101 Bonus: Power Up, Agent Yang!

[This is a bonus chapter that doesn't affect the actual plot of the novel and addresses the question "What if Power Up, Artist Yang! was a cliche transmigration novel?" Read it for fun. :)]

At twenty-four years old, Yang Yujia was already a succeeding military agent of the topmost government division. She was both talented, beautiful, quick-witted, resourceful, and insert a bunch of other positive adjectives here, making her what every man wanted and every woman wanted to be like. With her on the team, every mission would be carried out successfully, and because of that, her name was known by everyone as the one agent who never failed. 

Yet, her reputation fell apart, for on her six-thousandth mission, she failed. Miserably. So terribly that she was blown apart by a bomb into smithereens and no one could recover her corpse. 

Yujia's last memory included sharp pain attacking every neve in her body before she fell into darkness. At least this method of death was better than that of drinking paint and dying like that last transmigration story she read in her free time when she wasn't working on missions.

When she woke up, her eyes were met with a new environment that she had never seen before. There was a fancy oriental room with beautiful vases and wooden floors polished to a brilliant shine. 

"Miss, you're awake!" 

Upon opening her eyes, she heard the worried cry of a young girl's voice. Yujia turned her head with difficulty and looked at the young girl. She analyzed all of the girl's features within an instant, then flinched away from the reach of the girl's arm.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Miss? Are you okay?" the girl asked with an innocent voice, tilting her head to the side. "It's me, Hui'er. How could you not recognize me? I've served you all of your life even though you're the Fourth Miss of the Yang villa who is a cripple so therefore cannot cultivate and therefore is discriminated by the family!" 

Yujia thought for a second about the girl— her maid— and the words she just said. She looked down at the room around her and at the oriental clothes she wore. 


So she transmigrated, just like that transmigration story she read a few days ago. 

Yujia gave a solid nod. If she transmigrated, then she should just make the best of her situation and try to do something with her life. 

All of a sudden, before she could do anything else, she felt a sharp throbbing sensation in her head. It felt like her brain was being peeled open. Someone forcefully pushed many memories into it. Her eyes squeezed shut, and Yujia saw flashes of versions of herself going through so many traumatizing events. 

First, she was bullied by her older sister, Yang Qingxia, the First Miss of the family for no reason at all besides the fact that she existed. Then, the other misses followed suit and bullied her sequentially, all bringing misery to her life. The Madam of the household was pointlessly evil too, and didn't do much to help her situation. Her father was once a brilliant cultivator, but because he was poisoned by so and so family member, his cultivation failed and he became a sick weakling that couldn't defend her either. He chose to turn a blind eye to her struggles. 

The only person who was nice to her was the Fifth Miss, Yang Xiaoyi, and her maid, Hui'er. 

Life was sad. 

Silently, after receiving all the memories, Yujia swore to avenge for the old owner of this body. She didn't know how to cultivate, but surely, it wasn't too difficult. She was such a genius at martial arts and combat, after all her training as a military agent. Oh, and she also knew how to manipulate poison after a brief mission in Siberia in the modern world, so she was sure that she could take advantage of that as well. 

One memory that stood out to Yujia was the one that explained the main reason for why she was bullied and looked down on by everyone. It was all because she was extremely ugly. At birth, even though she had smooth skin as white as snow, big eyes, and red lips, there was an ugly birthmark shaped like a peony blooming at her jawline, rendering her otherwise perfect and classic-beauty appearance to shame. 

Usually, the old Yang Yujia would wear a veil over her ugly birthmark to hide her ugliness and shame, so she managed to catch the attention of the young master of the Yu Family, Yu Zixu. She knew that the two of them had true love, so she put all her trust into him. 

Today, if it weren't for the First Miss beating her up yesterday until she fell unconscious, she was supposed to meet with Zixu early in the morning to discuss their brilliant love. 

Yujia pushed herself off of the bed as Hui'er, the irrelevant maid, watched. 

Hui'er asked, "What are you doing?" 

Yujia replied, "Just watch. I have a plan." 

Based on her sharp instincts that were refined when she was in the military, something about the crooked tree in the front of her courtyard called out to her. Yujia walked out of the room, and she dug at the roots of the tree. Within a few moments, she found a magical orb. 

"What is this?" Hui'er asked, since she was a dumb and confused maid who didn't know anything. 

Yujia didn't bother to answer. She sat right down underneath the tree, followed her instincts, and swallowed the orb. Then she began cultivating, drawing all spiritual energy into her body. 

As she cultivated for the first time in her life, she realized that the Fourth Miss's body was actually quite suitable for cultivating. It was a Pure Yin Constitution, and she had perfect meridians and whatnot and all that good stuff. The only problem was that she didn't have that magical orb that Yujia just absorbed, so she wasn't able to cultivate until now. So, upon cultivating for only half an hour, a sudden collection of BOOMs echoed across the courtyard, startling her useless maid, Hui'er. 

Hui'er shouted with worry, "Miss, what was that?"

Yujia replied, "I just got to the highest level of cultivation! Now, there is no one in the household that can stop me! In fact, I could even go and become Empress right now, but first, I want to face slap my trash family, teehee." 

Hui'er swooned. "Wow, my Fourth Miss is such a badass girl crush." 

Yujia stood up and stretched, feeling a new sensation in her body as all the spiritual energy flowed as free as the ocean. She could do anything right now and even end the world with a snap of her fingers… except all she really wanted to do was to walk into another courtyard for some reason. 

So she did, and then she saw her precious fiance, Yu Zixu, gently caressing the ear of her younger sister, Yang Xiaoyi. 

Yujia gasped, feeling hurt in her heart. She didn't know this Zixu well, but all the previous love the old Fourth Miss held in her heart for this man came crashing back to her. What was this feeling? She never felt love in her past life, but now it felt like someone was tearing her heart apart into two. 

Xiaoyi looked up. She gasped upon seeing Yujia standing at the front of the courtyard. "Older sister!" 

Zixu turned around as well, his hand still looped around Xiaoyi's waist. "Oh, it's you…" he said indifferently. 

Yujia felt tears rising up to her eyes, but she blinked them away. She would not cry for these pathetic people. 

Zixu saw the broken emotions in her eyes and laughed smugly. "Ha, are you wondering why I'm with your younger sister? It's because you're UGLY. You can't cultivate, and my sweet Xiaoyi told me all about how your appearance is actually ugly. I'm too good for you."

Xiaoyi began to show her true side too. "Older sister, did you really think I was kind to you? No, I just wanted to make sure that you would not beat me at cultivation. So, I stole your magical orb the moment you were born, even though you're older than me by a year and that's logically impossible. I buried it under a tree and you will never find it and never be able to cultivate it! So ha! I will steal your man, steal your future, and steal everything your miserable life ever had because I am evil. My sole purpose of existence is to serve conflict to the plot."

The two lovers expected her to run away with a broken heart right after their words, but instead, they saw a dangerous smile spread across Yujia's face. 

"What are you laughing at?" Xiaoyi asked, a tremble appearing in her voice because of how threatening Yujia's smile was. 

"Jokes on you, because I am the strongest cultivator in the world as of two minutes ago!" Yujia declared with a short laugh. 

In the next moment, she moved forward with a speed that neither of the two could catch. She waved her hand and slapped both of them at once in the face. 

The loud sound of a slap echoed across the courtyard.

Zixu coughed up blood and stumbled back a few yards. Xiaoyi, who was inferior in cultivation than him, promptly died on the spot. 

Throwing Xiaoyi's dead body to the side, Zixu looked at Yujia with a new shining perspective. "Take me back, Yujia! I regret what I said before. You would do good as my wife. Marry me." 

Yujia shook her head with a cold laugh and utter disgust. "I will never marry a pathetic earthworm like you."

Somehow, the whole town was present at that very moment in the Yang Villa, and they all laughed at Zixu being shamed. 

Satisfied with what just happened, Yujia cast Zixu aside. She walked away with Hui'er following behind. 

Hui'er thought, "Wow, my Fourth Miss is so cool! She's nothing like her old self, but because I'm dumb, I'm not going to suspect a thing."  Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Unbeknownst to Yujia, a shadow was watching her movements the entire time. The shadow was actually Fu Yushang, the crown prince of the empire. He was actually a few levels stronger than Yujia even though she thought she was the strongest cultivator. The reason for that was because he just had to be stronger than her. If she ever landed herself in a dire situation, he would swoop in and assist her because she was incapable of helping herself as a weak and dependent woman (only when the two of them were together, though). 

Yushang thought to himself, "That woman is mine. She will bear my child." 

Yujia felt a cold chill, and though for the next twenty chapters of the novel, she would feel distaste towards this Fu Yushang, she would end up with him because of his possessive and abusive traits, which were surely charming enough. And also, because romance was required, and something called an independent female lead didn't exist. The readers would revolt otherwise.

From this point on, Yujia would go and wreck her evil family and all the pointlessly evil female antagonists that would stand between her grand love with the magic boy Yushang.

The end. 

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