He thought his mood will return to normal after he released his anger and lust on Lady Xing the whole night inside cui you yuan. But it didn't end up the way he wanted it to be. His feeling was still not right. Somehow Li Fei Long felt guilty and also hard to send Lady Xing away.

Li Fei Long left Lady Xing motionless, exhausted, and hurt just few hours ago. He knew how hurt her feeling was since Li Fei Long saw her tears before she fell into deep sleep. Before leaving cui you yuan, he gave order to Xiao Gan Zi to prepare some money for Lady Xing and to let herself decide when she will leave Duan Wang Fu.

Back to his own living quarter, he spent some time to harden his feelings and maintained his pride. His eyes caught the presence of a folded paper on the table in front of him and Li Fei Long let out a heavy sigh. He needs to get ready to start his day. He needs to start planning new gameplay as he was facing different condition.

Li Fei Long called out to Ming He and Qian Chang Xin who were waiting for him outside. He stood up and covered the letter that was written by Lady Xing before her attempt to run away from his fu. Li Fei Long didn't understand most of the words she wrote there. He kept it as a love letter and was planning to ask her about it. Now his plan was shattered after he received the marriage degree. He has to move on and get rid Lady Xing from his life. He was reluctant to throw away the letter. For now Li Fei Long wants to keep it.

Ming He came in with Li Fei Long's summer boots while on the other side Qian Chang Xin has already backed away to pass Li Fei Long's dirty clothes to the junior taijian who was standing by on the outer chamber.

Xiao Gan Zi rushed in and stopped right behind the curtain that divided between the outer area and the inner side of the main chamber. He bowed and ignored Qian Chang Xin who stopped beside him.

\"Duke of Jiang and his son, General Jiang Zhen Hai, are requesting to converge with wang ye. They are waiting at the front hall right now.\"

Li Fei Long turned his body around and he saw Xiao Gan Zi still bowing down. Li Fei Long couldn't tell what was the intention behind this sudden visit. He already ordered Xiao Gan Zi to prepare the wedding gift's list. The marriage degree was just announced last night. It was unexpected for Duke of Jiang to visit and even bring his son along, just to ask for certain conditions for marriage arrangement.

\"Soon Duke of Jiang will be ben wang's father in law. Escort them to the inner hall, ben wang will meet them shortly.\" Ordered Li Fei Long calmly.

His people must have thought that he would dislike his new in-laws as they knew all along that Li Fei Long has been eyeing the grand chancellor's daughter. By giving the order to move Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai to the inner hall, Li Fei Long wanted his people to see that he still has respect to his future in-laws.

Ming He and Qian Chang Xing helped him get ready faster than usual. The moment Li Fei Long appeared in the inner hall, Duke of Jiang and the young General quickly rose from their seats to give their respect.

Their faces didn't look too excited. Li Fei Long noticed that both of them did not touch their tea cups and light refreshments given by the servant. His future father in-law and brother in-law seems restless. Something has been bothering them. They must have worried about the future of Jiang Xi Yu Gong gege inside Duan Wang Fu.

Li Fei Long sat on the main chair of the hall. He waved his hand and gave both of them his perfect smile. Now he has to make sure he would get good relation with his future in-laws.

\"Between us, there's no need to be formal.\" Li Fei Long tried to soothe the atmosphere. He waited until Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai got seated before asking them. \"We have only met once in Luoyang. But we haven't really talked much. Ben wang think today is a good day that Duke of Jiang and General Jiang come to visit Duan Wang Fu. We can discuss the marriage preparation properly.\"

Duke of Jiang was a man with well-built figure. He was at his senior age when he got the marriage degree from the former emperor. But he still seems wise and gallant for a man of his age. His son, General Jiang Zhen Hai, has the same build and similar face feature like Duke of Jiang. General Jiang Zhen Hai was probably younger than Li Fei Long but he does has mature attitude.

\"Since wang ye was very sincere in accepting my visit, I have to be frank with wang ye. I did not come to discuss marriage preparation. I come to inform wang ye about the situation inside Jiang Gong Fu.\"

Duke of Jiang glanced at General Jiang Zhen Hai nervously. Then he stood up in front of Li Fei Long. General Jiang Zhen Hai followed his lead behind as Duke of Jiang began to kneel on the floor.

Duke of Jiang lifted up his arms, putting his right palm on top his left fist. He lowered his head and started to explain his situation nervously.

\"This lowly official has committed a crime by not reporting a kidnapping case that happened to Jiang Xi Yu.\" Duke of Jiang pleaded very miserably.

Shocked from hearing the news, Li Fei Long got up from his seat unconsciously.

\"My beloved daughter has been kidnapped for more than two weeks now. Jiang Gong Fu has been in a sorrowful situation. This lowly official even had to ask permission for General Jiang Zhen Hai to be back to our fu to help investigate the case.\" Duke of Jiang lowered his head and didn't notice Li Fei Long's expression.

\"Why was it not reported?\" Li Fei Long got mix feeling. He felt anger, guilt, happy and confused. The image of Lady Xing came to his mind. His heart was beating faster than usual. There was a possibility that Jiang Xi Yu and Lady Xing was same person.

\"Lift up your face. Stand up.\" He gave the comment and ignored the rough sound of it. Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai followed his order and looked at him warily.

Li Fei Long studied their faces hoping to find any similarities with Lady Xing's face. Lady Xing got Duke of Jiang's eye. She did has similarity with both men in front of him. Li Fei Long tried to calm himself and stared directly at Duke of Jiang who now looked very much confused.

\"Answering to wang ye. The reason this lowly official chose not to report about my daughter's kidnap case was because this lowly official suspect one official family might be behind the kidnapping. This lowly official couldn't openly file a case to the Luoyang City Magistrate official without collecting solid evidence first.\" Duke of Jiang checked Li Fei Long's reaction first before continuing his reason. \"This lowly official worries if the case would be taken lightly.\" Once again Duke of Jiang lowered his head.

Li Fei Long snorted angrily. \"Ben wang will make sure this case would not be handled lightly. Kidnapping my wang fei is the same with they want their head off their body. Ben wang wants to hear the whole chronology before and after it happened.\"

General Jiang Zhen Hai stepped in to explain the whole story. \"Mei mei likes to stroll out of fu with her two personal maids. That day she must have quietly strolled out with her maids. She wore her favorite dress and only in the afternoon people in Jiang Gong Fu realized she and her two maids haven't come back.\"

The way General Jiang addressed his younger sister sounded very dearly. With his stern face and eyes full of worries, Li Fei Long knew how deep this General dotes his younger sister.

\"On the next day, we found the bodies of her personal maids. One wore her dress and was found around White Horse Temple which located just a little bit outside Yong City Gate. The other one was found on the opposite of the city, within the prostitute area. My trusted soldiers have been investigating the area and the whole city but we couldn't find any of mei mei's trace for now\".

Li Fei Long was listening carefully. \"How was this connected to one of the official family in Luo Yang?\"

\"We found this on the body of the maid.\" The General showed him a jade bracelet and one small token made from copper with one word crafted in the middle. \"The jade was believed to be a gift for mei mei from…\"

Duke of Jiang coughed to stop his honest son. Li Fei Long turned his view back to Duke of Jiang. \"This lowly official believes that the suspect plotted to dress one of the maids with Xi Yu's clothes to distract our search. While the other maid with these two things in her possession might use to be the suspect's accomplice. That's why the search had been focus more inside the city.\"

Li Fei Long's hand snapped the jade and the token from General Jiang's hand. Both father and son couldn't hide their surprise by his fast action. Li Fei Long gave it to Ming He who was already standing beside them.

\"Bring Lady Xing here\". Li Fei Long gave the order to Qian Chang Xin who bowed slightly before going back inside the fu.

\"Ben wang has someone to meet Duke of Jiang and General Jiang. Before that, please be seated.\" Li Fei Long also turned back to his seat. Now his feeling was more towards happiness.

He waited until Duke of Jiang and the General took their seats again then he told them what he got all along. \"Ben wang had encountered someone on the way back from Luoyang. Now Ben wang is assured that all of this is truly a mandate from heaven\".

Duke of Jiang frown at him. Li Fei Long could not wait until Lady Xing arrive and confirm her identity as Jiang Xi Yu, his bride. With a smile, Li Fei Long added. \"Ben wang's personal eunuchs had rescued a lady. She suffered memory lost but according to her statement, she heard one of the kidnappers mentioned that she is the Lady of Duke of Jiang\".

Both Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai exclaimed in surprise and delight. Li Fei Long quickly said. \"Ben wang has caught one of the kidnapers and put him in the fu's dungeon. The other one had died in the middle of the rescue process\".

Qian Chang Xin entered the hall in hurry. Li Fei Long caught his presence and nodded at him to come closer to his side. Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai looked behind Qian Chang Xin hoping to see Jiang Xi Yu appear from the inside of the fu. But they didn't see anyone following Qian Chang Xin.

That eunuch came forward and whispered to Li Fei Long's ear. He was trembling lightly when he informed Li Fei Long. \"Lady Xing has left the fu. Nu cai has ordered guards to look for her around Duan Wang Fu\".

Li Fei Long's punched the table beside his seat. He was mad at himself. He was mad because he was the one who kicked her out. He was mad because he never listen to her when she kept insisting that she was Jiang Xi Yu, the lady of Duke of Jiang.

His tea cup rolled and spilled, slightly staining the sleeve of his clothes. \"How long she has been gone?\" He whispered to Qian Chang Xin.

\"According to the side gate guards, Lady Xin has left the fu not more than half joss stick ago\", replied Qian Chang Xin.

Li Fei Long felt restless all of a sudden. She hasn't left for long but she could be anywhere. She was his and he let her slipped away so easy. He became even more furious at himself.

They will find her somewhere. She likes to wander around. She must be closed by. With her carelessness and her state after a long love battle last night, she won't be able to walk far from the fu. Li Fei Long silently pledged to himself, the next time he has love battle with her, he will make sure she couldn't move an inch away afterward. Li Fei Long didn't like this new feeling that was growing inside him. The only answer to his feeling was to get Lady Xing back to him. His people will find her for him. They must find her!


Lady Xing came out from the same side gate like when she tried to runaway few days ago. Ru Qing and Ru Ming cried and waved to her as she walked slowly away from the gate. She was crying too. The two girls have been her close companions. To be apart and finally walking alone in a strange world, Lady Xing has to admit that she was scare.

Her tears stopped when she reached one of the main roads. With her feet hurting, it felt like she has been out for quite some time. She began to face the crowds around her. The smell of fragrant foods, stalls that sell women's accessories, stalls that sell fabrics and toys. She wiped the marks of her tears and tried to forget the angry face of Li Fei Long.

Li Fei Long had use her body and thrown her away like a toy. Her heart was in great pain. When Xiao Gan Zi gonggong threw the money pouch on the table and said she could leave the fu anytime she wants. Her pride actually didn't want her to touch the pouch but she did not have anything at all with her. She has to swallow her pride and pain and reached for that pouch before getting ready to leave.

Her tears dropped again as she stood in front of the food stall. The old seller looked at her with a sullen face. \"Don't act like you are a beggar. You are crying to make me pity you and give you free food right?!\" The old woman scolded Lady Xing so loud until people next to her turned their head to look at her. She heard some grumbling around her. She noticed some bystanders were pointing at her.

Trying hard to stop her tears, Lady Xing took out the pouch from her pocket sleeves. \"I just had a bad day. I have money to buy some pao. Give me two pieces of pao and tell me how much I should pay you.\" Then she took a deep breath.

Quickly apologized, the lady seller wrapped two pao with paper. For the first time she opened her money pouch, Lady Xing realized she didn't know anything about the current currency. She found feiqian and took it out. The lady seller once again squealed once she saw Lady Xing open the paper money in front of her.

Feeling hungry, Lady Xing gave her pouch to the stall owner. \"Tell me how to count the money\", she asked politely. One hand was still holding the paper money, she used the other hand to unwrap the pao and bring one to her mouth. Lady Xing ignored the stall owner who was grumbling about how stupid she was since she can't count her own money. Lady Xing enjoyed her warm pao and waited while the old lady seller spilled everything inside the pouch on her stall table.

\"You want to brag about your money.\" The stall lady nagged at her annoyingly. Rumbling between the gold and silver coins, the stall lady couldn't find any copper coins and put all back inside the pouch after picking one silver coin for herself. She gave it back to Lady Xing, leaned closer to Lady Xing and whispered to her.

\"Don't show too obvious how much money you bring along with you, young lady. So many bad people out there\". Then the old lady took out more pao and wrap it in papers before giving it back to Lady Xing.

\"I just want two\", Lady Xing tried to refuse the extra pao.

\"I took your silver coin. All of this worth that price\", the seller insisted.

Before Lady Xing could even think of anything, the troops of guards suddenly appeared and began to search the streets. Some were on their horses while many others walked and check people on the road one by one.

Lady Xing recognized Lou Sheng who has a fierce-looking face. His beard was long and his skin was dark. What was Li Fei Long's head guard doing here? Did Li Fei Long ordered him to catch someone for him?

Lady Xing witnessed everything while she was eating her pao. Her ears was listening to the stall owner grumbling about how her business can run smoothly if the road always has inspection like this. She was still watching the scene curiously until Lou Sheng's eyes locked on her.

Her eyes widen as Lou Sheng immediately shouted towards her. All the guards from Duan Wang Fu changed their direction towards her. Lady Xing was confused by the sudden attack of the guards. She stayed still while the old lady behind her already fled and shouted that she wasn't Lady Xing's accomplice. That old lady must have thought that Lady Xing was a thief and had run away from Duan Wang Fu's guards.

The guards surrounded her. They kept a close distance from her while waiting for Lou Sheng to approach her. Lou Sheng came down from his horse. He kneeled on one of his knees and lowered his head when he reached her.

\"Gong gege, please return to the fu. Wang ye has been waiting for you\", Lou Sheng said politely.

Her pao was still touching her mouth. She was still chewing it. All the sudden, her throat felt very dry and it was difficult to swallow the pao that was already inside her mouth.

With hands held tightly to her wrapped pao and her money pouch, Lady Xing tried to question Li Fei Long's order. \"Why wang ye wants me back? He already sent me out from the fu.\"

\"Please my Lady, cooperate with us. In a moment, Ming He gonggong will arrive with the grand carriage\". Lou Sheng was still in his kneeled position. Lady Xing began to think what was wrong with Li Fei Long?! One moment he wanted her to stay inside his fu. Then he blamed her for the twisted marriage degree. Now asking her to be back inside.

\"I refuse to be back to Duan Wang Fu\". She tried to say it clearly. \"Stand up, General\".

Lou Sheng stood up but looked troubled with Lady Xing's answer. The grand carriage really did come. The guards made way for the grand carriage to stopped as close as possible to where Lady Xing and Lou Sheng were standing. Ming He rode his horse in front of the grand carriage along with Ru Qing and Ru Ming who rode on their own horses. They came down from their horses behind Lou Sheng.

\"Gong gege, Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai are waiting for you in the fu.\" Ming He turned to be very polite towards her and Lady Xing was still not sure to believe his words or not. Ru Qing and Ru Ming approached her with huge smile on their faces.

\"Is that true?\" Lady Xing asked both her yahuan. The trace of the tears was still there on their faces, same like hers. Both yahuan nodded with full excitement.

If she really was the daughter of Duke of Jiang, this will be the moment to ensure her identity. She trusted the two yahuan more than she trusted Ming He and Qian Chang Xin. It was better to be with her new found family instead of wandering around this strange world all alone. Beside she can't do much with the guards who cornered her. No matter what was truly waiting for her in the fu, she can't run away from the forces in front of her.

\"Ru Qing, share this pao with all the guards\". Lady Xing gave the paper wrapped bao to Ru Qing. Seeing the total number of guards and the pao in Ru Qing's hands wasn't enough, Lady Xing opened her pouch and take one gold coin and put it on the stall table behind her. \"Is this enough for all the guards to get the pao?\" She whispered to Ru Ming beside her.

Ru Ming looked blank for a moment and nodded awkwardly to Lady Xing. \"Help Ru Qing share the pao with the guards. I will get on the carriage myself,\" she said calmly.

Ming He offered his hand to led Lady Xing the moment she turned around and let her two yahuan distribute the warm pao. Actually, she was hesitated to use Ming He's hand. However, she still accepted that hand and let Ming He helped her to get inside the grand carriage.

\"It isn't necessary, my Lady,\" said Ming He next to Lady Xing. She knew what Ming He meant was for the pao to be distribute to all the guards.

Lady Xing snorted at him. \"Once Duke of Jiang recognize me as his daughter, I wonder should I mention about a potion that I took before or not\".

She clearly heard the growling from Ming He's stomach. Glaring her eyes at him, Lady Xing just saw the back of his head. Once she sat inside the grand carriage, Lady Xing leaned her head out of the carriage's window. \"Ru Qing, Ru Ming, don't give any to Ming He gonggong. I worried the pao is not enough for all the guards\".

Ming He bended his back even lower. The pao meant nothing to him. What matter for him was the grudge that Lady Xing bear towards him.


Her heart was pounding hard as she got closer to the inner hall. The moment of truth about her identity and also her worries about the owner of her body's relationship with her family.

Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai has risen from their seat when she entered the hall. She felt like her heart dropped once she met Duke of Jiang. Duke of Jiang's face resembled a lot like her own father in the modern time. The difference was Duke of Jiang was taller with well build figure and the beard was covering his face.

She turned to the General beside Duke of Jiang. Her tears blurred her vision but she was overwhelmed. Both of them were just like her own father and brother. It was like looking at the ancient version of them.

\"Xi Yu…\" Duke of Jiang didn't hold himself back. He rushed to hug his only daughter while General Jiang followed behind him.

She was no more Lady Xing. She was Jiang Xi Yu, the daughter of Duke of Jiang. Crying with happiness, Jiang Xi Yu hugged Duke of Jiang tightly like him. Her name was changed but her family never change. She felt great relieve. Finally, she found where she belongs to and she will be safe.

\"Father…. I'm back.\" Jiang Xi Yu stammered and cried. They both loosen their embrace and turned to General Jiang who also as emotional as both of them. \"Ge…. I'm back.\" Jiang Xi Yu reached out to hold her brother's hand.

General Jiang Zhen Hai took her hand. He put his other hand on top of her head with beaming eyes. The very first time for him to show his sensitive side. General Jiang Zhen Hai was as tough as Duke of Jiang. Both men have never been in tears before. Now, when they finally met their one and only daughter/sister, both were not afraid to let their heavy emotion show.

\"You can recognize us?\" Duke of Jiang put her down back to the ground but still held her in his arms. His forehead frown in confusion. \"Duan Qin Wang has informed us about your condition when they found you.\"

She wiped her tears with her free hands, nodded to the statement, and gave her side of the story. \"I lost all memories that I have. I heard the kidnappers mentioned that I was the daughter of Duke of Jiang. But the moment I saw you….\"

Jiang Xi Yu has to fight back her tears and looked deeply to her father. \"I recognize your face, father.\" She turned to her brother and said. \"I recognize your face, Ge.\"

Once again, the trio was back to their emotional moment. Duke of Jiang held her so strongly until her feet was a little bit off from the ground. Jiang Xi Yu was completely happy to be back in the arms of her family. The last time she met her family was when she laid on the bed, paralyzed. Now she can be back with her family as normal as she was before.

Duke of Jiang loosen his embrace on her. Gently, he let her down on her own feet then pronounced happily. \"Let's go back to Luoyang. Your mother has been waiting for you to come back to Jiang Gong Fu.\"

\"Back to Luoyang?!\" Li Fei Long almost shouted. His loud voice startled Jiang Xi Yu.

Once the trio realized that they have Li Fei Long and his people watching them reunited, Duke of Jiang turned his body and gave full respect. \"This lowly official could not be happier. Wang ye has saved my daughter. This lowly official is much indebted\".

Jiang Xi Yu pouted her lips as she can't just blurt out what actually happened between her and Li Fei Long. Her painful memory of their night before still haunted her feeling.

Li Fei Long grinned widely as he held Duke of Jiang's arms and lifted him up. He looked overly happy and Jiang Xi Yu guessed it was because her father said he owed him for his lifetime.

\"This is the mandate from heaven. Ben wang unknowingly saved Duke of Jiang's daughter. By fate she will be my wang fei. There is no debt between two families\". Li Fei Long laughed heartily. \"This kidnaping attempt must be open to the public. Ben wang has sworn not to let go of the perpetrators of this crime. Since Jiang Xi Yu is already here, why not she continue to stay here for her safety?!\"

Li Fei Long's statement sounded very strong. He also seems very determined to find the perpetrators. But he has also revealed his intention of not letting Jiang Xi Yu out of Duan Wang Fu. Jiang Xi Yu felt the need to break off the engagement between her and him before it was too late. If they end up as husband and wife, Jiang Xi Yu would need to face his anger, forever blaming her of the twisted wang fei decree.

Duke of Jiang smiled calmly to his future son in law. \"This lowly official agrees with wang ye's suggestion to open this crime to the public. I too will not let the perpetrators get away. But Jiang Xi Yu still hold her maiden status. Staying longer inside Duan Wang Fu after reunited with her family would stain Duan Wang Fu and Jiang Gong Fu's reputation\".

Li Fei Long looked at Jiang Xi Yu with heavy feeling. He felt a huge desire to keep her in his fu but Duke of Jiang was right. Li Fei Long has said something without careful consideration.

On the other hand, Jiang Xi Yu has her own plan. She has concluded that Li Fei Long saw her as his sex slave. After what happened between them last night, Jiang Xi Yu thought Li Fei Long held huge grudge on her for making him has to marry her instead of marrying Han Yao Ying.

\"Bring along Ru Qing and Ru Ming\". Li Fei Long didn't stop staring at Jiang Xi Yu. The two yahuan quickly bowed to Duke of Jiang. Li Fei Long knew Duke of Jiang was a sharp man. He needs to make sure Duke of Jiang won't give him any more excuse to reject his order.

\"Wang ye is a generous man. But….\" Before Duke of Jiang can reject it, Li Fei Long gestured to cut him off.

\"The two yahuan were not originally from the fu. Ben wang choose them to serve on Jiang Xi Yu's side so if Duke of Jiang refuse to take them back to Luoyang, ben wang will have to let the two yahuan out from Duan Wang Fu.\"

Li Fei Long's face turned very serious. Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai paid full attention to him while Jiang Xi Yu look confused to follow with the whole thing. She has to figured out by herself about whose maids got murdered.

\"Ben wang also has another idea. Jiang Xi Yu should bring this two yahuan back to Luoyang. Do no mention to anyone outside Jiang Gong Fu that Jiang Xi Yu's personal maids have been murdered. Let bystanders think that Duan Qin Wang has saved Jiang Gong gege and she return home safe along with two maids\".

\"Anyone who mentions that this two yahuan are not the original maids who serve Jiang Xi Yu and knew about their murder must be the perpetrators\".


Four-wheeled two-horse carriage was soon prepared after they decided to travel back to Luoyang. The carriage wasn't as grand as the one that belong to Duan Qin Wang. General Jiang Zhen Hai prepared it at the last minute as he and Duke of Jiang insisted to bring back Jiang Xi Yu right after they were done visiting Duan Wang Fu.

When Jiang Xi Yu saw Ru Qing and Ru Ming stocked a lot of things in baggage-wagon behind her carriage, she couldn't hold her curiosity. \"Whose belonging is that? I don't have so many things in Duan Wang Fu.\"

Xiao Gan Zi gonggong who was watching closely of the things being stored securely inside the baggage-wagon, immediately ran towards her and bowed deeply. \"Answering Gong gege, wang ye has ordered to make sure Gong gege would not lack of anything along the way to Luoyang.\"

\"Ben wang has command them to sort out items that are too troublesome to bring to Luoyang and just keep in the fu. After all, you will be back here within two months\". Li Fei Long suddenly appeared from behind her.

Duke of Jiang was busy preparing his people, while General Jiang Zhen Hai was giving instruction to his troops. Therefore, Jiang Xi Yu felt tenuous when Li Fei Long stopped beside her.

Li Fei Long did not hold back. His hand caught Jiang Xi Yu's hand, making sure Jiang Xi Yu focus on him again.

Bright sunlight in the middle of a hot day made Jiang Xi Yu squint. She could not see clearly Li Fei Long's face because she was facing the direction of sunlight. She completely closed her eyes when she noticed Li Fei Long's hand was up. She was nervous.

She felt something poke her hair, Jiang Xi Yu blinked her eyes to look at him. The sound of his laugh made Jiang Xi Yu even more nervous. She tilted her head to feel what was on her head.

It was the buyao. The very first gift Li Fei Long has given to her. Li Fei Long's hand held her hand from pulling it off her hair. Jiang Xi Yu remembered she gave this buyao to Ru Qing to bribed Xiao Gan Zi's subordinate. How could Li Fei Long got it back?

\"It's time\". Duke of Jiang shouted from the front line. He has already mounted his horse. He smiled widely as he saw Qin Wang being affectionate to his daughter.

Jiang Xi Yu didn't feel that way. She stepped back from Li Fei Long but his hand locked her. Li Fei Long leaned closer to her face. He was purposely showing off to her family that he doted on her so much. A very sly move in Jiang Xi Yu's eyes.

\"Ben wang will see you soon\", Li Fei Long whispered to her.

Before Jiang Xi Yu could even react, Li Fei Long held her hand and led her to the carriage. He helped her stepped into the carriage and only let her go once she sat inside the carriage comfortably. Li Fei Long even gave his intimate taps on her hands before he stepped out from the carriage.

If Jiang Xi Yu never knew that Li Fei Long was longing for Han Yao Ying to be his wang fei, she would be blown away with his romantic side.

They didn't stop staring at each other. Li Fei Long really looked reluctant to see Jiang Xi Yu go. He stood too close to the carriage's window. His jaw got stiffen as his smile disappeared from his face.

\"Ben wang will see you soon\". He said once again in a heavy tone. Jiang Xi Yu took a deep breath and nodded.

Li Fei Long made it hard to be part. The entourage has started to moved slowly after General Jiang Zhen Hai shouted his command. With half of the troops he brought along and some of Jiang Gong Fu's guards, the entourage was seen to be authoritative by the outsider.

Jiang Xi Yu and Li Fei Long did not stop looking at each other until Li Fei Long was out from her view. Jiang Xi Yu fought her will to turn her head. She shook her head while laughing at herself.

She hated him as much as she wanted him. Wasn't that strange?


\"My Lady, we have arrived\". Ru Qing lifted up the curtain so Jiang Xi Yu could see how the people of Luoyang getting prepared in the morning.

Duke of Jiang's entourage reached Luoyang just within almost eighteen hours of travel time. The road was rougher than the previous one. Jiang Xing Yu was thinking it might be because Li Fei Long's grand carriage must be way steadier.

\"We arrived much faster than when we left this city with wang ye\". Jiang Xi Yu blurted out casually. She stuck out her head from the window to smell the morning scents. She saw her brother's silhouette vaguely and she smile proudly. In this era, her brother was one of the great generals. He has good posture. It would be funny if she mentions to him how he looks like in the modern era.

\"My Lady, last time wang ye specifically ordered General Lou Sheng to choose smoother road but slower. Wang ye wanted you to be more comfortable.\" Ru Ming explained to her. \"With the horses that Duan Wang Fu's own, we actually could manage to finish the trip less than twelve hours. Actually, wang ye very much concern about you, my Lady. He even made sure to stop whenever you started to feel tired, or even when you were excited to see something along the way\".

Jiang Xi Yu turned around and check her maid's expression. She needed to make sure that Ru Ming didn't praised her lord highly to the extent of lying about that details. But her maid stayed cheerful as usual. No trace of sly motive from what she saw.

Instead of entering Jiang Gong Fu, the entourage stopped right in front of main gate. Because Duke of Jiang was the deputy head of the Shen Du Palace. The late emperor bestowed him a huge mansion right next to the secondary palace. The late emperor built Shen Du Palace for him to spend his old days in that palace. He passed away in Shen Du Palace as he wished. After a period of mourning, the current emperor preferred to occupy the main palace in Chang'an.

\"Inform the Duchess that Duke of Jiang and I have returned with Jiang Xi Yu Gong gege\". General Jiang Zhen Hai shouted loudly then jumped down from his horse. The people who was originally just passing by in front of Jiang Gong Fu was now starting to gather to see the commotion of the entourage.

One of front guards has ran inside the moment he saw Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai walked near to the carriage. Duke of Jiang could not stop laughing happily. General Jiang Zhen Hai was still shouting very proudly and happy.

\"This is truly the mandate from the heaven. Our gong gege got kidnapped but was saved by the heroic Duan Qin Wang.\"

General Jiang Zheng Hai opened the carriage and helped his sister stepped out from it. The people started to cheer and shouted how heroic the Qin Wang was. Some women on the street were gossiping to each other. They pointed at Jiang Xi Yu and nodded here there.

With face half covered with a silk scarf, Jiang Xi Yu followed her brother to the main gated. Ru Qing and Ru Ming followed them closely behind, also wearing silk scarfs covering half of their faces. The head servant appeared on the gate along with the Duchess and her pozi. Her shouts of joy made the people in front of the fu gave more praise towards Duan Qin Wang and thank the heaven for Duke of Jiang's luck.

The moment Jiang Xi Yu saw the middle age woman ahead of her, once again she was shocked. Her mother was very noble. Her silk robe was flowing, her radiant was elegant, her face much rounder but she still has same facial similarity with her modern mother. They were destined to be blood related no matter which era they were living.

Jiang Xi Yu let go her brother's hand. She ran forward to hug her mother. Her cries made all the bystanders who were watching from far felt touched. The reunion of the mother and daughter was very heartwarming and moving.

Her silk scarf accidentally fell off and got blown away by the breeze. General Jiang Zhen Hai caught it before it touches the ground. To complete the touching moment, Duke of Jiang gave a sign to his head servant. He then faced the crowd and happily announced.

\"To celebrate this moment, today Jiang Gong Fu will distribute nine necessity items to the impoverished people. Get in line at this main gate. In an hour, the head servant will start to distribute\".


Duke of Jiang and General Jiang Zhen Hai left the fu to make an official report just like the plan they made with Li Fei Long. Both left Duchess of Jiang and Jiang Xi Yu to have some time together to embrace one another.

\"You have lost all of your memories?\" Duchess of Jiang asked her with teary eyes.

Nodding reluctantly, somehow Jiang Xi Yu felt guilty because she has to lied about her state. No one would believe that she came from the modern world. Her family would think she was out her mind. Who would believe if she says that their faces were similar with the one they will have more than a thousand years ahead?

\"I only recognize mother, father, and ge\". Jiang Xi Yu reached for Duchess of Jiang's hand the moment she saw her mother frown. She might call her differently in this era. \"Duan Qin Wang's personal eunuchs have saved me that night.\" She added.

\"Duan Qin Wang knew that you are Jiang Gong gege but never inform our fu? Every day I cried. Your father and brother looked everywhere and investigated the case by themselves. We are all worried sick about you\". The duchess continued to cry her heart out. Jiang Xi Yu cried too and felt guilty.

\"Wang ye did not believe me because father never report that I was kidnapped. Wang ye thought that I got mistaken\". She explained carefully. After all, Li Fei Long did tried to find out the truth about her. \"Mother, how I got kidnapped? And how my servants got cruelly killed?\"

Her question snapped Duchess of Jiang out of her sadness. The duchess wiped her tears then leaned forward to wipe Jiang Xi Yu's tears off her face. She then tapped gently on her precious daughter's cheek and tried to smile calmly.

\"You have forgotten everything. It is better this way. Let's not try to regain memories of that unfortunate thing. You were just back in the fu. The head steward had summoned the taiyi\". Duchess of Jiang brushed her finger along Jiang Xi Yu's face. She was really relieved that her daughter has finally returned to the fu. As long as Jiang Xi Yu was fine, the duchess didn't mind with her memory lost.

The duchess's sight stopped on top of Jiang Xi Yu's head. \"This buyao is very beautiful. The gemstone is a red beryl which is very rare.\"

\"Aah…\" Jiang Xi Yu touched her buyao with a big shy smile. \"Wang ye gave it to me. I once let Ru Qing gave it away to bribe one of the servants. But somehow wang ye got it back and gave it back to me before I left Duan Wang Fu.\"

Jiang Xi Yu never keep any secret from her family. She got used to speaking freely towards her own family. So now, in front Duchess of Jiang, Jiang Xi Yu never held back.

\"The imperial edict has been announced. Knowing how great wang ye has been treating you, mother feels relieved\". Duchess of Jiang left out a long sigh. Her words sounded nice but her facial expression was sad. Jiang Xi Yu noticed that. She rushed to grab her mother's hands. She lowered herself and sat forward as she whispered.

\"Mother, do we have any possibility to object the degree?\"

Duchess of Jiang sucked in her breath in fear, she turned her head to the left and right. Inside the nei yuan were Duchess of Jiang's trusted pozi and the two yahuan whom were from Duan Wang Fu. Three of them were also full with fear like Duchess of Jiang. They obviously heard what Jiang Xi Yu has just said.

\"Do not mention it again!\" Duchess of Jiang hissed at her own daughter. She held Jiang Xi Yu's shoulder and stood up with her. \"It was a match made from heaven, Duan Qin Wang had met and recued you. The mandate from the Holy One was fate for you. You must have been exhausted.\"

\"Bring Gong gege to her chamber to rest. After the taiyi arrive, I will bring him to the chamber\". Duchess of Jiang gave the order to Ru Qing and Ru Ming. Her pozi bowed towards Jiang Xi Yu and led them out from the room.

Duchess of Jiang could not stop watching her daughter bowed at her and disappeared to her own chamber. Her heart still held many worries about Jiang Xi Yu. Duke of Jiang has once promised her that he will let Jiang Xi Yu marry another noble son. They both agreed that pursue power would only led to sorrow. Therefore, their fu remained low profile. Who would know someone would commit such crime towards Jiang Xi Yu? Although it ended like the fairytale, met and being saved by the Qin Wang and then received the Emperor's decree. This truly was irony of fate.


For the next few days, the news about Duke of Jiang's daughter were kidnapped and had been saved by Duan Qin Wang was spread all over the empire. The case became the talk of the town. The heroic story was becoming too excessive. Even the poets made romantic poems out of it. The opera theaters made love story about it. The only one who did not know was Jiang Xi Yu who was enjoying her time inside Jiang Gong Fu.

The very next day after her arrival, the wedding gifts from Duan Qin Wang started coming in. Besides that, the emperor, Jing Fei, and other noble families have sent plenty of gifts to Jiang Gong Fu as a gesture of their concern. From the rarest ginseng to the beautiful flower that bloom around summer time. All the finest gifts were filling up the mansion.

All the people inside the fu were pampering Jiang Xi Yu and she was appreciative of their kind intention. The emperor has given his permission for General Jiang Zhen Hai to spend his off days in Luoyang. The emperor bestowed him with a plot of land and more men for his troops. After Jiang Xi Yu's wedding day, General Zhen Hai would return to his post to guard and protect the empire on the west border.

\"Father, mother, may I go out and take a look at the city?\" Jiang Xi Yu clasped her hands in hope. She blinked at her parents while they were enjoying the evening at the main courtyard. Duke of Jiang was playing xiàngqí with General Jiang Zhen Hai. Duchess of Jiang was sitting next to Duke of Jiang, fanning herself while watching both of them trying out do each other in strategy.

Three of them paused and turned their focus on Jiang Xi Yu, who was sitting next to her brother, looking cute and waiting for an answer.

\"No! You are not allowed to step foot outside\", Duchess of Jiang replied sternly and startled her. Jiang Xi Yu has never seen Duchess of Jiang this frightening. The fan in her grip dropped on the ground and her face turned red with anger and deep concerns.

\"Mother, I just wanted to see what's outside. If mother is scare of someone kidnapping me again, I will not go. Please don't be mad\". Jiang Xi Yu regretted speaking her own mind without considering the trauma that this family have experienced because of her.

Duke of Jiang affectionately embraced his wife. \"No one would dare to kidnap or do anything bad towards Xi Yu again. Now she is the future Duan Wang Fei. Anyone who attempt to kidnap her again is asking for death\".

General Jiang Zhen Hai set his Xiang Qi down on the table. He said calmly. \"It would be good for Xi Yu to enjoy herself outside once in a while. She might regain her memories by doing what she likes. Mother, don't be worry. I will look after her\". Her doting brother cannot bear to disappoint her.


On the next day, Jiang Xi Yu was already inside her carriage, guarded by some General Jiang's men. Jiang Xi Yu with Ru Qing and Ru Ming rode the carriage around the main streets and stopped by the Neitai Lake.

This lake covers an area of over 5 acres. Weeping willows are waving along its bank and numerous fishes are swimming in it. The hill was man made and has many caves on it. The waterfall rushing down create a stunning scene and brings energy to the whole flower park. Jiang Xi Yu can't wait to lay on the grass near the lake, but Ru Ming suggested to stroll along the stone pavement around the lake first.

Jiang Xi Yu was holding the umbrella and was enjoying the beautiful scenic around her. The weather wasn't too hot at that time and her guards were standing by nearby. They didn't come too near to her and her yahuan. They knew their boundaries and kept a distance so that their master can enjoy the moment.

One of the guards came forward the moment they noticed someone has approached them. From a distance, Jiang Xi Yu looked at the person curiously. The man looked eager to meet her. He looks younger than Li Fei Long. From his attire, Jiang Xi Yu assumed that the person was someone from a noble family.

\"This man is handsome but not as manly as Li Fei Long\". The moment Jiang Xi Yu thought of that, she quickly regretted being superficial. She did not dare to look at her yahuan. She masked her embarrassment with a question. \"Who is that? He seems to know me.\"

Ru Ming stepped forward, shielding her master and looked at the man warily, who was still talking with the guards. \"My Lady wants to know who you are\", shouted Ru Ming.

The man was hurt by the question. \"I'm the first son of Duke of Yu. Your lady knows me\".

\"Please pardon me. I have lost my memory. Therefore I can't recognize you, my Lord\". Jiang Xi Yu gave him an apologetic smile. She nodded to the guards to let the man come closer towards her. Ru Ming stayed in between them while Ru Qing was behind her on guard.

\"You really cannot remember me?\" The man was almost in tears. Were they in love before? Jiang Xi Yu study his face. She think hard trying to remember this man. His face was rounded and has complexion as good as a girl. If he were a girl, he would be considered pretty. He looks like an innocent young man who had just experienced his first puppy love.

She was still shaking her head when slowly she noticed the similarity of that man with someone she knew. His face has a certain degree of resemblance with her ex-boyfriend. She was stunned for a moment. Everyone she met in her modern life might be possibly duplicated in this life.

The man started to get hopeful after seeing her expression changed. He tried to hold Jiang Xi Yu's hand but Ru Ming quickly stepped in to block his moves. \"You did know me\", said the man with a big smile.

\"I…I… might\", Jiang Xi Yu stammered. She can't explain to anyone what she found out on her life before her \"reincarnation\" here. \"I think I might have met you before. But I didn't remember anything about you\".

\"Xi Yu, remember I gave you the jade bracelet that you love so much? The white jade bracelet? We met by the river and I gave you the bracelet. You wore it since then. You said you were happy and promise me that the bracelet will be on your wrist from the day forward.\" The man desperately explained to her and he looked down at her wrist. He was broken hearted the moment he saw Jiang Xi Yu was wearing another bracelet.

Jiang Xi Yu didn't know how to answer him because she didn't know what kind of bracelet it was. In her modern life, he dumped her for unknown reason. Now, it appeared that she was the one who dumped him. This maybe was their karma.

\"Xi Yu...\" The man looked at her with a sad face. She still felt hurt by him from her modern life and could not give any sympathy to him. His sad face just made Jiang Xi Yu felt his immaturity and was completely different from Li Fei Long's character and nature.

\"My Lady has just returned. This stroll is good for my Lady's recuperation. My Lady will also soon be Duan Wang Fei. This lowly servant begs the Lord to give her respect\", Ru Ming interrupted him by giving him a formal respect.

\"When I heard about the marriage degree, I can't held myself to find you. We had plan to elope and run away. But then I learned that you got kidnapped…\" he started to wail and looked even more pitiful. The guards were in confusion since it is inappropriate to drag the man away. He was son of a duke.

Jiang Xi Yu was looking at the bigger picture. This man was not the kidnapper. He did not know she was kidnapped until the news spread.

\"Duan Qin Wang has saved me despite not knowing my identity. My love towards him is growing each day since then. I can only ask for your kind understanding. The marriage degree clearly shows that this is fated to be\".

Jiang Xi Yu bowed slightly to give him respect so he could leave her as soon as possible. But his next move was unpredictable. In his sorrow and desperation, he came forward and grabbed Jiang Xi Yu's wrist. He attempted to pull her toward himself but Ru Ming was faster than him.

A small blade was right on his neck when Jiang Xi Yu lifted up her head. The man's hand was on her waist, the other held her wrist tightly. If there were no blade around his neck, Jiang Xi Yu would already be in his embrace.

\"Let go off my lady!\" Ru Ming shouted angrily. Jiang Xi Yu didn't expect her yahuan to bring a small blade with her but she was delighted that her yahuan was well prepared.

\"My Lord, you have the guts to touch the woman who will soon be Duan Wang Fei\", Jiang Xi Yu tried to make the man understand what he just did. \"I lost all past memories and coincidently met Duan Qin Wang. It was all meant to be. If anyone see what you are doing right now, do you think this would not offend Duan Qin Wang or even The Holy One? My Lord, you are risking not only your life but also your family\".

The young lord let go of her hand very quickly. His face was contouring with fear and deep anguish. Without saying anything towards Jiang Xi Yu, he turned his body and walked away to the same direction where he came.


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