my powerless arms. With just a single pull on my tunic, she ripped it to pieces, exposing my bare, upper body, already heated up by the huge amount of alcohol I drank.

"Don't make me wait…"

With one of her hands moving on top of my crotch while her other one pulled my own palm towards her most important place, she slowly raised her legs above my waist and with the coordinated movement unachievable for someone as drunk as we were, she pulled my entire self into her clutches. With yet another swift move of her delicate fingers, both of our nether regions got exposed, making my penis instantly stand on attention and rubbing against her unprotected pussy.

"Take me hard!"

Whispering those words to my ear, Elia finally managed to rekindle the spark of my energy, instantly turning it into flames when I fully realised in what kind of situation we were right now. With no further hesitation, I moved my hands on her cheeks, lowering my head just enough to tease her with a delicate kiss, before pushing my hips forward and plunging into the depths of her hole!

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