Lady Xing sat inside a grand carriage that was being pulled by four handsome looking horses. Li Fei Long's head guard, Lou Sheng, led this entourage while Li Fei Long rode his favorite horse right in front of the grand carriage, between his guards. Li Fei Long's grand entourage rode elegantly passing main street of Luoyang, mainly to give good image of Li Fei Long in front of the Luoyang people.

The two head eunuchs were riding on their own horses, each on the side of the grand carriage. Every time Lady Xing curiously peep out of the carriage, Ming He and Qian Chang Xin cleared their throat as a sign of their disapproval. The commoners who were lining along the main street should not get to see her face.

Before they took off, Ru Qing and Ru Ming prepared her to get ready for the one day and one night journey back to capital city. Both briefed her on stuffs that she had to take note.

Only the four qīn wáng and grand chancellor owned this kind of grand carriage. All feature the same high quality wood. Each qīn wáng and the grand chancellor were allowed to make some changes but will need permission from the emperor.

Lady Xing was enjoying her trip inside the comfortable grand carriage. The four horses pulling her ride were galloping in the same rhythm and at a steady speed. Since the two high profile eunuchs kept making sure that nobody notice her appearance, Lady Xing could only rest her head and lean lazily on her seat that was covered with soft velvet fabric. She was thinking how boring this journey would be without her two servants beside her. Ru Qing and Ru Ming was sitting inside the two horse carriage behind her.

The bustle of the people began to subside after they left the city of Luoyang. The entourage to speed up and after some time Lady Xing began to doze off. She was almost falling asleep when their entourage began to reduce speed and eventually stopped in the middle of the way.

She heard the sound of an approaching horse. A moment later Ming He whispered to the side of the grand carriage.

"Wáng ye, please…."

The curtain lifted and Li Fei Long entered the carriage as Lady Xing try to sat up straight.

With a grin on his face, Li Fei Long sat next to her and pressed his hand on her hips so she could not fix her posture. He too sat comfortably next to her. After giving a couple of intimate tap on her hips, Li Fei Long shout confidently towards Ming He and Qian Chang Xin who was waiting for his cue from outside the grand carriage. The entourage back to the capital city continued.


No matter how magnificent the grand carriage was, after a long journey, Lady Xing awoke from her sleep with a slight body sore. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Li Fei Long sitting elegantly next to her, looking polished and fresh just like yesterday.

"Ming He and Qian Chang Xin must have arrived at duăn wᾴng fῠ to prepare for our arrival. Běn wàng has assigned them to prepare living quarter for you." Said Li Fei Long without given her a glance.

The noise of the crowd outside the carriage diverted Lady Xing's attention. Their entourage must have entered Chang'an. She heard some buzz about who was inside the grand carriage. Her curiosity drove her to open the curtain and looked outside.

The moment she lifted up the curtain, her eyes met with an old lady who open eatery stall at the side of the street. The old women gasped and pointed at lady Xing who was passing by her stall at that moment.

"I think I just saw one of Duān Qīn Wáng's shì qiè"

Lady Xing clearly heard that. She quickly dropped the curtain and regretted her action.

The reaction from the people in the capital is way different from Luoyang. Back at Luoyang the most people did was admiring how grand the entourage looks like, specially cheering towards imperial family. Here at the capital they might frequently witness the entourage of important people going in or out the capital. Beside admiring, the common people also like to gossiping about the royal families.

Intentionally cleared his throat, Li Fei Long could not maintain his calmness. For two days Li Fei Long kept teasing Lady Xing. The girl beside him has been amazed by all things she saw but not once willing to let go her stance towards him. Curious like a child, that was exactly how Li Fei Long described her every time he found her stunned by any possible things.

A simple ornament would leave her in awe. The bright sky captivated her eyes. Even just ordinary wood structure mesmerized her. Every single thing except him.

"Běn wàng need to consider have you blindfolded". Clearly sounding irritated, Li Fei Long then realized his own words has double meaning. The image of him putting on the blindfold on the girl next to him made him smirk.

He saw Lady Xing probably had same imagination like him because her cheek blushed while her eyes avoiding his.

His desire for her was again ignited. Li Fei Long reached out for her arms, pulled her close so she could feel his breath. Lady Xing reacted swiftly and tried to hold her stance with both her hands on his chest.

She remembered clearly how hard was his muscle. She remembered every inch of his body the moment her palms touched that solid figure. Lady Xing decided that being too close to this men was a bad idea. She needs to make good plan to be free from Li Fei Long.

"Wáng ye must remember to find qiè's family." Keep reminding this high profile person was the last resort she could think of. The grin on Li Fei Long's face widen as the grip on her arms got tighter. Their faces were so close to each other. So close that Lady Xing was sure in the next second they might end up kissing. Without realizing it she had closed her eyes and waited.

He chuckles instead and thoroughly enjoy teasing her. When she opened her eyes and met Li Fei Long's deep soulful eyes, she knew he was toying with her reaction. The man looks very pleased.

Their grand carriage stopped at Lou Sheng's firm command. Their entourage must had arrived but Li Fei Long did not have any intention to let her go.

"Běn wàng will come and see you later tonight." She knew for sure that Li Fei Long will see her tonight, judging by the look of his eyes. His pinched her chin with the promising look which made Lady Xing felt little butterfly flutters in her stomach.

Before she could remind him of her temporary status in the fu, they heard Ming He and Qian Chang Xin greeted them from outside of the grand carriage. As soon as his fingers left her chin, Ming He lifted up the curtain and Li Fei Long stepped out of the carriage.

Acted like a perfect gentlemen, Li Fei Long stood next to the carriage. He reached out to Lady Xing's hand and helped her out.

"This way, my lady." Qian Chang Xin bowed half way then gestured to the palanquin where two servants was already waiting for her.

Ru Qing and Ru Ming helped lead her way as she got fixated with the beauty of the massive mansion. Their entourage has entered the front area of the mansion. There were house guards who looks fierce and there were guards who took care of the horses and the grand carriage. The other servants moved efficiently to handle other things. Lady Xing can't stop admiring the ancient beauty in front of her eyes, they were fascinating to her.

Li Fei Long notice the way Lady Xing touched the palanquin. Her fingers trace the carving on the palanquin. The way she was captivated made Li Fei Long felt somewhat proud of himself. Li Fei Long didn't move until Lady Xing sat down on the palanquin and the servants lifted it up and took her to nèi yuàn.

"Nú cai has informed Xiao Gan Zi about the arrival of our fu's special guest. Xiao Gan Zi has prepared cui yōu yuàn as Lady Xing's temporary residence." Ming He informed Li Fei Long right after the palanquin got out of sight.

Cui you yuan was located far behind from the main resident in a secluded area. The yard was the smallest among others. Although Li Fei Long believed his head house steward, Xiao Gan Zi, would not deviate from his duties, Li Fei Long wanted Lady Xing to be housed as close to him as possible.

"Inform Xiao Gan Zi to move her to zhēng yuàn. After ben wang enter the palace to report to fù huáng and meet mŭ fēi. Ben wang will visit Lady Xing to have dinner together."

Ming He was intrigued with Li Fei Long's orders. To let the lady guest stay inside zheng yuan while Duān Qīn Wáng currently doesn't has a "legitimate" wife. Knowing that his lord has the intention to win the heart of the daughter of the grand chancellor, this would give Li Fei Long a bad reputation. Ming He resolved the situation quickly with his common sense.

"Do I need to prepare the potion for tonight, wáng ye?" Asked Ming He respectfully.

Li Fei Long laughed and Ming He lifted his head. A simple question that pleased his lord's does reflect on his good performance.

"No need", Li Fei Long waved his hand happily to dismiss Ming He and made his way to his favorite horse that was already waiting for him. Ming He gave another bow before Li Fei Long rode his horse out from the mansion with Lou Sheng and few of the guards rode their horse behind him.


Both Jing Fei and Shu Fei joined the imperial family at the same time. Having similar background, they both came from equally strong family. Jing Fei and Shu Fei also gave birth to their sons at about the same time. Therefore, Duan Qing Wang and Rui Qing Wang had been close frenemy since they born.

While both imperial consorts always has been in rivalry, the emperor has never been biased towards either one of them, who held the second highest rank inside hòu gong. Whatever Jing Fei receive, Shu Fei will also get it.

Zhong Jing Palace was on the west side, while Zhao Xiang Palace, where Shu Fei resided was on the east side. This two palaces has a complete different decoration style even though both palaces has the same standard. Each styled was based on their master characters.

The emperor gave Jing Fei the name of Noble Consort due to the way she carries herself. She was very well known for her expertise in art-painting. Her speech style was very calm with a slightly intimidating stare.

Meanwhile Shu Fei was better known for her various skills. Indeed Shu Fei wasn't as beautiful as Jing Fei, but her talent in singing and dancing was better when compared to Jing Fei. Shu Fei's character was more cheerful which makes her suitable to be the in-charge for hou gong's events and parties.

The taijian outside Zhong Jing Palace made an announcement of Duān Qīn Wáng's arrival. The palace maids and taijian serving inside the main room silently kneel and bow their heads lower towards the door. The moment Li Fei Long stepped inside, Jing Fei's smile blooms like flowers in spring.

The only son that she was proud of appeared so handsome in her eyes. Li Fei Long got his mother's hawk-eyed observing skill. His well-built body came from his family's genes, making him the tallest among the Qin Wang.

Li Fei Long gave Jing Fei a respectful bow then sat himself on the nearest chair next to Jing Fei. One of personal servant served him a warm special tea and after Li Fei Long took a sip, Jing Fei could not wait any longer to ask her beloved son.

"Why you seems spirited? Was fu huang pleased with your report of Luoyang?"

The question made Li Fei Long recall the case that send him to Luoyang. It wasn't a huge case. On the contrary, the intention behind his assignment was huge in Li Fei Long's opinion. At least, his heart remained calm after he found out Rui Qin Wang also had his own state duties by the time the emperor summoned Minister of Personnel, Minister of Rite and the Head of Department of State Affairs.

Deep down he knew the reason behind his high spirit today was because of who was waiting for him in his fu.

"The matter in Luoyang was only small issues", Li Fei Long answered in a humble manner.

He paused briefly before he mention the name that had been in his head this couple of days. "Erchen has met one capable men while erchen was in Luoyang. Have mufei heard anything about Duke of Jiang and his family? Perhaps, the daughter of Duke of Jiang?"

He place his cup back on the side table calmly, Li Fei Long touched his thumb ring as Jing Fei frown.

"The deputy head who was responsible for the secondary palace, Shen Du Palace. A very capable man. He even received the marriage degree from the former emperor. Duchess of Jiang's older brother is Ministry of Justice, Feng Luo Cheng. Why are you interest in this particular person?"

This was the first time Li Fei Long shown an interest to someone and openly mentioned it to Jing Fei. When they were supposed to be on guard until the marriage degree gets announced, Jing Fei had to remind Li Fei Long not to have any misstep.

It was his habit to touch his thumb ring. He remained calm as he notice Jing Fei sounded uneasy. Inside this reception hall were only Jing Fei's trusted people. However, mentioning his new interest on another woman would never be appropriate.

"Erchen has met Duke Jiang and he seems very much a humble person".

Jing Fei sighed deeply. "After you mentioned his name, ben gong remembered that the Duke of Jiang was a very loyal character. Duchess's maiden family background is also very strong. Their first son is currently leading a troop as one of the great general while their daughter might be one of the candidates that is suitable for Qin Wang in the emperor's eyes."

"Have mufei heard whether Duke Jiang's daughter has any foe?"

The mother and son conversation turned awkward. Jing Fei was displeased with her son's interest in another woman and doesn't want to continue the conversation.

"The best candidate for you is still Han Yao Ying", Jing Fei snapped.

Li Fei Long lowered his gaze and answered respectfully, "Erchen understand".

Before the conversation turns sour, Jing Fei calmly ordered her personal servants to serve lunch. She urged Li Fei Long to join her for lunch. After Li Fei Long agreed, Jing Fei started asking mundane questions about everyday life, and then their mother-son conversation returned back to normal again.

Just after her personal mama send Li Fei Long out, that trusted mama returned back to Jing Fei's side bringing Zhong Jing Palace's head gonggong.

Jing Fei stood up and held her personal mama's hand. Looking down at her trusted gonggong, she issued her order sharply. "Find out about the Duke of Jiang and why Duan Qin Wang shown interest on him".

Jing Fei turned her body and walked away to the inner chamber without having a second look at the gonggong. She was troubled after seeing Li Fei Long looked very high spirited despite marriage degree was not yet brought out by the emperor.

Her personal mama helped her to sit in front of her painting table. It was Jing Fei's favorite thing to do after she had meal. Instead of lazing around, Jing Fei usually spend her time admiring painting or even paint herself. This time her mind was wandering restlessly.

"Ben gong is certain Duan Qin Wang had encountered something in Luoyang." Jing Fei said fretfully.


Duan Qin Wang had encountered someone, and that person was looking for a way to escape when Li Fei Long spend his day inside the palace.

Before the palanquin stopped at the assigned yard, Ming He intercepted their small group. Lady Xing heard him ordered the taijian to head another way. The palanquin finally stopped in front the main building. The moment she stepped out from the palanquin and saw even more impressive main quarter, Lady Xing can sense why they brought her here.

Judging from the phrase Li Fei Long mentioned before, Lady Xing assumed that this passionate Duan Qin Wang might have planned to "eat" her once again tonight as apparently he changed his mind and house her inside his main living quarter.

Lady Xing stood in silence and look around her. With all the taijian, yahuan and many guards around this massive mansion, how she could ever escape.

A small girl who seems like just around four years old ran into the courtyard followed by one servant behind her. Her sweet face has this similarity with the way Li Fei Long smile. Lady Xing's eyes widened with her thought. How many kids that lustful Qin Wang has?

"Gege, we need to get back." The servant held her small master's wrist but lady Xing noticed that young yahuan steal a glance at her before she lower her head. As if she could read that yahuan's mind saying "Oh another one…" She wonder how many concubines Li Fei Long kept inside this mansion. She became more determined to run away from his as soon as possible.

Ming He was faster than anybody else. He was already standing in front of the yahuan. Clearly looked very stern he gave that young yahuan some scolding. Acting like a doll, Lady Xing let herself be led in by Ru Qing and Ru Ming.

They entered the back side of the building. Some taijian prepared her bath, some yahuan brought in some new clothes, accessories and makeup while Ru Qing and Ru Ming helped her remove her clothes.

"How many kids wang ye has?" After a long silence and of course after being left alone with Ru Qing and Ru Ming, Lady Xing then dare to ask that question. "How many wives?" She added and turned her head to look at Ru Qing, who looked wary with her questions.

"Answering Lady Xing, wang ye doesn't has any official wife yet. In the fu, wang ye only has one ce fei and two yiniang. The one Lady Xing just saw was duolun gege by Yu Wan ce fei. The only child of wang ye."

Ru Qing and Ru Ming stopped helping her as she was already naked. The copper tub next to them was steaming with hot water. Lady Xing stood and walked in to enjoy her bath. She missed her bathtub from her "previous" life but this copper tub will do the job to sooth her aching muscles after a long journey. The two yahuan thought she would not ask anymore question as they approached her again and helped her with her bath.

"Help me to escape from this place.", Lady Xing whispered to them softly. Even though there were only her and this two young yahuan, Lady Xing was still wary someone outside might hear her.

The two yahuan hastily dropped on their knees. Ru Ming dropped the copper bowl she was holding and it made a loud noise spinning on the floor. The two started to kongtow full of fear.

"Please, my Lady! I beg for your mercy on us" Cried Ru Ming while Ru Qing said similar things next to her.

Lady Xing was surprised with their reaction. "Quiet! I am just asking for your help!"

Ru Qing clasped her hands in front of her chest while crying. "But if we help you, we will definitely be beheaded. Please, my Lady, please stop thinking that way. Wang ye really dotes on you. Don't you see how wang ye specifically put you inside his living quarter?!"

"He just wanted me to serve him in bed.", snapped Lady Xing.

She sat upright inside the tub, ignoring the splash of water she caused. "Why don't you two follow me too?" This time she asked desperately.

Looking at the two young women in front of her, she thought she would have a bigger chance to survive in the outside world in this era. Her binding feet made her lost balance. Her current body age was as young as eighteen years old. With nothing but clothes on, to run away also need an excellent plan.

Ru Qing and Ru Ming exchanged look for a second then they both continued to kongtow as if their life were on edge.

Rolled her eyes and leaned back on the tub, Lady Xing gave up her idea of escaping. She has to change her tactic in order to have a good conversation with them, since in this era social classification was shackled with many rules.

"Help me with my bath. We are all tired after the long trip from Luoyang to here. I will not misuse both of you for now." Her cynical nature return as she gave out a long sighed. She missed her days where she was a carefree girl with her cynical jokes. She missed her friends and she missed her family even more. With her head tilted to the side, she slowly doze off.

Ru Qing and Ru Ming helped her out from the tub. They dressed her with lose and delicate robe then let her lay down on the big ancient bed. The canopy way bigger than the bed she slept before in the previous mansion.

"You two have some rest", she murmured with eyes half opened. Before she could see the two yahuan bowed down respectfully, Lady Xing had fallen asleep peacefully.


Facing the servant served all the dishes on the table in front of her, Lady Xing was apprehensive of the dishes and tea. Were these laced with the lush potion? She wondered.

The tea was an amazing kind of tea that she ever knew in her life. The food smells tempting. Nothing seems suspicious.

The owner of the residence stepped in right after the front servant announced his arrival. Duan Qin Wang was still wearing his formal robe after a long day at the palace. There was no hint of tiredness on his face. His was obviously in a very good mood.

Lady Xing stood up quickly to welcome him along with the others inside the room. She had her head bowed and she heard his footsteps getting closer to her. Her eyes saw the tip of Li Fei Long's boot then she felt a strong grip on her arm. Lady Xing looked up and found Li Fei Long just a step away from her.

"Rest well?" Asked Li Fei Long earnestly.

Lady Xing nodded slowly. Her body just followed his strong grip, making her sat back on top of the chair. Li Fei Long sat himself next to her but his hand now covering one of her hand. The other hand reached out to his tea cup that was just placed there by Qian Chang Xin. He took a sip of it but still his other hand never leave Lady Xing's hand.

"Ben wang doesn't know what kind of food you like. This head household here…" Li Fei Long glance at Xiao Gan Zi who was standing at his post next to Ming He and Qian Chang Xin.

The eunuch had been appointed specially by Jing Fei to take care of all matter inside Duan Wang Fu. Even though he was much older than Li Fei Long's personal eunuch, Xiao Gan Zi was as wise and as agile as the two personal eunuchs.

"Xiao Gan Zi suggested all this dishes. Ben wang hope Xing would like it."

"Even though qie doesn't remember anything about what qie like or dislike, the dishes looks delicious. Qie thanked wang ye and Xiao Gan Zi gonggong for all this hassle."

Truly feeling grateful, Lady Xing was confused to see the reaction from what she just said. Xiao Gan Zi hurried bowed down deeply while Li Fei Long stared at her.

"Please, my Lady, don't thank me. I'm just a lowly person. I'm just here to serve wang ye."

Hearing that plead, Lady Xing let out a long sigh. The grip on her hand felt stronger and made her return his stare. The boundary between master and their servants was too strict until Lady Xing felt annoyed. For all her life she used to said thank you to anyone who had done good to her, regardless of their social status, it was her common sense. Right now, everything has changed. As Duan Qin Wang's special guest, her social status apparently was way above all.

"Ben wang grand you a pouch of silver on behalf of Lady Xing. Now let's enjoy our dinner." Finally Li Fei Long let her hand go. He lifted up his chopstick with happy face while Xiao Gan Zi gave his gratitude to him.

"Here…. try this and let me know whether you like it or not", Li Fei Long put some steam fish dish on top of Lady Xing's rice bowl. He eagerly waited for her to lift her own chopstick.

Knowing for sure she would like this kind of meal, Lady Xing tried to stay calm as Li Fei Long was still waiting and staring at her. The taste of the dish was as good as when she eat at a five star restaurant. The fish meat was so thick and chewy. The aroma was mouthwatering and the broth was much lighter than any fancy restaurant has.

She nodded in agreement. "I like it…"

"Try the other dishes. They were also my favorite". Excited with the sumptuous spread of food, Li Fei Long stopped looking at her and began to move his chopstick for himself.

So it turned out that all of these dishes were Li Fei Long's favorite. That old eunuch was a sly fox. He appeared to regale Lady Xing but in reality all along he just butt licked non other than Li Fei Long. In fact all of the servants butt lick this handsome qin wang, she observed.

She wasn't here to butt lick this qin wang. She would never be his play thing. Slowly putting down her bowl, Lady Xing turned her head and said:

"Wang ye promise qie to stay in this fu as your guest until wang ye find out from which household qie came from. Qie hopes wang ye still hold that promise."

The ambience immediately turned stifling with her request. The servants bowed even deeper the moment Li Fei Long put down his chopstick. His face turned steely and made Lady Xing felt a little panicky.

She knew what she did. She could not retreat as this what she was supposed to do if she doesn't want to be his sex slave.

The moment of silence is killing her. Li Fei Long avoided her eyes. That man took the handkerchief and wipe his lips. Everyone in the room held their breath. Lady Xing was watching him with her heart pounding. Would he throw his tantrum on her? Or would he give command for the guards to kill her? Her thoughts run wild to every possible outcome.

Li Fei Long threw his golden handkerchief to the floor. In a second he stood up and walked away to the door.

"Lead Lady Xing to Cui you yuan. Ben wang will visit ce fei tonight."

It was more worst than Lady Xing could have imagined. Li Fei Long just walked out without a second look at her. Ru Qing and Ru Ming were already next to her side and hold her hands. As she walked and followed her two yahuan, her eyes looked back at the dining table. The dishes were still warm and was merely touched by her and Li Fei Long.

"My Lady, you have angered wang ye." Ru Qing whispered as they walked timidly exiting the main building.

"I know. I wish I could rewind what just happened and say what I have said after we finish our dinner. Clearly, I'm not smart enough." She said grudgingly.


For almost a week Lady Xing resided in Cui you yuan. She got Ru Qing and Ru Ming on her side. Simple food was send by the kitchen staff daily but not as grand as she had when she was with Li Fei Long. But what can she expect? Technically she is living in someone else's residence for free.

Cui you yuan was like a small cottage behind one big courtyard. The yard got bamboo plants on the back side which was a little spooky, but so far Lady Xing enjoyed her time away from too many prying eyes.

According to Ru Qing, her existence actually brought a stir in the fu. Yu Wan ce fei and the two yiniang had been curious about her status in Li Fei Long's heart. Since Lady Xing angered Li Fei Long greatly and Li Fei Long never once set foot in cui you yuan, the three women didn't dare to confront Lady Xing directly.

Lady Xing could not be even more grateful. If she still has to deal with, not only one but three jealous women, she could not imagine how she would handle it. This whole week was enough for her to learn much more about Duan Wang Fu. She knew there is two side doors and one back door. Even though Duan Wang Fu has plentiful of capable guards who kept rotating shift to guard the fu. Lady Xing needs to act fast before others will decide how her life would end.

These is no guarantee if Li Fei Long really did look for her family. Lady Xing figured that Li Fei Long must have set a time limit for her to reside in the fu without doing anything with him. Tangled in bed with Li Fei Long once in her life was enough even though she wants to choke Ming He and Qian Chang Xin because of that.

Their lustful night was extraordinary but Lady Xing didn't want to admit it. If she follows lust and greed, her moment with Li Fei Long would only be temporary. Until Li Fei Long lost interest in her and her fate would not be far from the three women in the fu. Like birds inside Li Fei Long's golden cage. Filled with hate and jealousy towards one another and waiting in sorrow as Li Fei Long find other woman to warm his bed.

Lady Xing has decided to took the challenge. She didn't know if she died on that operating table and was reborn in this body or all of this was just a dream and maybe on the next day she would wake up back in her own body.

So, why not just roam around this ancient era?! What ever happen in the future, she should not worry too much about it since she has experienced living in between life and death. So what if she has to die for a second time? She might wake up in different era or form. But for now, she has to see how the world looks like and enjoy her time as carefree as she could. Few years ago she had to pay to enter an ancient China themed park, now she is living in one!

The copper mirror on her dressing table showed her reflection which was not much different from her original face. She was just more cubby then her original self. Might be around same height but much younger. Her finger ran along her jaw. Her thoughts made her stared into the mirror for a long time until Ru Qing and Ru Ming approached her.

Their clothing was already changed to the clothing uniform for the lowest kitchen servant. On Ru Ming's hand was a set of same clothing. Both were waiting for Lady Xing to change her clothes with the one that Ru Ming brought.

"Tomorrow is the fifth day of the fifth month. It is Dragon Boat Festival. Every year, the palace will hold a banquet to celebrate the festival. Nu heard from Xiao Gan Zi gonggong that Duan Qin Wang had been busy this couple of days and would be even more so tomorrow." Ru Qing informed Lady Xing while helping her taking off her robe.

"That's good. We will have at least two days before he notices that we have run away from the fu. And that's only if he remembers about my existent here. If he has already completely forgotten about me, then we will be free like a bird". Her movement got even faster after she felt more excited.

"Nu also heard that the whole city of Chang'an is celebrating right now. People on the street celebrating the festival with eating rice dumplings. There was also dragon boat racing on the river canal. My Lady has to wear this perfume pouch that nu has made to ward off evil spirits. It is a tradition to wear this perfume pouch during the festival." Ru Ming quickly sewed it up on the inner line of her top. The excitement of going out and finally see the outside world of the mansion filled Lady Xing's heart. Whatever her two yahuan were doing, as long as they finally agreed to run away with her, Lady Xing was already happy beyond words.

"Remember to stop call me My Lady", she warned both of them, who strangely was willingly to listen to her plan tonight. Both nodded at her and led her out from cui you yuan after she left a piece of note on her dressing table.

A simple note she wrote for Li Fei Long to express her gratitude. That's all. She took a glance at the paper before they walked away. Strangely, there was a hint of sadness in her heart.

Three of them hurried passed the complicated walkway too easily. Lady Xing can only depend on Ru Qing and Ru Ming's knowledge about the mansion passage. The side gate was challenging. The guards were guarding their post in full alert. Ru Qing showed one of guards something that looks like a carved plate to the guard and a paper with a stamp on it. Yesterday Ru Qing showed Lady Xing what it was.

With one of the buyao that Li Fei Long gave Lady Xing, Ru Qing successfully bribed Xiao Gan Zi's subordinate to get that fake permission paper along with the fake plate. The guard just read it and easily let the three of them slipped out.

If Lady Xing can jump happily, she would do it. But it wasn't that simple. A small open carriage attached to an old horse has been waiting in front of the side gate. Some empty crates was inside. Lady Xing has to praise the details that have been prepared by Ru Qing and Ru Ming. The guards had to watch them get into the carriage to prove that the permission letter they showed him was indeed real.

Skillfully holding the horse leash and controlling the horse speed, Ru Ming smiled awkwardly to Lady Xing after she got a big praise from Lady Xing. They rode the carriage towards the gate that link to the outer side of imperial city, towards the bustling sound on the main street of Chang'an.

Lady Xing was mesmerized by the beauty of the night view of the ancient city. Chang'an was the biggest city in the world in this era. The dynasty has brought prosperity to the empire. Women walked more freely in the city.

"Let's go there." Lady Xing pointed to a pagoda that seems not very far from the main street the moment they passed the imperial city gate.

"But… My Lady, I thought you prefer to see dragon boat racing at the canal. The canal is on the right side. The pagoda is called Small Wild Goose Pagoda. There would be nothing there since it is already late night." Ru Ming still held the leash and was directing the horse towards the west side of the city.

"I told you to stop addressing me as your lady. Now we are free. I am sure we still can catch up with the dragon boat race. The pagoda look quite tall. I want to see the panorama view of the city. Turn the way to the pagoda. We have plenty of time to catch up with the boat race." Lady Xing asked dearly. She was too excited and happy to be outside and didn't noticed how Ru Ming exchange look with Ru Qing.

Ru Ming followed her request obediently. Once again Lady Xing praised her shrewdness in controlling the horse. Their small carriage headed towards the pagoda, passing the main street that was full with crowds, vendors and many other things.

Apparently no one has interest to spend their night enjoying the city view from high level. When their carriage reached the pagoda, the area was quiet. Ru Qing helped Lady Xing jumped down from the carriage. Ru Ming waited on the carriage and let the two left her behind.

"Do you think we could climb the stairs to the top? Do you think the pagoda is open for public?" Lady Xing asked Ru Qing who held her hands as they walked carefully to the pagoda. They moved slowly because Lady Xing can't walk as fast as Ru Qing. Her feet hurt if she stands too long and furthermore it was too easy for her to lose her balance.

"I'm not quite sure, my Lady."

"Ru Qing, I have told you to stop addressing me like that." Lady Xing said sternly as she got too tired repeating herself over and over again to this two yahuan.

"Who is there?" They heard someone shouted towards them. They were close to the pagoda's door and because the lighting wasn't bright enough, they didn't notice the door has opened.

A man with imperial robe similar to what Li Fei Long usually wears was standing in front of the door. After blinking a few times Lady Xing caught some moving behind him. The man was clearly blocking their view from someone who is behind him. Noticing that the man might has close connection to Li Fei Long and might be having a secret scandal of his own, Lady Xing and Ru Qing bowed their head.

"We are just servants who want to climb the stairs to see the city view from the top of the pagoda. We don't have any ill intention." Lady Xing tried to spoke calmly. The tip of the boot appeared before her eyes. The man has come closer to inspect them.

"Lift your head up." He ordered arrogantly.

The moment their eyes met, that man looked down once again and Lady Xing followed where his eyes stopped. That was her feet. Her binding feet betrayed her.

The man chuckled until Lady Xing lifted up her eyes to meet with his gaze. "The servants from Duan Wang Fu." He insinuated openly. The gasped behind him made Lady Xing turned her eyes to the side.

A young woman who didn't look older than her, appeared in surprise. The woman was looking very lavish with her dressing and her hair accessories. Her make up made her face looks even more pale. She was a beautiful noble lady.

"Then we should not be secretive. I don't mind the servant from Duan Wang Fu to recognize who we are." The man said it proudly but the girl widens her eyes like she just met ghosts.

"I believe wang ye would take care of this small matter", said the girl elegantly. She turned her head to the side and called out to her yahuan who stepped out from her hiding spot.

Lady Xing noticed her gestures before she left with her personal servant. She knew what that sentence meant. That noble lady wanted this man to kill her and Ru Qing for discovering their secret rendezvous.

That arrogant noble lady walked carefully around the pagoda. She and her yahuan disappeared after making a turn behind the pagoda. They might be hiding their carriage there. Lady Xing didn't want to think about that woman. Her priority was the man in front of her. Quickly she bent her knees as she pulled Ru Qing's hand to make her do the same. But the man moved too fast beyond her imagination.

He grabbed her jaw violently and pulled her face up facing him to take a second look. "Who are you?" He asked coldly. He moved his gaze to Ru Qing for a split second then back again at Lady Xing. "She is a servant. But, who are you?"

Lady Xing struggled to let her face free from his tough grip. "I'm nobody." She answered between her teeth. "I'm just a servant who run away and made a foolish decision to enjoy the night from the top of this pagoda".

They stayed in that position for a few seconds. The man was thinking of what she said, while Lady Xing was fighting with her fear. When the grip started to loosen up, Lady Xing shook her head free from his hand.

The man grabbed her wrist and pulled her up then held her as she stumbled from losing her balance.

"Did you run away from Duan Wang Fu?" The man asked her without letting her go. This man was not as tall as Li Fei Long but he has similar face features like him. She guessed this man was one of Li Fei Long's brother. He doesn't look younger either.

"I'm a free woman now". Lady Xing answered carefully. This two brothers may or may not be on good term and spilling the beans would not be good for her. Lady Xing regretted her playful decision to visit this pagoda. She should have listened to Ru Qing and Ru Ming.

"After what you saw, you are not a free woman." Once again he chuckled with sarcasm.

"What did I see? I didn't see anything", Lady Xing think frantically to get herself out of this sticky situation. "Be merciful, your grace. Me and my sister are just a lowly person not worth of your time. We didn't see anything at all. By letting us go and disappeared outside the city, your grace would gain good karma for your lifetime".

Even she thought her persuasion was weak but that was all she could do. Sweet talk might work and the rest was in the man's hand. To let them go or to end their life. Ah… so easy to lose your head when you don't have any power and status in this life.

"You want to see the view from the top?" The man smiled, ignoring her plead.

Confused with the question, Lady Xing frown. Slowly he let go of her waist. They stood an arm length from each other. This man has different traits from his brother, Lady Xing concluded.

Seeing she didn't giving him any answer, the man added, "Your fate will be decide after we come down from the top."

He glanced at Ru Qing and luckily Ru Qing has quick response. The yahuan held Lady Xing's hand just like before they met this man and his secret companion. The man waited until Ru Qing led Lady Xing entered the pagoda before he himself followed them closely.

The stairs was narrow and steepy and can only fit one person at one time. Looking back as she tried to climb the first stair, Lady Xing regretted once again being here. The man laughed and stunned her for a moment. The way he laughed sounds very much like Li Fei Long. But when she turned her head, the person there wasn't Li Fei Long. For the first time she wished he was Li Fei Long.

The letter she left behind, did he found it? Was he furious and would look for her or would he just throw it away and turn his back and head to his concubine's bed chamber?

"I have changed my mind", Lady Xing gulped down her saliva.

If this man wanted to kill her, this was the perfect moment. No witness inside the dark pagoda. Their bodies would be left here for days until God knows when someone will find them. Lady Xing held Ru Qing's hand tightly. She hoped Ru Ming was safe outside but she felt deep guilt for Ru Qing who stood beside her with her full loyalty.

"Do you fear me?" The man came closer.

Lady Xing wanted to take a step back but she couldn't move her feet. Lady Xing pulled Ru Qing behind her and shielded her from the man. With her chin up, she stared at the man with all her courage in confrontation.


Both Lady Xing and the man were startled. Li Fei Long looked furious as he stood at the entrance of the pagoda. She thought his anger was directed at her, or was it directed at the man next to her?

Li Fei Long came closer looking solemn and intimidating. At least that's how Lady Xing would describe him at the moment.

"They both have escaped from Duan Wang Fu. Let my people take them back to the fu to receive their punishment." Said Li Fei Long. He sounded very much rigid.

Ming He and Qian Chang Xin appeared from behind him. They both gave their respect to the man next to Lady Xing and made Lady Xing knew his identity.

"Greeting to Rui Qin Wang", both bowed and greet him in harmony.

Li Qing Feng ignored the greeting and turned to face Lady Xing once more. With a friendly smile, he said to her: "Now you know who I am".

Li Fei Long squinted as he watched his brother being friendly to Lady Xing. He doesn't like it.

Ming He and Qian Chang Xin moved fast. One held Ru Qing, while the other one held Lady Xing's wrist. They both escorted Ru Qing and Lady Xing out of the pagoda.

"Dà ge, this two servants doesn't worth your time to come all the way from the fu, just to catch them personally and bring them back. This is not your usual style". Clearly he knew there was something amiss with one of the women, Li Qing Feng purposely satirize the situation.

Li Qing Feng approached his older brother who was standing by the door. Once he was next to him, Li Fei Long turned around then both of them walked out slowly. Looking at the same direction where Ming He and Qian Chang Xin were escorting the two girls towards the old carriage that was already waiting not far from the pagoda entrance.

"Erdi know me so well. The servants are not worth my time. Maybe I came all the way here actually just to see what erdi was doing all alone here?" Li Fei Long replied calmly. His eyes were still fixed to the group of his people. He moved his eyes from them after he was sure that Lady Xing already sat in the carriage.

Li Qing Feng laughed. "I just think the view from the top would be exquisite."

They both turned their body and face each other. One with his stern face while the other with a big smile. "Who would knew the woman from Duan Wang Fu also has the same thought like I do?! Must be fated." Li Qing Feng added.

"See you at the banquet, dà ge. Let Erdi see you way out." Li Qing Feng gave him a slight bow then he spread his arm like he was opening the way for his older brother. He was sure the young lady with the binding foot wasn't his older brother's servant. Knowing this alone was enough to make his day brighter. Li Qing Feng couldn't wait to see how his brother would react at the banquet.

Li Fei Long walked away without saying anything. Satisfied with his luck for today, and pretty sure his luck would be even greater in the next day, Li Qing Feng sneered behind his brother's back.

"The view from the top is always exquisite," Li Qing Feng whispered scornfully.


Ru Ming and Ru Qing kneeled in fear for their life on the ground at the side spot of cui you yuan. Li Fei Long stood still in front of the front door, looked like he didn't has the intention to even walk his way in.

Trying to hold back her tears, Lady Xing forced herself to keep her chin up. "It wasn't their fault. It wasn't their idea. Ru Qing and Ru Ming just followed my order. Please don't punish them".

Ming He and Qian Chang Xin were waiting behind Li Fei Long. No other taijian waited behind them. The guards were also sent away. The trio in front of the entrance of cui you yuan kept their silence until Lady Xing started to feel desperate.

"I will think about the punishment and decide it after the banquet tomorrow". Li Fei Long's face was as cold as how he sounded.

Lady Xing felt the chill in her heart. Li Fei Long turned around and walked away from cui you yuan. For Lady Xing, this was very cruel. She would be up all night thinking how Li Fei Long would punish her and the two poor yahuan.

She was still pensive in the same position until Li Fei Long and his two personal eunuchs disappeared from her view. Slowly turning her body, she saw Ru Qing and Ru Ming were wiping their tears with their own sleeves. Suddenly Lady Xing remembered what she left on the dressing table. She didn't realized how quick her two servants stopped their tears. Her mind was only on the note she left behind just few hours ago. Her heart sank by the time she saw her note on the dressing table was gone.

At the same time, Li Fei Long walked back to his main living quarter followed by Ming He and Qian Chang Xin closely.

"Serve a nice set dinner at cui you yuan tomorrow along with the lust potion. After attending palace banquet, ben wang will come and visit cui you yuan. Lady Xing's punishment would be to bear ben wang's child and forever be inside the fu."

Ming He and Qian Chang Xin looked at each other with surprise while keeping their steps in sync behind their lord. Their lord has decided to let Lady Xing, whom her real family was still uncertain, to bear the precious descendant of the royal blood. They remembered right after the birth of duolun gege, who was conceived unplanned, Li Fei Long once said that his next child would be from his official wife.

Both went back to stare at the back of Li Fe Long's boots with their mind twirling on should they remind their lord or stay quiet and keep their mouth shut?


For a famous poet, the Dragon Boat Festival was the day that he decided to jump down into the river as he learned that his homeland had been conquered. But for the former founding emperor, it was the day to celebrate the official winning of the new dynasty, Li dynasty.

Every year the emperor would extend invitation to all his ministers and his great generals. Ever since the emperor was satisfied with Shu Fei's intervention on handling the imperial banquet for the first time, since then Shu Fei had been responsible for this formal banquet.

The large number of noble and the member of the government filled up the open air front hall of the palace. Food and wine flows continuously. The entertainment was lavish. All ambassadors of each supporting countries and states gathered to convey their good wishes.

A few years ago on this same occasion the emperor announced an imperial edict for Gulun gongzhu's marriage arrangement. Since all the important people had gathered in the same place. Many have expected to witness the next announcement of marriage arrangement for the Duan Qin Wang and Rui Qin Wang.

The emperor sat on the highest chair on the banquet. The night was perfect for a celebrative mood. The temperature at the beginning of the summer was just nice for the celebration. On his right side was the empress dowager while on his left side was the mother of the empire. Jing Fei and Shu Fei shared their table with Consort Qu, the birth mother of the third qin wang and Consort Yan, the birth mother of the fourth qin wang. Those whose have status lower than them weren't allowed to attend the banquet.

Li Fei Long's table was next to the imperial consort and consort's table. He shared table with his three other brothers and gulun gongzhu with her beloved fùmǎ. The couple was married for almost three years but still childless. No one dare to accuse either gulun gongzhu or fuma to be infertile if they wish to live a long and healthy life.

Baixiyong were performers who entertained the court with acrobatics, singing, dancing, magic and feats of strength. After finishing their performances, they all kneeled down towards the emperor, who gave them his pardon to leave the stage. The silence hit the banquet after the emperor cleared his throat. All who were present simultaneously stopped all their movement. All eyes centered on the most majestic person in the banquet.

"At this grand celebration, zhen is pleased to see this empire getting stronger and more powerful. Seeing the four qin wang who have entered their adulthood yet unaccompanied by their wives. Zhen has decided that this is the time to announce Duan Qin Wang and Rui Qin Wang marriage's arrangement".

Li Fei Long waited calmly for the imperial edict to be read out officially by the emperor's personal eunuch, Du Yun gonggong. What's strange in his eyes was Li Qing Feng acted elated throughout the night.

They have been expected this imperial edict. Li Fei Long has bigger chance to win the cold war between them by marrying Han Yao Ying. However, the confident look on Li Qing Feng's face has shaken Li Fei Long's confidence.

Du Yun gonggong stepped forward with a substantial wooden box with sliding cover on which the letters "Imperial Edict" are engraved and painted in vermillion, the color used by the emperor in writing. Inside the box was a smaller box on a rectangular base that was used to hold the edict. The lid of the box was fastened with two bone pins. When all eyes were focused on Du Yun gonggong, Li Fei Long focused on the profile of his brother.

"The imperial edict..." Du Yun gonggong's announcement was high-pitched and loud.

"By the mandate of the Heaven, the emperor hereby issues edict, Duan Qin Wang, to hold the marriage ceremony to Jiang Xi Yu gong gege, the lady of Duke of Jiang, by The Night of Sevens Festival on the seventh day of the seventh month. Rui Qin Wang, to hold the marriage ceremony to Han Yao Ying gong gege, the lady of the grand chancellor Han Xiu Wen, by the end of the Lantern Festival on the next following year. End of the edict."

Li Qing Feng already came forward when Li Fei Long snapped his chopstick into pieces. Ming He rushed to his side to covered it up but the rest who sat same table with him had already noticed it.

With a stoic face, Li Fei Long also came forward and stood side by side with Li Qing Feng. They both gave their respect and grateful words towards the emperor.

Han Xiu Wen and Duke of Jiang followed their action after the two princes stood aside. Happily received the gratitude, once again the emperor spoke out.

"Duan Qin Wang and Rui Qin Wang's age was only several months apart. To hold the wedding banquet within the same year isn't that auspicious. After great calculation from the minister of Rites, it is best to hold Rui Qin Wang's wedding, who is younger, after new year celebration."

The emperor wise words sounded distanced and superficial to Li Feng Long. His mind was already burning in anger. Li Qing Feng bowed for the second time along with his future father in law to the emperor to express their luck and gratefulness toward emperor's edict.

Li Fei Long looked to his right to find Jing Fei with a sullen face. While Su Fei who was an arm length away from Jing Fei, was overjoyed.

"Jiang Yong He greets Duan Qin Wang."

On his side, Duke of Jiang gave Li Fei Long a respectful bow. No matter how great his anger was, Li Fei Long wasn't an ignorant character. This wasn't the fault of the person in front of him. This unexpected decree was all his fault who had been delirious looking for the real family of Lady Xing. His action might had been revealed by Li Qing Feng's side and led the emperor to change the decree.

"No need for such formalities. In two months time, Duke Jiang will be my father in law.", Li Fei Long said calmly. His eyes inspected the worry lines on Duke Jiang's forehead. He even saw a trace of sweat on his forehead.

Duke of Jiang wasn't a bad choice. To be honest his family background was an excellent choice. Their track record was clean and their relatives have always remained low key.

Li Qing Feng looked very much satisfied and proud. Han Xiu Wen accompanied him to face Li Fei Long and Duke of Jiang to exchange congratulation. One merry, while the other one crestfallen. Seeing the awkward smile from Han Xiu Wen and the worrisome smile on Jiang Yong He's face, Li Fei Long knew he had to salvage the situation.

The mandate was official and could not be retracted. This person next to him will be part of his fu. Duke of Jiang might have thought that either Li Fei Long or Li Qing Feng will ill-treat his daughter. No matter whose fu the daughter will be married off, being married to a qin wang could end up be a bless or misfortune. It was normal for a man to feel worried about his daughter's life after being sent off to other family.

Li Fei Long would never do that. He lost his great agenda, but he wasn't stupid to gain nothing. He just need bigger scheme by using what he has to get what he wants.

"By tomorrow, Duan Wang Fu will start to send out wedding gifts. Whatever the requirement Duke of Jiang needs for the wedding, please feel free to convey to the fu." Li Fei Long gave him the biggest smile he could master. In his mind, he was deliberating on how he could let go of all his anger.


The atmosphere inside cui you yuan was different from the other nights. Xiao Gan Zi gonggong was waiting with few taijian behind him. Lady Xing was nicely dressed after she finished her favorite long warm bath, when Xiao Gan Zi entered the yard and personally oversee the kitchen servants served dinner on the table.

All the dishes was tempting. Xiao Gan Zi stood by the side like a statue without a word. Lady Xing dare not touch the food. She felt like a prisoner waiting for her execution. This might be her last meal before whatever punishment Li Fei Long has prepared for her.

From afar, Lady Xing heard some commotion. The front servant informed the arrival of Duan Qin Wang and there he was.

He walked in briskly with a fearful demeanor and Lady Xing knew she was doom. She stood up from her chair while the others inside the room bowed deeply to the ground. Lady Xing didn't even have time to do the same thing.

"Where is the potion?" Li Fei Long shouted viciously as he walked in. He stopped right in front of her and stared down at Lady Xing, making her trembling with fear.

What potion he was talking about?

Lady Xing turned her head to the direction where Xiao Gan Zi just stayed still. One of the taijian behind him moved forward with a silver basin on his trembling hand.

Lady Xing gasped in shock after she noticed the smell comes out from the tea pot. Before she could even rise to speak up for herself, Li Fei Long's snatched the porcelain pot. His other hand grabbed Lady Xing's wrist so she could not back off from him.

"This is your punishment." He growled angrily at her then he gulped down every drop from the porcelain pot.

Smashing the pot to the ground, Li Fei Long grabbed Lady Xing's shoulder and forced his lips onto hers.

With her body squeezed hard in Li Fei Long arms, his force to kiss and fed her the potion until she drank all the lust potion from his mouth. She felt the burning sensation reached her throat, then her chest, and the rest was like history repeated itself.

The difference was that this time Li Fei Long also has the same burning sensation like her. His face turned reddish. His eyes widen scarily. He let her go after he was sure she already has same sensation like him.

"You evil!" She hissed at him angrily.

In front of all the servants in the room, Li Fei Long pointed at her. "All because of you! The little thorn in my life!"

"What did I do?!" She screamed at him in disbelief.

Xiao Gan Zi brought all his subordinates out of the room. Ru Qing and Ru Ming also slipped out of the room by the silent command of Ming He, leaving the two staring at each other furiously.

"The original plan was to make you conceive my heir and to let you stay here in the fu.", shouted Li Fei Long. He started to take off his outer robe and threw it on the ground. Then he continued with his clothing one by one while Lady Xing watching him with mix feeling. She was angry and scared.

"Because of the stupid effort that I made to look for your family, someone has informed the emperor and the emperor has switched my supposed to be wang fei to Li Qing Feng. This is all your fault. And now I have to marry the daughter of Duke of Jiang instead of Han Yao Ying.", he grinned his teeth.

Tonight Li Fei Long has turned into a monster. He was completely aroused and stood completely naked in front of her. Her eyes can't help but caught his well-endowed tool, like a powerful snake staring at her. Lady Xing stepped back, fighting with her inner desires as the potion began to affect her. She turned and ran.

Li Fei Long swiftly caught the end of her clothes. His hand pulled forcefully until Lady Xing's clothes were torn. He moved way too fast for her to escape, like a leopard pouncing on its prey. Lady Xing tried to turn around to run to the bed chamber but Li Fei Long caught the back of her collar. He pulled it as hard as before and the sound of the torn fabric was clearly heard.

The potion worked fast as it spread quickly through her blood streams. She was starting to feel the same moistness between her legs. But her pride was still there. Li Fei Long hugged her from behind. She can feel his strong chest muscle as he easily lifted her back to face the table. With one swop of his arm, Li Fei Long shoved all the plates on the table to the floor.

The shattering glass sounded very thrilling to Li Fei Long and Lady Xing.

He pressed Lady Xing's body face down against the table. His hands sending strange tingling sensations to Lady Xing as it rubbed against her bosom through her half torn clothes. He bend down on top of her. His cheeks was against her cheek as he whispered to her, "I have changed my mind on your punishment. I will not let you conceive my heir. Tonight you will have to serve me well and by tomorrow I set you free from Duan Wang Fu."

Li Fei Long ignored her reaction of his statement. He straighten his back and he growled like a beast as he pressed her upper body onto the table top with his hand. His other hand caress her silky smooth delicate back up and down, each time nearer to her forbidden valley as he bend forward and lick her neck, breathing hot breath next to her ear like a fury dragon inspecting its prey.

His fingers finally contacted Lady Xing's forbidden zone and she gasped in surprise and to her shamefulness, a keen anticipation.

"No… please no…." Lady Xing's pleading sounded like an invitation to Li Fei Long instead. Her plead was for him to stop? Or was it directed at her own submission to him? He grinned as he looked at his glistening fingers.

"Looks like you are ready to welcome Ben Wang.", he showed Lady Xing his fingers.

"No… it's because of your potion!"

"Even without the potion, you would submit to me nonetheless.", Li Fei Long torn off the remaining clothes off Lady Xing and he felt his lust burning as he watched the exquisite naked body in front of him, helpless restricted on the table by his powerful hand.

"Let me go… please…" Lady Xing was fast descending into a dark pit of wanton desires that was raging inside her, she found her lust slowly overpowering her mind.

She felt his raging tool at her delicate entrance, grazing her lovely folds of heated valley, teasing her. She can't help but panting lightly, closing her eyes tight to shut out the sensation. Fight it! Fight it!

"Feel it? Just say yes…and Ben Wang will give you what you need…"



Lady Xing felt his hand targeted her pinky nipples that are shamefully erected, the flick of his fingers on them sent electric bolts of pleasure that seems to merge at her lower belly, developing into a fire that made her moan through her clenched teeth. She was attacked at all her sensitive spots, her ears, her boobs and her now slick and wet valley.

Lady Xing felt his raging member probe into her slightly and she gasped, thinking the inevitable was going to happen.

"Ahhh…" She sighed but it was short lived. It retreated just as quickly as it entered.

"I will use you tonight." Li Fei Long sounds heartless and brutal.

"No…" Her defiance sounded weak. The tears fell as her heart felt hurt but in the same time she wanted Li Fei Long so bad.

"You know what? I really don't care. Teasing you is killing me too!" Li Fei Long drove his hard member home hard. Lady Xing felt like she was in the middle of a perfect storm. Wave and wave of pleasure hit her hard, breaking down her limited last bits of mental barrier to submit to him.

Li Fei Long withdrawn and turned her around so quickly that Lady Xing hasn't got time to react. Next thing she knew he was back inside her. Li Fei Long held her legs high up and hugged both her legs with one arm. He wanted to see her grimacing face as he ravage her.

"Can you feel Ben Wang's anger? You like it?"

"…" Lady Xing's bite her lips and avoided his lusty eyes. Her hands was holding on to the edge of the table as it rock and creek with Li Fei Long's powerful thrust.

"I will make you see yes to me", he scooped her up with his arms while his member was still inside her. He turned with Lady Xing clinging to him like a koala bear as he marched towards his big bed at the inner chamber.

Lady Xing responded by biting his shoulder. However she couldn't keep biting him as every step he took his tool was also stabbing into her, hitting her deep inside like a hammer hitting her deepest needs and making her moan softly.

Finally they reached the bed and Li Fei Long lay her down. Making her last effort to escape from him, Lady Xing turned around on all fours and began to crawl forward away from him. Li Fei Long's eyes widen with burning lust. The view was just stunning! He swiftly pulled her back and held her down with her hips up.

Lady Xing's wrong move landed her into another merciless round of explosive invasion of her soaking valley. Li Fei Long has the perfect leverage standing by the side of the bed, holding her hips tight as he plummet her like the storming rain hitting the trees non-stop. She lost it finally and screamed in delight.

"Yes… yes…" Lady Xing started to moan. Hearing that Li Fei Long laughed triumphantly and double up his pace.

Her body couldn't lie as it welcomes Li Fei Hong's ravishing assault. For the whole night, two body entangled in passionate non-stop love making.

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